Sunday, May 20, 2007

breathe in, breathe out

actually turned on the pc to check mail cos my mom wanted to see if my sis sent anything in...but u know, the mouse wanders and blogger is bookmarked.

i'm supposed to be studyin la~ and i did, i was...until...well... lolxx. one can only take so much of PengajianAm a day cos honestly i don't think anyone really wants to know anything about the government let alone try to memorise the different ministers jobs, the secretaries and what they're allowed to do, who advises who, who gets to sack who, who hires who and how the hell they get around to makin laws. sheesh...

really wanted to juz crap some stuff here cos it was getting to me....i could feel a headache coming on and i know it's not due to lack of sleep cos i fell asleep while i was readin the 1.5kg book and stayed asleep for 3 hours in the evening and that was after i woke up at noon... talk about a waste of time. i should really figure out how to sleep less and still be able to study sitting up cos i tend to gradually lean on my side and end up lying down propping the book up sideways...which brings about accidental naps without fail. sigh*

.......and i can't play with my cammy cos ju rampas it for her holiday!!!! :( so sad. din get to really mess with it much.

for those who haven't seen me in a while, i cut my hair... again.its so black and solid. if i should spray it with some extra-strong hold hairspray it might transform into a temp helmet... but i'm not about to attempt that. i'm pretty safe as it is and i don't drive a bike. :P

just finished the last of the bullshit-almond-choc cookies mick made for ell n i... i offered it for everyone to eat and it sat on top of the microwave for 2 days and no one touched it. guess it did look too much like bullshit...with bits of undigested god-knows-what innit... lolx. though u'll just haf to trust me on this cos i can't take any pix without my cammy which has been kidnapped. i miss my cammy~! boo hoo.

btw, u've probably heard about the dude who stuffed his 2 month old baby in a hotel room microwave and heated it for approx 20 secs!! omg...WHO THE HELL DOES THAT?! i'd be more humane to suffocate the little thing! so disgusted.

ellie's hp is currently sitting on my bed right now cos i've been asked to babysit it while shes holidaying in shanghai... i doubt i'll ever get to study in peace now. i'll probably get interrupted by occasional bouts of "hey hey, you you!" by avril while i try to superstuff info into my brain...maklumlah the fella damn popular among guys. lolx... 2 hours from drop-off, and the call/msg count is at 2... and counting.

p.s. i luv this auto-draft save thingey blogger has come up with!!!
ingenious i tell u... i always loose half-done lengthy blogs to the crap hanging pc.

-do not put your baby in the microwave-

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