Sunday, May 27, 2007

stuffed start

yup... its more eventful than exams neh, but then again what isn't ?

went to jess's place to stay over on sat night cos she was bored stiff at home and her kache went to some wedding dinner without her.. pish... we chat and i watched her finish her myriad of projects and helped her abit. gosh, she's got loads to do... i don't know whether it's her leaving her projects till it heaped up or because there's really a whole lot to do at a time. but they all seem so fun.... can i leave form6 and go take up fashion design at raffles? hahahhaa... juz kidding. i don't really want to. i don't quite like being judged subjectively.

jess's half-done peacock inspired dress.
d peacock feathers haven't been stuck on yet la...that's why it doesn't look peacock-y

we were going to yamcha at night but ended up driving off to 7-eleven at 2.30am to buy tomyam cup noodles. lol. instant noodles always taste better when you're starved in the middle of the night... dontcha think?

a lemontea tag told me 'chewing gum while chopping onions keeps you from crying'.

got a morning call by ellie at 10am the next morning because she just came back from shanghai yesterday and wanted to grab some stuff back from her safety deposit box in my place, and also distribute souveniers~ great stuff. the 3 of us then went out for a breakfast of porridge at ahchan's chicken rice...apparently the food in china is mostly inedible. aix! i can't remember when's the last time i actually succesfully woke up and ate breakfast out (school excluded la duh)

afterwards plh, zin, pow, zy and i trooped off to visit stupid fella yap in the hospital. he was a lil upset cos the doc removed his i.v. the day before we came and so he couldn't show off his 'cool' i.v. plus look sick at the same time. if u ask me, he looks as healthy as ever but almost everyone in his ward seems like they're in trouble. we were darn good friends and stayed a grand total of 5 hours there until visiting hours were over...and the blasted fellow still has the nerve to complain that we're not gonna visit him tomorrow. its not like he's on his death bed or anything, ok? :P

dunno how he can stay there for so long, its so depressing to be surrounded by sick and dying people. and he said there was one dude who had a whole bunch of family members around crying... omg... scarey ok. the dude was missing today. and just now when yap called, i could hear the clear sound of some beeping machinery in the background... arghs. it was slow at first then after about 5 mins the beeping accelerated. he said it was an old indian man and he too was surrounded by family members. hope he passes peacefully. i'd be so so freaked out if i was in his place... [shudders]

think happy thoughts, happy thoughts.

its funny how i know this mika better than the 'grace kelly' mika. lolx. his songs are so gay~ its an instant mood-lifter, kinda like the beach boys.

-life in cartoon motion-

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