Thursday, June 21, 2007

semen for eye power

found this opened can of chrysanthemum in the fridge the other day, so i just grabbed it n slugged half the can down before turning it around to check out the ingredients... i have a habit of reading ingredients even if i don't get half the scientific names they use to confuse n convince u that its not killing u quietly...

and will you look at that!

wtf, lol!
i almost snorted some of the stuff up my nose reading that. but upon closer inspection u'll see its actually "extracts of semen cassias" and not SEMEN!!! hah!

duh. people won't put semen in ur drinks whether its good for ur eyes or not, ok?

so what was unfortunate enough to have 'semen' as its first name then?

here we have...

Semen Cassiae Obtusioliae slightly rhomboidal-cuboid or shortly cylindrical, both ends pararell and oblique, 3~7 mm long, 2~4 mm wide. Externally greenish-brown or dark brown, smooth and lustrous. One end relatively even, the other end oblique and acuminate, dorsal and ventral surfaces exhibiting a raised rib respectively, with an obliquely symmetrical and paler-coloured dented line on each side of a rib. Texture hard and uneasily broken. Testa thin, cotyledons 2, yellow, S-shaped. Odour, slight; taste, slightly bitter.

Semen Cassiae Tarae Shortly cylindrical, relatively small, 3~5 mm long, 2~3 mm wide, with broad yellowish-brown bands on both sides of the rib.

poor little herb, u shall forever live in a stigma of sorts as the very non-medicinal SEMEN.

-i see live people-

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