Thursday, June 28, 2007

saved a sparrow

twas photoshoot sunday !

... last sunday (duh!) 24th june 2007
aiming brought over her spanking brand new Canon400D over to practice shootin and i know its a Canon400D not because i'm tech savvy but because she splashed it all over the place, the proud ass. after awhile ellie came over to play armed with her own (non-DSLR) cam and the 3 shutterbugs went around taking pics of anything n everything.

prepare for the wilderness and prettiful love.

and proud

ams n ells playin with ams DSLR

monkey ams, say oo oo aa aa

insect comics by xinli
isn't it amazing how the manage to lay their eggs n arrange them in such a uniform fashion?

makin more flies to pester humans

attemp at artsy fartsy pix

i live in the mountains
photographer: ai ming
photomanipulation: xinli, ai ming

pink petals
photographer : xinli
photomanipulation : xinli

i was tryin to take a pic of this little sparrow perched in a jungle of tickseeds when Ginger attacked the little fella. kesian...
...but CaptainXinli came to the rescue~! and thus the life of an innocent was secured.

look at the tiny baby...awww...

fortunately, the little thing escaped its jaws unscathed and so i perched it on a little tree and made sure it was high enough to evade the bloodthirsty feline.
naughty Ginger.

it flew off shortly after.

-the daytime moon-

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