Wednesday, May 30, 2007


shit shit.... im so addicted to tv series...
as if prison break, desperate housewives, csi:every one, ugly betty, the o.c, one tree hill, stacked, and a myriad of chinese dramas isn't enough, now i'm hooked on heroes and hana kimi......DIE

wuchun juz kissed ella!!!!!!!!! omgomg. michael lost his millions!!!! seth broke up with summer!!!noOOoO!!! brooke saw lucas with peyton!!!! that crazy claire chick stuck her hand in the sink!!! OMG!!!!

lolxx..i don't think any other sixth former watches more tv/monitor more than me, its a wonder why i don't wear specs ....wakaka. touchwood.

went off for dinner with yap, plh n zin today to celeb el stupido's very belated birthday at sban9 after tuition at 9pm... ate a whole bunch of stuff and now the tummy is telling me it wants milo and cookies. what larr...

poyo just told me miss japan wont the miss universe title! go asian beauty~ since i didn't watch the show and had no idea who miss japan 2007 was, i tried to google her up and found this

i have no idea how that can be remotely connected to missjapan, other than the fact that they're japanese and they're not wearin much.

all i found were pix of missjapan2006...

that's missjapan2006 with missmalaysia2006, misstan
she's pretty hot so i guess missjapan2007 can't fall very far from the tree...
guess i'll just hafta see who she is in the papers tomorrow. :(

ju sent a video message from amsterdam a few days ago...its so nice, all holiday places should have these little video recording thingeys so u can send short videos back!!! but she looks so crappy innit, n the cam is obviously built for tall europeans cos i can only see like half her face. haha. miss ya lots ju. psyched!!!
i know i'm gonna luv luv luv johnny depp before i even watch it. tell ya about it tmr kays.

-i still luv adam-

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P e N N y said...

hahaa... babe that's why you are my tv guide!! haha... always ask you wud show is on blah blah blah!! ahhaha... luvya babe! muakx