Wednesday, May 30, 2007


shit shit.... im so addicted to tv series...
as if prison break, desperate housewives, csi:every one, ugly betty, the o.c, one tree hill, stacked, and a myriad of chinese dramas isn't enough, now i'm hooked on heroes and hana kimi......DIE

wuchun juz kissed ella!!!!!!!!! omgomg. michael lost his millions!!!! seth broke up with summer!!!noOOoO!!! brooke saw lucas with peyton!!!! that crazy claire chick stuck her hand in the sink!!! OMG!!!!

lolxx..i don't think any other sixth former watches more tv/monitor more than me, its a wonder why i don't wear specs ....wakaka. touchwood.

went off for dinner with yap, plh n zin today to celeb el stupido's very belated birthday at sban9 after tuition at 9pm... ate a whole bunch of stuff and now the tummy is telling me it wants milo and cookies. what larr...

poyo just told me miss japan wont the miss universe title! go asian beauty~ since i didn't watch the show and had no idea who miss japan 2007 was, i tried to google her up and found this

i have no idea how that can be remotely connected to missjapan, other than the fact that they're japanese and they're not wearin much.

all i found were pix of missjapan2006...

that's missjapan2006 with missmalaysia2006, misstan
she's pretty hot so i guess missjapan2007 can't fall very far from the tree...
guess i'll just hafta see who she is in the papers tomorrow. :(

ju sent a video message from amsterdam a few days ago...its so nice, all holiday places should have these little video recording thingeys so u can send short videos back!!! but she looks so crappy innit, n the cam is obviously built for tall europeans cos i can only see like half her face. haha. miss ya lots ju. psyched!!!
i know i'm gonna luv luv luv johnny depp before i even watch it. tell ya about it tmr kays.

-i still luv adam-

Sunday, May 27, 2007

stuffed start

yup... its more eventful than exams neh, but then again what isn't ?

went to jess's place to stay over on sat night cos she was bored stiff at home and her kache went to some wedding dinner without her.. pish... we chat and i watched her finish her myriad of projects and helped her abit. gosh, she's got loads to do... i don't know whether it's her leaving her projects till it heaped up or because there's really a whole lot to do at a time. but they all seem so fun.... can i leave form6 and go take up fashion design at raffles? hahahhaa... juz kidding. i don't really want to. i don't quite like being judged subjectively.

jess's half-done peacock inspired dress.
d peacock feathers haven't been stuck on yet la...that's why it doesn't look peacock-y

we were going to yamcha at night but ended up driving off to 7-eleven at 2.30am to buy tomyam cup noodles. lol. instant noodles always taste better when you're starved in the middle of the night... dontcha think?

a lemontea tag told me 'chewing gum while chopping onions keeps you from crying'.

got a morning call by ellie at 10am the next morning because she just came back from shanghai yesterday and wanted to grab some stuff back from her safety deposit box in my place, and also distribute souveniers~ great stuff. the 3 of us then went out for a breakfast of porridge at ahchan's chicken rice...apparently the food in china is mostly inedible. aix! i can't remember when's the last time i actually succesfully woke up and ate breakfast out (school excluded la duh)

afterwards plh, zin, pow, zy and i trooped off to visit stupid fella yap in the hospital. he was a lil upset cos the doc removed his i.v. the day before we came and so he couldn't show off his 'cool' i.v. plus look sick at the same time. if u ask me, he looks as healthy as ever but almost everyone in his ward seems like they're in trouble. we were darn good friends and stayed a grand total of 5 hours there until visiting hours were over...and the blasted fellow still has the nerve to complain that we're not gonna visit him tomorrow. its not like he's on his death bed or anything, ok? :P

dunno how he can stay there for so long, its so depressing to be surrounded by sick and dying people. and he said there was one dude who had a whole bunch of family members around crying... omg... scarey ok. the dude was missing today. and just now when yap called, i could hear the clear sound of some beeping machinery in the background... arghs. it was slow at first then after about 5 mins the beeping accelerated. he said it was an old indian man and he too was surrounded by family members. hope he passes peacefully. i'd be so so freaked out if i was in his place... [shudders]

think happy thoughts, happy thoughts.

its funny how i know this mika better than the 'grace kelly' mika. lolx. his songs are so gay~ its an instant mood-lifter, kinda like the beach boys.

