Saturday, June 30, 2007

rats : episode 1

lab experiment yo~
2 whole years after the frog episode in form5 which was ok-fun. i still rmb cwy breakin down n cryin after the whole affair, which was weird because she was so steady during the dissection itself; poking around, cutting skin and bones..etc.
but we were such kind dissectors ya know? we made sure they didn't wake up mid-dissection and thoroughly killed them before we buried them behind the bio lab, 'less they should regain consciousness and find their innards hanging out before suffocating/bleeding to death beneath the ground. vile!
there was a mass burial with little graves of various religions; the circular chinese ones surrounded with stones, rough muslim ones with bigger stone slabs, christian ones with a cross of twigs n i cant remember what the indian ones looked like.... ashvin came up and said a few words of mourning for the froggies. may they rest and disintegrate in peace.

and NOW.... RATS !
twice triple no, a bajillions times better than frogs! i know alot of people find it cruel and heartless to rip innocent rats apart but really it isn't. they don't feel a thing other than the initial sniff of chloroform, rite? the self-declared animal lover has a strong stomach and mind when it comes to these things. its cool. don't groan... its only dead rats.

a chloroform intoxicated white rat, laying quietly on our dissecting tray.
cute little thing isn't it? i really felt like buying another to keep as a pet but seeing as i have very ganas cats at home, the idea is foolish. scrapped.

then came the actual dissection... pinning of limbs, incisions into the skin, more pinning....

if u are squeamish or have a weak stomach, please just stop scrolling or scroll really fast or scroll with ur eyes closed or scroll and look the other way or get someone else to scroll or close the window/tab (pls don't) or go empty your stomach before u resume scrolling or or... whatever.


clean clean cuts! yl n xinli are so careful n precise, ok ? not a drop of blood to be seen, digestive system in view and no unneccesary cuts. c how the skin is so nicely pinned? muahaha. extreme perasanness.

closer view of things . evrything is still in its original position, untouched n untainted, although the rat seems to be having some sort of bowel problem seeing as it has bright yellow intestines . after some shifting around pnHafidah came, grabbed some very sharp forceps and starting poking around the liver lobes to show us the esofagus hidden below it! THEN THE LIVER STARTED TO BLEED!!! : ( evrything turned bloody afterwards and she didn't even find the esofagus... after successfully piercing the liver and flipping the lobes around AND more poking, she declared with a laugh that our "tikus is cacat" and asked us to look at the other rats for reference when drawing the diagram. humph.

see the bloodiness... sigh~
the kidney is supercute! like red bean!!

yonlek n moi with our rat... should have gotten a mask as well... i'll look more pro hygenic that way... and just so u know, i wore gloves also! its just that i took them off so i could extract the cam from my pocket without getting blood all over my skirt. I AM HYGENIC! but maybe not as hygenic as some. [shrugs] u can't win 'em all.

we ordered our rats from a pet shop and not from a lab-rat supplier so alot of the female rats in our class turned up pregnant in various stages of pregnancy. yp n yw's rat was the one furthest along with about 6 or 7 babies strung up in a long blue tube-like uterus. after the observations on the digestive system (what we were initially supposed to do) yp distributed her (rat's) babies to some of us so we could take a closer look.
in its placenta. little paws and all. awwww....

in a 50ml beaker... the red mass beside it is the removed placenta. i'm not sure who's baby rat this was... either joyan's or jegans.

i thought it was pretty neat and showed the pictures to a few people but each and every one of them just said something along the lines of "yer... so poor thing~"...which kinda made me feel bad cos i thought it was cool.

its not like we intentionally bought pregnant rats...

after the whole ordeal, the rats went to the bin

wheres their fancy funeral? poor dears.

-Rattus norvegicus-

Thursday, June 28, 2007

saved a sparrow

twas photoshoot sunday !

... last sunday (duh!) 24th june 2007
aiming brought over her spanking brand new Canon400D over to practice shootin and i know its a Canon400D not because i'm tech savvy but because she splashed it all over the place, the proud ass. after awhile ellie came over to play armed with her own (non-DSLR) cam and the 3 shutterbugs went around taking pics of anything n everything.

prepare for the wilderness and prettiful love.

and proud

ams n ells playin with ams DSLR

monkey ams, say oo oo aa aa

insect comics by xinli
isn't it amazing how the manage to lay their eggs n arrange them in such a uniform fashion?

makin more flies to pester humans

attemp at artsy fartsy pix

i live in the mountains
photographer: ai ming
photomanipulation: xinli, ai ming

pink petals
photographer : xinli
photomanipulation : xinli

i was tryin to take a pic of this little sparrow perched in a jungle of tickseeds when Ginger attacked the little fella. kesian...
...but CaptainXinli came to the rescue~! and thus the life of an innocent was secured.

look at the tiny baby...awww...

fortunately, the little thing escaped its jaws unscathed and so i perched it on a little tree and made sure it was high enough to evade the bloodthirsty feline.
naughty Ginger.

it flew off shortly after.

