Friday, May 11, 2007

the garden/jungle/botanical gardens

i'm pretty sure everyone who's been to my house or at least looked at it must remember as the house with the huge tangled green mess as a garden...lolx

actually, jess didn't think anyone lived here until she knew me and found out where i lived. 0.O
and she'd been living 2 streets away for more than 5 years i think... one would think she'd have seen someone... anyone in the house at some point. yeesh.

jessica: whrs ur frens house la?
jess: neh, in front thr... the one wif lotsa trees geh.
jessica: whr oh?
xinli: juz in front.
(car almost passes the house)
jess: wei STOP!... here la
(halts in front of the gates)
jessica: aix... i din c the gate oso. here got house meh?
ah li, u live in jungle ah? hahaha.
xinli: haha.


and that's pretty much how it goes. some of the people who've sent me home after yamcha at night have asked me to be careful.... lest orangutans or tigers should pop out and attack me.

so... in retrospect, instead of camwhoring to show off the pretty pix my cam makes, i went around tryin to take pretty pictures of the garden. u know, its really more of a botanical garden rather than a jungle. i'll take you through and name u plants! ones i know anyway... lmao.

here we have the prettiful red heliconias...
i don't quite like this pic cos the flash went off and i don't like flashed pictures. it makes it look cheap somehow.

and these are creme brulee tickseeds. thats such a yummy name tisn't it?
at one point, they grew taller than me. which is saying a lot, ... cos im tall ;)
behind them is a willow which is dying and a few banana trees.

don't quite like this pic either, but thought i'd juz show u for the heck of showing u.
there's pink frangipani (which i luv cos they smell great), some kinda huge tree growing on the sidewalk which i don't know the name of... its got great canopy but it grows too much sideways. some time ago, the workers who came to tar the street hacked off a whole chunk of it cos the tar-lorry couldn't pass through n it pissed my mom off like hell. but it's recovered. the bottom lighter coloured bushes are lantanas and in the bottom right corner, the tickseeds are peeking.

pink ones are... some sorta daisy? no idea. anyhow, the purple hearshaped leaves are actually a variety of fan shu yip, but i have yet to bring myself to pluck some to eat. too creepy... like its poisonous or something. they're really pretty though.

and this particular chunk of lavish green is a mish-mash of ferns and orange heliconias.
+ weird unknown purple plant.

ahh.. this is where the macro shot function works, ginger flowers!
luv the colour.

aight... here we have the supposed-bonsai-planted-by-xinli-but-ignored-and-therefore-overgrown plant.
the flowers are still as lovely as ever.

white, pandan-ish smelling flowers

plank, flanked by anthuriums n ferns

giant something, it never fails to impress people... for some reason.
i don't see the appeal; its pokey and you can't walk near it.

banana trees!! luv.

and what's a garden/jungle/botanical garden without it's fauna?
this is where i grew attached to macro shots and zooming... haha

honey bee
ooooh... look at the vivid colours!!!

evil looking crows/blackbirds/whatever which steal berries off the palm trees.
taking 5 and looking poignantly around.

i know the name cos i preserved one for the bio project but its stashed somewhere in my brain and i can't quite dig it out.

HUGE pheasant-looking bird.
its huge AND loud... i'm tellin ya, its bigger than a chicken.
shielding it are the leaves of the purple bauhinia tree which happens to be hongkong's national flower in case u didn't know. and i doubt u did.
muahaha... i know something u don't.
correction : i knew...
dang, shouldn't have told ya.

carpenter bee, caressing the lantana

and wouldn't be complete without the obligatory cat picture taken by the cat lover.
cat amongst the tickseeds
magestic. serene. lush.

fave pic so far... click to see a larger version. it looks better large.

so waddaya think? botanical garden or jungle??



P e N N y said...

babe is jungle man!!! ahhahaa
long time didn't go to ya place d... must find one day to go... ahha

jarsteen said...

Botanical garden or Jungle?? The question is, do ppl go astray while trying to enter your house? The former would suggest that it's well kept and organized enough for ppl to actually know where they're going; whereas, the latter implies that it's a real hutan belantara which requires a forest ranger to guide you through. However, something is certainly amiss when ppl would actually think the house is abandoned.

Don't mind me, I'm just browsing through =]

- xinli - said...

i'd count the hutan belantara out...cos i can't afford to hire a forest ranger.