Friday, July 27, 2007

happy birthday ai ming!!!

have totally no mood to blog rite now but i need to tell people that TODAY IS AI MING's BIRTHDAY..!!! by today i mean 27th July, which is when i blogged this, check the date. hah.

its so sad that she doesn't get to spend her birthday home in msia but she'll probably have more fun there anyway, huh aiming?

so about this crazy person... best friends and we go way back... and i mean WAY back

kindergarten buddies and all.
aren't we the cutest things u have ever seen? i can't believe her head was already so much smaller than mine back then.

  • she's kinda like the only person i can chat and talk to in person because we always have so much crap to say to each other. is it just me or does everyone find it hard to talk to people u chat to and chat with people u talk to?
  • she's hella funny and ganas but i like her that way cos no one else knocks me around for fear i might break a few bones.
  • we can kick up a spontaneous pillow fight anytime, even if i'm sitting in the front seat of a teeny kancil and she's at the back when we only have tiny cushions to battle with.
  • we can gush for ages about nothing in particular n have a ball doing it.
  • she's so adorable ya knoe?

to keep up the tradition ellie n i started last year, we made her a bunch of stuff for her birthday because shes filthy rich and we can't buy her anything she can't buy herself we love her so very very much! lolx

i lost sleep getting this wrapped because i had to scour the house for a decent wrapper but ended up with cheaplak brown paper...

attempt at justifying the hideous exterior which pales in comparison to ellie's pretty black n pink package.

so what's inside?

  1. super duper long letter typed with an old school typewriter .
  2. reversible hair band "because only 4 year old xinli can pull off 'the coconut'"
  3. mini duffle made from my newly bought paisley to keep other little things.
  4. attempt at her portrait which makes her look alot more demure, sucks. are u up for a new one next year?
  5. crocheted red stuffie keychain- with eyes!
some close-ups:
"because i like paisley and i don't care if u don't"

"because all the other rockstars have one"

" because people need to stop asking why your bear has no eyes"


that's why everything is handmade ...

-we're all old now-

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

fucked up aerial


cos mom won't get an outsider to fix it...

bloody hell... i've been watchin mostly malay movies for almost a week now cos the stupid thing chose to give me a crystal clear tv3 and nothing else...
thank goodness for the occasional english stuff like smallville and midnight anime. but i don't get to watch miller anymore!!! T.T
i live like an addict in rehab going cold turkey now. its horrible.

p.s. i wanna cut my hair

-bobs, ugh-

Monday, July 23, 2007

what NOT to do before a test

take it from me... there are some things you just shouldn't do before a test.
i say 'test' and not 'exam' because that was exactly what it was, a small test.
n i say 'small' test because if i did so terribly in it, i wouldn't be so devastated if i totally flunked it...
  1. PA : 66% : ok
  2. BIO : 82% : pretty ok
  3. CHEM : 78% : not so great
  4. MATHS : 71% : CRAP!
surprise surprise, i'm not devastated at all. this kinda attitude isn't getting me anywhere... not with TRIALS COMING!!!!

[cue retro horror movie surprise sound effects]

ching CHING ching CHING CHING!

goosebumps raised already.

for now, lets briefly go over what not to do prior to a test.

1. go play with make up at ur make-up artist -friend's house... i got so terribly side-tracked right? but it was good fun considering the fact that my fugly face got smothered with high-end products & u get to fake a model. hah. puke away...

false lashes are so mesmerizing.

2. camwhore and play with photoshop.

its amazing what make up can do to people... my sister saw a photo in ellie's cam n she asked her who it was.

3. attempt to finish a birthday present for one of your best friends before she flies. and there will be no pictures until her birthday so i don't spoil the surprise. hehe. its sitting on her shelf in australia all nice ugly and wrapped up as i type.

4. sew a pair of pants. no, i'm not kidding here. i really mean sew a pair of pants...

5. create a crazy mess of cloth, paper and thread that takes a while to clean up.

6. camwhore summore and then play with photoshop summore. i can't help it because my pants are too fantastic... haha. i still need to get big chunky buttons and a clasp, then i'm ready to flaunt. but there's a slight glitch; now my pants are missing... dunno where i chucked it. damn my messy ways.

7. go cloth shopping. i found the prettiest paisley cloth wei! the picture doesn't even do it justice because its kinda hard to get a pic that shows the pattern but still looks like it does in real life. its black not grey.
i just love paisley... they remind me of my favourite baby bolster when i was young. we all have one; the one that never gets washed because we love how smelly it is.

