Wednesday, May 2, 2007

hot and bothered

why does it have to be so darn hot all the time?

hot afternoons make me lethargic and extremely lazy. i cannot study!!!

the stupid midterm exams are in about 2 week's time and i haven't done at least a tenth of what there is to do... not even close. i promised myself that i would finish chapter1 of volume1 of my biology text last friday... i'm still stuck on that chapter now, its ridiculous. why can't people just be able to study when they try to study? why does the mind have to wander? why does something insignificant like washing your hands come to mind when ur freakin tryin to study??!

n so u get up to wash your hands, or get a glass of water, or walk to the kitchen to open the refridgerator door just to close it again cos you're not really hungry, your subconscious is just making excuses not to study !!!

its irritating, it is. if you're gonna sit down and study u might as well get something into that thick head of yours, rite?
but no, your head doesn't want that. your head wants to think of pointless things and float around clouds while you end up reading and rereading that same stupid sentence over and over again until you realise you're doing something totally useless... so you clamp the book shut and revert to doing more useless things like staring into space or sleeping or walking around the tiny house aimlessly or watching infomercials on tv cos theres nothing else to watch and the guilt of actually getting a dvd out n watching that instead is too overwhelming...
and at the end of the day, what do you get?
you learn that wrapping a bright orange obi-ish belt around your waist makes you lose ten pounds in ten days!

and boom! your day is gone... say byebye.

now i have a developing ulcer (yea,yea.. laff la poyo&retainer), a throat dat's hot all the time and i can't keep drinking water cos it makes me bloated and then i need to keep going to the toilet cos i have a teensy bladder... humph...

and people constantly ask me why my form6 life is so relaxed... lolxx... its hilarious.
i'll let you in on a little secret....
i have this mental button in my head with "WORRY OFF" in big black bold letters on top of it. so whenever i'm worrying about all these (very) worrying matters, i just hafta push that button and...

tadaa~ relaxed.

then i just go around busying myself with less pressing matters like "what should i make mom for mothers day?"

and if that meets a dead end,

blog lar...

i think everyone should have one of those buttons... they make things worse, but life is more bearable this way. hehe

-roti canai-


yourie said...

i wish i have that button.

- xinli - said...

i'd give u mine but i seriously need it too much... the words haf almost worn out... aix.