Wednesday, June 13, 2007

happy birthday kit ying!

ur 19 'today'~ yay yay... ur as old as me!

well actually, happy "belated belated belated belated" birthday but i'm gonna change the blog date ^^ so that it's spot on! wakaka. smart eh?

and besides, its a birthday blog post so i shouldn't post defamatory pictures of her looking like an ecstatic auntie all geared up for a trip to the pasar. lolx. remember onot ky? genting2006... u willingly posed so cannot blame me ok?! hehe.

ky was so widely known as KEI YING,wong fei hung's dad (ooiseh... keiying's namesake got wiki entry geh leh!) since before i met her that i actually thought that was her real name!
tragic tisn't it?
in a sense that its a guy's name n my chinese is so crap i thought a historical hero's name was kitying's cantonese version. [smacks forehead]
they really should give feihung's dad more hype in his movies because i watched a whole lot of once upon a time in china when i was young n i still didn't know who he was when i heard the name.

yup, so probably evryone knows ky already, who doesn't?

ky= fun, loud, approachable, friendly, loud, talented, funny, caring and did i mention...loud?
haha... just kidding babe.

sorry it took ages for the post, aight? :)
dun be angry or i'll fork u :P

- ballerinas rock -

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