-the daytime moon-

Sunday, June 24, 2007


took this picture on a whim in our ecological study site few months ago because the moment i saw it, it shouted 'TELETUBBIES!!!' at me

doesn't it shout TELETUBBIES at u too?!
no? oh well..
i kept expecting shower heads to pop up from d ground n recite a poem to me, it happens in the show..

if ur not familiar with teletubbies, heres some visuals

see the resemblance?!... the flat dome, semicircular windows, the teletubbiness...
now that i googled up that pic, it doesn't look so much like the one i saw in s3, stupid ground is sandy n not filled with lush green golf range grass with teeny patches of flowers...humph...n the grass didn't grow over the whole dome(partly cos d dome is actually a roof of a water storage building. ha! :P)

tinky-winky, dipsy, lala & po!

if ur wondering why i know their names, my lame bro used to watch it when he was a kid. they haf a cute themesong despite the repetitiveness and continous meandering around teletubbieland. then theres dat bloody windmill that turns when something important or 'interesting' is gonna happen, giving cue for the teletubbies to run in different directons like maniacs.

tho i must say the baby sun is adorable. this is one of those programmes which kids LUV but torments the remainder of the population... like say... dora the explorer! did u know she has a cousin called diego who has his very own cartoon (go, diego, go!)?! madness i tell u... i can't decided who is more irritating, diego or dora. but diego saves animals so i give him credit for that.

the fact that i know so much about lame cartoons is freakin me out.

they should make more cartoons like spongebob squarepants and invader zim~! or dave the barbarian or better yet, neurotically yours !!!! foamy is adorable. why oh why did they haf to cancel invader zim.... WHY?!

*click on links to be enlightened

-vacumm my cookies-

Thursday, June 21, 2007

semen for eye power


found this opened can of chrysanthemum in the fridge the other day, so i just grabbed it n slugged half the can down before turning it around to check out the ingredients... i have a habit of reading ingredients even if i don't get half the scientific names they use to confuse n convince u that its not killing u quietly...

and will you look at that!

wtf, lol!
i almost snorted some of the stuff up my nose reading that. but upon closer inspection u'll see its actually "extracts of semen cassias" and not SEMEN!!! hah!

duh. people won't put semen in ur drinks whether its good for ur eyes or not, ok?

so what was unfortunate enough to have 'semen' as its first name then?

here we have...

Semen Cassiae Obtusioliae slightly rhomboidal-cuboid or shortly cylindrical, both ends pararell and oblique, 3~7 mm long, 2~4 mm wide. Externally greenish-brown or dark brown, smooth and lustrous. One end relatively even, the other end oblique and acuminate, dorsal and ventral surfaces exhibiting a raised rib respectively, with an obliquely symmetrical and paler-coloured dented line on each side of a rib. Texture hard and uneasily broken. Testa thin, cotyledons 2, yellow, S-shaped. Odour, slight; taste, slightly bitter.

Semen Cassiae Tarae Shortly cylindrical, relatively small, 3~5 mm long, 2~3 mm wide, with broad yellowish-brown bands on both sides of the rib.

poor little herb, u shall forever live in a stigma of sorts as the very non-medicinal SEMEN.

-i see live people-

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

happy birthday kit ying!

ur 19 'today'~ yay yay... ur as old as me!

well actually, happy "belated belated belated belated" birthday but i'm gonna change the blog date ^^ so that it's spot on! wakaka. smart eh?

and besides, its a birthday blog post so i shouldn't post defamatory pictures of her looking like an ecstatic auntie all geared up for a trip to the pasar. lolx. remember onot ky? genting2006... u willingly posed so cannot blame me ok?! hehe.

ky was so widely known as KEI YING,wong fei hung's dad (ooiseh... keiying's namesake got wiki entry geh leh!) since before i met her that i actually thought that was her real name!
tragic tisn't it?
in a sense that its a guy's name n my chinese is so crap i thought a historical hero's name was kitying's cantonese version. [smacks forehead]
they really should give feihung's dad more hype in his movies because i watched a whole lot of once upon a time in china when i was young n i still didn't know who he was when i heard the name.

yup, so probably evryone knows ky already, who doesn't?

ky= fun, loud, approachable, friendly, loud, talented, funny, caring and did i mention...loud?
haha... just kidding babe.

