Monday, June 11, 2007


wee~ got 2 postcards from juju a few days ago coming from holland and today...,
2 MORE from germany~!
happy happy happy

look how much she managed to fit into 4 teeny pieces of card...even the space above the adress column is filled! aix. lolx. luv that Philips card. so retro.
her latest one from germany has a p.s. which reads "toilets are ex! 50 euro cents"
can u hear the ka-ching amidst the toilet flushes? that's what... like RM3.50 per go?!


my cuteass barbie nails are gone and all i'm left with are plain and forlorn fingernails... :(
and i completely forgot we just finished our mid-term exams before the hols... omg...
omg omg... 3 papers were returned today...
i did so SO BAD ...
can u imagine i only got 64% for maths?! die...complete with mistakes so stupid, even a form1 student wouldn't make. argh!
lesson learnt. don't be lazy, it doesn't work...not all the time anyway.
wanna cry d... :(

...and SPI repainted all its buildings...4 blocks 4 diff colour schemes... imagine that.
we have the very lovely mint ice-cream green, pale orange, terracotta brown and moss green.
i like the brown best because it matches the roof and it makes the old labs look very cottage-y...unlike the mint green which is just wrong.

-lolx. i know, so funny rite?-

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