Sunday, June 3, 2007

kelisa trumps bmw z8

supposed to follow jess up to kl to sleepover at her place today....but i totally forgot i already promised my mom that i would accompany popo for a colonoscopy on monday!!! argh... luckily i realised myself before going up to mom and telling her "i'm goin to kl to stay over later", which would probably kill me instantaneously. o.O

ellie painted my nails today. its barbie-pink! don't know why but when i look at it, it reminds me of barbie dolls, although barbies generally don't have painted nails.... but alas... i half-destroyed the one on my thumb while i was making my fave instant noodles (shin ramyun!!!!) :(

but the noodles were great!
luv it, though my lips'll come across as having a generous injection of botox right after and during... lol

so i was watching this 2003 ep of TopGear, a motoring show produced by BBC (cos its funny, they have british accents and theres nothing to watch at that time of the day, even if i have no particular interest in cars), while eating my yummy yummy hot bowl of noodles. they were doing this comparison on good and bad cars, relative to their prices of course... and guess what?! KELISA IS A GOOD CAR!!! i think i'd have pretty much laughed till i fell off my chair, should i be sitting on a chair instead of the floor but i reckon its physically impossible to fall off the floor so i'll just go with i LMAOd.

the wee kelisa
james gave it a test drive and it was a GOOD REVIEW....omfg. he actually said it was the closest thing he had driven to the original mini. lolx. he said and i quote " it has everything a car should have. an engine, seats, a trunk, the windows go up and down..."

it was darn funny cos they normally review cars like aston martins, rolls royces, ferraris, bmws and the like... so the kelisa suddenly showing up there was crazy funny!!! plus they had a blast butchering the name,"perodua" into stuff like projua, podua, perroja... which i don't get really, cos its relatively easy to pronounce rite?

its cited as the cheapest new car in britain (at that time) going at only about 5000 pounds, which is what? rm35k? haha. richard agreed that it was a good car and loved the sounds it makes, namely the puttering 3cilinder engine, that clink it makes when u close the door...etc etc. by that i suppose he must mean the cheap sounds they are so unaccustomed to... lolx.

but of course jeremy had to disagree and said he wouldn't buy that car... because it was made in the midst of a jungle and 'perodua kelisa' sounds like a disease. [-.-'' stunned] what the hell does he mean by 'jungle'?! malaysia is not a jungle... sigh.

then again, he gave the undecisive bmw z8 alpina a bad review... so... yea. lmao.

before u start thinking the kelisa is great, bear in mind that it was compared to a fridge (shape-wise not temp-wise)

wanna watch jeremy destroy a kelisa?


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