Sunday, May 6, 2007

tv filmcrew in SPI...wth

who picks a super old school to film some malay teen drama in?
but hey... they've got hottie Raja Farah innit.

i literally brushed shoulders with her on my way back from the crap SPI toilet yesterday. n yeah, shes still hot in person..even if she was only wearing a blue pinafore.
then there were the male stars who really stood out from the crowd of normal student klehfehs cos they had long-ish emo hair n long-ish stylish hair (basically longish hair), were kinda buff, super fair and kinda resembled those indonesian male actors :) but sadly they weren't super hot or anything..:( altho definitely above average malays.

but me brushin shoulders is nothing compared to ky getting to act in the drama! lolx... so she was a klehfeh oni, but still acting leh! sounds so rad... when i saw d crew lugging out hugeass cameras n spotlights n mirror boards thr was this teensy tinge of regret cos ky asked me to act instead of her before but i turned her down cos i din haf a pinafore n honestly, i couldn't be bothered.... lolxx. teruk rite? but anyways i successfully convinced myself that its okay cos
  1. its a tiring 9am-6pm stint of much sitting around and doing nothing
  2. i practically knew no one there cos the other student klehfehs were from other classes.
  3. i'm not so great with strangers. so yeah.
  4. the pay was bad, real bad...
  5. her part involved alot of repetitive walking around cos they wanted multiple angles...haha
  6. and, MUST STUDY LEH... i've been puttin it off for way too long!
the conclusion is : i make a pretty good argument. hehe.

so then i went home n slept cos i was actually at sch for the "PaulianStar" and it bored me to bits...imagine kiddos rappng "smack that" with no background music or sense of rythm and a boyband with 2 sissyboys n 2 normal guys singing to a female malay dance hit complete with choreographed dance moves (i must admit d latter was vy entertaining tho)

n then i woke up n studied cos the guilt was getting to me. haha.

p.s. mum bought me my ixus70 a few days ago... was gonna camwhore n post pix but due to unforeseen circumstances (pms) i am not half as psyched about it as i thought i would be so i think i'm gonna wait till i was thoroughly psyched enuff before i give my cam the recognition it deserves!

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