-life in cartoon motion-

Saturday, May 26, 2007

term holiday!!!

pranced around for a bit, clicking ma heels and all that jazz ...
then plopped down for a MUCH NEEDED nap! i was freakin dedicated ok..i studied a whole lot (durin my regular wakin hours la) ...finally midterm exams are over~~! wee~

so now i have tonnes of time to do my own stuff :) so damn psyched that its the holidays cos its been a while... hell i couldn't sleep the night before or study properly for the last paper.. luckily it was maths . and i'm ok with that since my ring finger is right up to the bottom of my middle finger's cuticle, take that aiming! hehe...

1st item on the agenda, photoshopping the multitude of crap and pointless pix i took while my cammy was here. yup. heres 1 i did sometime ago when i was checking out the timer.
click it!
so nice right? right.. right? lolxx

i dunno y i couldn't make it bigger without pixelating it in the blog. its already set at 'large'... hmmm.. but anyway here's the original, though not exactly original since i already messed with the lighting abit.

will someone tell the pretensious, pajama-ed, flat-chested monkey to stop being such a poser? and a bad one at that.
now that i look at it, it reminds me of 'saturday nite fever' what with the cocked right leg and sky-pointing. tried too hard to be model-esque... lmao. boo on the posing, but the colours are pretty rite?

[edit: apparently my legs look like carrots. wakaka]

-luv the dirty wall-

Sunday, May 20, 2007

tagged by aiming

was browsing and happened to chance upon this.
ur not ignored!


Name : Lim Xinli / a-li / mei / G.U.
Birth Date : 2nd april 1988
Current Status : single and ready to mingle (well not really. i juz thought its a good rhyme. lolx. will someone buy me the shirt which has those words on it. its cute )
Eye Colour : dark dark dark brown
Right of lefty : righty!

My Heritage : 100% chinese (there was a phase where i thought i was 12.5% japanese but it turns out the supposed japanese greatgranparent was adopted. darn...
My Fears : the ocean swallowing me up, being hated/forgotten, amputation...etc.
My Weaknesses : overwhelming lazyness and apathy
My Perfect Pizza : hawaiian delight...ever since i could remember

My thoughts first waking up : damn...
My bedtime : 1-2am or 3am on weekends
My most missed memory : everything in england, right down to the slush and mushed up cherry blossoms.

Pepsi or Coke : coke
McDonald's or Burger King : McDonald's but only because i don't really get to eat at BurgerKing
Single or grouped dates : huh?
Adidas or Nike : neither? i'm not much of a sports gear person.
Tea or Nestea : tea...chinese tea.
Chocolate or Vanilla : chocolate!
Cappuccino or Coffee : tea!!!

Smoke : nooOOoOOO
Curse : occasionally
Take a shower : always. morning, noon and night
Think you've been in love : nope. sad innit?
Go to school : ehem.. of course. i'm like role model material ok? yeah rite.
Want to get married : yesh~ when's my prince gonna come get me? do i need to almost die or be poisoned or captured by fire-breathing dragons first?
Believe in yourself : sometimes too much. sometimes too little

Drank alcohol : yup yup...
Gone to the mall : who hasn't? its 2007, not 1800
Been on stage : couple of times
Eaten sushi : definitely... made some a while ago too! failure tho.
Dyed your hair : i really wanted to... did someone steal my guts?

