Sunday, June 24, 2007


took this picture on a whim in our ecological study site few months ago because the moment i saw it, it shouted 'TELETUBBIES!!!' at me

doesn't it shout TELETUBBIES at u too?!
no? oh well..
i kept expecting shower heads to pop up from d ground n recite a poem to me, it happens in the show..

if ur not familiar with teletubbies, heres some visuals

see the resemblance?!... the flat dome, semicircular windows, the teletubbiness...
now that i googled up that pic, it doesn't look so much like the one i saw in s3, stupid ground is sandy n not filled with lush green golf range grass with teeny patches of flowers...humph...n the grass didn't grow over the whole dome(partly cos d dome is actually a roof of a water storage building. ha! :P)

tinky-winky, dipsy, lala & po!

if ur wondering why i know their names, my lame bro used to watch it when he was a kid. they haf a cute themesong despite the repetitiveness and continous meandering around teletubbieland. then theres dat bloody windmill that turns when something important or 'interesting' is gonna happen, giving cue for the teletubbies to run in different directons like maniacs.

tho i must say the baby sun is adorable. this is one of those programmes which kids LUV but torments the remainder of the population... like say... dora the explorer! did u know she has a cousin called diego who has his very own cartoon (go, diego, go!)?! madness i tell u... i can't decided who is more irritating, diego or dora. but diego saves animals so i give him credit for that.

the fact that i know so much about lame cartoons is freakin me out.

they should make more cartoons like spongebob squarepants and invader zim~! or dave the barbarian or better yet, neurotically yours !!!! foamy is adorable. why oh why did they haf to cancel invader zim.... WHY?!

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Yan Yee said...

I was thinking more of the hobbits' houses in LOTR. Don't freak out coz i used to and still watch alot of cartoons too. Gees... i even know how to sing the spongebob themesong. Btw if u don't know who i am, ask kit ying.
Nice blog you got. Very interesting read and photos.

- xinli - said...

the ACTUAL teletubby house kinda resembles LOTR but i think the one i saw was more teletubby-ish :D but its not surprising cos thr r speculations that d teletubby ppl copied LOTR. :)

n i know u ! :D