sorry it took ages for the post, aight? :)
dun be angry or i'll fork u :P

- ballerinas rock -

Monday, June 11, 2007


wee~ got 2 postcards from juju a few days ago coming from holland and today...,
2 MORE from germany~!
happy happy happy

look how much she managed to fit into 4 teeny pieces of card...even the space above the adress column is filled! aix. lolx. luv that Philips card. so retro.
her latest one from germany has a p.s. which reads "toilets are ex! 50 euro cents"
can u hear the ka-ching amidst the toilet flushes? that's what... like RM3.50 per go?!


my cuteass barbie nails are gone and all i'm left with are plain and forlorn fingernails... :(
and i completely forgot we just finished our mid-term exams before the hols... omg...
omg omg... 3 papers were returned today...
i did so SO BAD ...
can u imagine i only got 64% for maths?! die...complete with mistakes so stupid, even a form1 student wouldn't make. argh!
lesson learnt. don't be lazy, it doesn't work...not all the time anyway.
wanna cry d... :(

...and SPI repainted all its buildings...4 blocks 4 diff colour schemes... imagine that.
we have the very lovely mint ice-cream green, pale orange, terracotta brown and moss green.
i like the brown best because it matches the roof and it makes the old labs look very cottage-y...unlike the mint green which is just wrong.

-lolx. i know, so funny rite?-

Sunday, June 3, 2007

kelisa trumps bmw z8

supposed to follow jess up to kl to sleepover at her place today....but i totally forgot i already promised my mom that i would accompany popo for a colonoscopy on monday!!! argh... luckily i realised myself before going up to mom and telling her "i'm goin to kl to stay over later", which would probably kill me instantaneously. o.O

ellie painted my nails today. its barbie-pink! don't know why but when i look at it, it reminds me of barbie dolls, although barbies generally don't have painted nails.... but alas... i half-destroyed the one on my thumb while i was making my fave instant noodles (shin ramyun!!!!) :(

but the noodles were great!
luv it, though my lips'll come across as having a generous injection of botox right after and during... lol

so i was watching this 2003 ep of TopGear, a motoring show produced by BBC (cos its funny, they have british accents and theres nothing to watch at that time of the day, even if i have no particular interest in cars), while eating my yummy yummy hot bowl of noodles. they were doing this comparison on good and bad cars, relative to their prices of course... and guess what?! KELISA IS A GOOD CAR!!! i think i'd have pretty much laughed till i fell off my chair, should i be sitting on a chair instead of the floor but i reckon its physically impossible to fall off the floor so i'll just go with i LMAOd.

the wee kelisa
james gave it a test drive and it was a GOOD REVIEW....omfg. he actually said it was the closest thing he had driven to the original mini. lolx. he said and i quote " it has everything a car should have. an engine, seats, a trunk, the windows go up and down..."

it was darn funny cos they normally review cars like aston martins, rolls royces, ferraris, bmws and the like... so the kelisa suddenly showing up there was crazy funny!!! plus they had a blast butchering the name,"perodua" into stuff like projua, podua, perroja... which i don't get really, cos its relatively easy to pronounce rite?

its cited as the cheapest new car in britain (at that time) going at only about 5000 pounds, which is what? rm35k? haha. richard agreed that it was a good car and loved the sounds it makes, namely the puttering 3cilinder engine, that clink it makes when u close the door...etc etc. by that i suppose he must mean the cheap sounds they are so unaccustomed to... lolx.

but of course jeremy had to disagree and said he wouldn't buy that car... because it was made in the midst of a jungle and 'perodua kelisa' sounds like a disease. [-.-'' stunned] what the hell does he mean by 'jungle'?! malaysia is not a jungle... sigh.

then again, he gave the undecisive bmw z8 alpina a bad review... so... yea. lmao.

before u start thinking the kelisa is great, bear in mind that it was compared to a fridge (shape-wise not temp-wise)

wanna watch jeremy destroy a kelisa?



newfound love....

u have no idea how loud i squealed (inside) when i saw this....
so pretty ok?!!!

a sterling necklace from figsandginger
even the website's name is nice...

so original... or maybe its the IT thing now and its seen all over the place but i don't know yet cos i'm so 'out'... either way,
i think i love everythin fawny now.
[gazes dreamily at the pictures...]

they even have birdie ones like this ring!!!

cute rite? i like its rawness and the obvious hand-smithed look. [sigh]
if only it didn't cost a gazillion bucks and wasn't sold on the internet....

-who doesn't love bambi?-

pirates of the caribbean

so so overdue, but anyways


the most unorthodox cuteness !!!

obviously not in a blogging mood today, but jack needs the

JACK = best character EVER