Played a stripping game : of cos. u know the one with rock paper scissors and the pixelated girl posing lying on her side... nintendo? can't remember. i never got her to finish stripping though...
Changed who you were to fit in : i tend to parrot ppl unconsciously, so yea. it always bugs me when i realise it myself.

To be married : don't know yet.

Best eye colour : <> lolx aiming.. i think so too.
Best hair colour : rich brown and i'll throw in the texture for ya as well, soft curls... ala adam brody~
Short hair or long hair : short or medium. will all the long haired dudes please go away...especially you with the flowing rebonded locks.

A minute ago : typing what u just read
Hour ago : studying/blogging
4.5 hours ago : studying/sms-ing/lazing/tv-watching
1 month ago : routine crap. sch-home-sch-home-sch-etc
Year ago : lotsa time-wasting!

I love : the vintage, retro and black&white photography
I feel : a neck-ache coming on
I hate : it when my lips crack and the fact that they have no colour AND the fact that STPM is SO NEAR!!!! [falls into depression]
I hide : things.
I miss : it when time passed so slowly and we lived by the days... now it seems to whip past by the week. its gonna be june soon.
I need : a chemical peel, my hair to grow faster so i can cut it again and to get a new life.

can i not?
u can consider yourself tagged if you want...

-come waste time with me-

breathe in, breathe out

actually turned on the pc to check mail cos my mom wanted to see if my sis sent anything in...but u know, the mouse wanders and blogger is bookmarked.

i'm supposed to be studyin la~ and i did, i was...until...well... lolxx. one can only take so much of PengajianAm a day cos honestly i don't think anyone really wants to know anything about the government let alone try to memorise the different ministers jobs, the secretaries and what they're allowed to do, who advises who, who gets to sack who, who hires who and how the hell they get around to makin laws. sheesh...

really wanted to juz crap some stuff here cos it was getting to me....i could feel a headache coming on and i know it's not due to lack of sleep cos i fell asleep while i was readin the 1.5kg book and stayed asleep for 3 hours in the evening and that was after i woke up at noon... talk about a waste of time. i should really figure out how to sleep less and still be able to study sitting up cos i tend to gradually lean on my side and end up lying down propping the book up sideways...which brings about accidental naps without fail. sigh*

.......and i can't play with my cammy cos ju rampas it for her holiday!!!! :( so sad. din get to really mess with it much.

for those who haven't seen me in a while, i cut my hair... again.its so black and solid. if i should spray it with some extra-strong hold hairspray it might transform into a temp helmet... but i'm not about to attempt that. i'm pretty safe as it is and i don't drive a bike. :P

just finished the last of the bullshit-almond-choc cookies mick made for ell n i... i offered it for everyone to eat and it sat on top of the microwave for 2 days and no one touched it. guess it did look too much like bullshit...with bits of undigested god-knows-what innit... lolx. though u'll just haf to trust me on this cos i can't take any pix without my cammy which has been kidnapped. i miss my cammy~! boo hoo.

btw, u've probably heard about the dude who stuffed his 2 month old baby in a hotel room microwave and heated it for approx 20 secs!! omg...WHO THE HELL DOES THAT?! i'd be more humane to suffocate the little thing! so disgusted.

ellie's hp is currently sitting on my bed right now cos i've been asked to babysit it while shes holidaying in shanghai... i doubt i'll ever get to study in peace now. i'll probably get interrupted by occasional bouts of "hey hey, you you!" by avril while i try to superstuff info into my brain...maklumlah the fella damn popular among guys. lolx... 2 hours from drop-off, and the call/msg count is at 2... and counting.

p.s. i luv this auto-draft save thingey blogger has come up with!!!
ingenious i tell u... i always loose half-done lengthy blogs to the crap hanging pc.

