Saturday, May 26, 2007

term holiday!!!

pranced around for a bit, clicking ma heels and all that jazz ...
then plopped down for a MUCH NEEDED nap! i was freakin dedicated ok..i studied a whole lot (durin my regular wakin hours la) ...finally midterm exams are over~~! wee~

so now i have tonnes of time to do my own stuff :) so damn psyched that its the holidays cos its been a while... hell i couldn't sleep the night before or study properly for the last paper.. luckily it was maths . and i'm ok with that since my ring finger is right up to the bottom of my middle finger's cuticle, take that aiming! hehe...

1st item on the agenda, photoshopping the multitude of crap and pointless pix i took while my cammy was here. yup. heres 1 i did sometime ago when i was checking out the timer.
click it!
so nice right? right.. right? lolxx

i dunno y i couldn't make it bigger without pixelating it in the blog. its already set at 'large'... hmmm.. but anyway here's the original, though not exactly original since i already messed with the lighting abit.

will someone tell the pretensious, pajama-ed, flat-chested monkey to stop being such a poser? and a bad one at that.
now that i look at it, it reminds me of 'saturday nite fever' what with the cocked right leg and sky-pointing. tried too hard to be model-esque... lmao. boo on the posing, but the colours are pretty rite?

[edit: apparently my legs look like carrots. wakaka]

-luv the dirty wall-

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