-do not put your baby in the microwave-

Friday, May 11, 2007

the garden/jungle/botanical gardens

i'm pretty sure everyone who's been to my house or at least looked at it must remember as the house with the huge tangled green mess as a garden...lolx

actually, jess didn't think anyone lived here until she knew me and found out where i lived. 0.O
and she'd been living 2 streets away for more than 5 years i think... one would think she'd have seen someone... anyone in the house at some point. yeesh.

jessica: whrs ur frens house la?
jess: neh, in front thr... the one wif lotsa trees geh.
jessica: whr oh?
xinli: juz in front.
(car almost passes the house)
jess: wei STOP!... here la
(halts in front of the gates)
jessica: aix... i din c the gate oso. here got house meh?
ah li, u live in jungle ah? hahaha.
xinli: haha.


and that's pretty much how it goes. some of the people who've sent me home after yamcha at night have asked me to be careful.... lest orangutans or tigers should pop out and attack me.

so... in retrospect, instead of camwhoring to show off the pretty pix my cam makes, i went around tryin to take pretty pictures of the garden. u know, its really more of a botanical garden rather than a jungle. i'll take you through and name u plants! ones i know anyway... lmao.

here we have the prettiful red heliconias...
i don't quite like this pic cos the flash went off and i don't like flashed pictures. it makes it look cheap somehow.

and these are creme brulee tickseeds. thats such a yummy name tisn't it?
at one point, they grew taller than me. which is saying a lot, ... cos im tall ;)
behind them is a willow which is dying and a few banana trees.

don't quite like this pic either, but thought i'd juz show u for the heck of showing u.
there's pink frangipani (which i luv cos they smell great), some kinda huge tree growing on the sidewalk which i don't know the name of... its got great canopy but it grows too much sideways. some time ago, the workers who came to tar the street hacked off a whole chunk of it cos the tar-lorry couldn't pass through n it pissed my mom off like hell. but it's recovered. the bottom lighter coloured bushes are lantanas and in the bottom right corner, the tickseeds are peeking.

pink ones are... some sorta daisy? no idea. anyhow, the purple hearshaped leaves are actually a variety of fan shu yip, but i have yet to bring myself to pluck some to eat. too creepy... like its poisonous or something. they're really pretty though.

and this particular chunk of lavish green is a mish-mash of ferns and orange heliconias.
+ weird unknown purple plant.

ahh.. this is where the macro shot function works, ginger flowers!
luv the colour.

aight... here we have the supposed-bonsai-planted-by-xinli-but-ignored-and-therefore-overgrown plant.
the flowers are still as lovely as ever.

white, pandan-ish smelling flowers

plank, flanked by anthuriums n ferns

giant something, it never fails to impress people... for some reason.
i don't see the appeal; its pokey and you can't walk near it.

banana trees!! luv.

and what's a garden/jungle/botanical garden without it's fauna?
this is where i grew attached to macro shots and zooming... haha

honey bee
ooooh... look at the vivid colours!!!

evil looking crows/blackbirds/whatever which steal berries off the palm trees.
taking 5 and looking poignantly around.

i know the name cos i preserved one for the bio project but its stashed somewhere in my brain and i can't quite dig it out.

HUGE pheasant-looking bird.
its huge AND loud... i'm tellin ya, its bigger than a chicken.
shielding it are the leaves of the purple bauhinia tree which happens to be hongkong's national flower in case u didn't know. and i doubt u did.
muahaha... i know something u don't.
correction : i knew...
dang, shouldn't have told ya.

carpenter bee, caressing the lantana

and wouldn't be complete without the obligatory cat picture taken by the cat lover.
cat amongst the tickseeds
magestic. serene. lush.

fave pic so far... click to see a larger version. it looks better large.

so waddaya think? botanical garden or jungle??


Sunday, May 6, 2007

tv filmcrew in SPI...wth

who picks a super old school to film some malay teen drama in?
but hey... they've got hottie Raja Farah innit.

i literally brushed shoulders with her on my way back from the crap SPI toilet yesterday. n yeah, shes still hot in person..even if she was only wearing a blue pinafore.
then there were the male stars who really stood out from the crowd of normal student klehfehs cos they had long-ish emo hair n long-ish stylish hair (basically longish hair), were kinda buff, super fair and kinda resembled those indonesian male actors :) but sadly they weren't super hot or anything..:( altho definitely above average malays.

but me brushin shoulders is nothing compared to ky getting to act in the drama! lolx... so she was a klehfeh oni, but still acting leh! sounds so rad... when i saw d crew lugging out hugeass cameras n spotlights n mirror boards thr was this teensy tinge of regret cos ky asked me to act instead of her before but i turned her down cos i din haf a pinafore n honestly, i couldn't be bothered.... lolxx. teruk rite? but anyways i successfully convinced myself that its okay cos
  1. its a tiring 9am-6pm stint of much sitting around and doing nothing
  2. i practically knew no one there cos the other student klehfehs were from other classes.
  3. i'm not so great with strangers. so yeah.
  4. the pay was bad, real bad...
  5. her part involved alot of repetitive walking around cos they wanted multiple angles...haha
  6. and, MUST STUDY LEH... i've been puttin it off for way too long!
the conclusion is : i make a pretty good argument. hehe.

so then i went home n slept cos i was actually at sch for the "PaulianStar" and it bored me to bits...imagine kiddos rappng "smack that" with no background music or sense of rythm and a boyband with 2 sissyboys n 2 normal guys singing to a female malay dance hit complete with choreographed dance moves (i must admit d latter was vy entertaining tho)

n then i woke up n studied cos the guilt was getting to me. haha.

p.s. mum bought me my ixus70 a few days ago... was gonna camwhore n post pix but due to unforeseen circumstances (pms) i am not half as psyched about it as i thought i would be so i think i'm gonna wait till i was thoroughly psyched enuff before i give my cam the recognition it deserves!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

hot and bothered

why does it have to be so darn hot all the time?

hot afternoons make me lethargic and extremely lazy. i cannot study!!!

the stupid midterm exams are in about 2 week's time and i haven't done at least a tenth of what there is to do... not even close. i promised myself that i would finish chapter1 of volume1 of my biology text last friday... i'm still stuck on that chapter now, its ridiculous. why can't people just be able to study when they try to study? why does the mind have to wander? why does something insignificant like washing your hands come to mind when ur freakin tryin to study??!

n so u get up to wash your hands, or get a glass of water, or walk to the kitchen to open the refridgerator door just to close it again cos you're not really hungry, your subconscious is just making excuses not to study !!!

its irritating, it is. if you're gonna sit down and study u might as well get something into that thick head of yours, rite?
but no, your head doesn't want that. your head wants to think of pointless things and float around clouds while you end up reading and rereading that same stupid sentence over and over again until you realise you're doing something totally useless... so you clamp the book shut and revert to doing more useless things like staring into space or sleeping or walking around the tiny house aimlessly or watching infomercials on tv cos theres nothing else to watch and the guilt of actually getting a dvd out n watching that instead is too overwhelming...
and at the end of the day, what do you get?
you learn that wrapping a bright orange obi-ish belt around your waist makes you lose ten pounds in ten days!

and boom! your day is gone... say byebye.

now i have a developing ulcer (yea,yea.. laff la poyo&retainer), a throat dat's hot all the time and i can't keep drinking water cos it makes me bloated and then i need to keep going to the toilet cos i have a teensy bladder... humph...

and people constantly ask me why my form6 life is so relaxed... lolxx... its hilarious.
i'll let you in on a little secret....
i have this mental button in my head with "WORRY OFF" in big black bold letters on top of it. so whenever i'm worrying about all these (very) worrying matters, i just hafta push that button and...

tadaa~ relaxed.

then i just go around busying myself with less pressing matters like "what should i make mom for mothers day?"

and if that meets a dead end,

blog lar...

i think everyone should have one of those buttons... they make things worse, but life is more bearable this way. hehe

-roti canai-