8. finally make a superduper belated birthday present
for moo. its so belated, it's not even funny anymore. his birthday is in november and its july now.
LOL. nah, i take it back... its still funny.
curse my big mouth for saying i'd make him something for his birthday last year... and curse his good memory.

i made him a bag to stuff his 100 or so false eyelashes. his previous bag was hideously orange and so not classy. i like to think the one i made is classy or at the least... fitting. plus there are no loose threads inside or anywhere. [beams with pride]
its leopard print babeh! i never thought i would like leopard print EVER, but i quite like this cloth. only thing is my tag came out wonky...

now that i've told u what u shouldn't do before a test...i suddenly realised that none of u are probably going to do anything i did before the test. lolx:P

p.s. i'm on a sewing spree... more pants to come!


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

rats : episode 2

long long long long long long long long overdue. since we did this on 03.07.07
but since i alreaded dubbed the 1st experiment episode 1, it only makes sense if theres another episode.

it was a dissection to study the common rat's respiratory n circulatory system...and it was gruesome.


involves cutting open the thorax and lifting it up like a lid to reveal a thumping heart.
cool rite? cool rite??!
thats the very lovely poyo with her (very matching) green mask posing by the very dirty windows which i swear are so dirty u can write on them. then again, how many school windows aren't.

the very yellow preserved rat and the very warm, gloved hands of ruth.

GORE coming up....

coming up.....


actually.... there are no gorey pictures for u to eww and ughh over. i felt so bloody bad for cutting up that rat because...because... i dunno. maybe it was the excessive cutting and flesh scraping up the neck of the rat to reveal its larynx, maybe it was the very ganas mutilation of its digestive system so we could view its diaphragm, maybe it was the heart thumping in my face as i took a scalpel to its ribs, maybe it was the slowing down of the heartbeats as we poked n prodded to examine its veins and arteries, maybe it was the final cut above the larynx and lifting the whole bloody heart and lungs out of the body...

SO KESIAN lor the rat. until i tak sampai hati wanna snap any shots of other ppls' rats or mine. i had this look on my face through the whole damn dissection.
the little thing was so brutally mutilated by yl n i. gee... im so sorry ratty.
see... xinli is not cold and heartless. or maybe it was just hormones.

-i wanna watch ratatouille-


“Many millions of years ago on the planet Cybertron, life existed. But not life as we know it today. Intelligent robots that could think and feel inhabited the cities. They were called Autobots and Decepticons. But the brutal Decepticons were driven by a single goal, total domination. They set out to destroy the peace loving Autobots, and a war between the forces of good and evil raged across Cybertron. Devastating all in it’s path, draining the planets once rich sources of energy. The Autobots on the verge of extinction battled valiantly to survive.”


before watching the movie, i was sceptical. i thought it was an over-hyped, lame attempt at a cartoon-turned-big screen movie...

but its actually pretty cool wei. so, yea i got a lil dizzy cos i sat a little bit too in front during the big fight scenes and i was sorta blurr cos i couldn't really tell who were the autobots n who were the decepticons (i'm a girl ok). talk about lame names... but u gotta forgive them cos they just stuck to the 1980s original.

lol... look how much they've grown.
simple little faces into insectoid metal heads.

I'M SO OLD!!! cos i still remember (vaguely) watching those lame-ass cartoons neh. but i cant remember whether i had any transformers... optimus prime is pretty familiar, i recall tucking heads into slots but i don't remember transformation into cars.

the whole transformers things is wasted on me tho, cos i enjoyed the military coordination, the hot soldiers and the human story more than the battle between the alien robots. that doesn't mean bumblebee doesn't rock!

did u else realise a lot of the actors were tv-stars?
shia lebouf : louis stevens, even stevens
josh duhamel : danny mccoy, las vegas
amaury nolasco : fernando sucre, prison break

then there's the cliches, over-emphasis on sex appeal and dialogue which was a bit off... who here thinks that slow-mo part where megatron narrowly grazes the bombshell in a turquoise top was POINTLESS apart from allowing the bit-actress to flash her ample bosom?

the amount of cleavage flashed throughout the show rivals an episode of baywatch.

but still.... I LIKE TRANSFORMERS! for now.

-autobots, 'tranform'-

Saturday, July 7, 2007

i luv close cropped hair

absolutely randomizing here because i actually have tonnes to do but i'm in no mood to do anything of the sort so i'm opting to waste more time on worthless self-indulgence which i will probably regret later in life. blah. i'm not an ignorant twit who wastes her life away but more of a fool who knowingly does all that is wrong... and for what? who knows. everyone is entitled to their own acts of stupidity. human rights, babe.

got really pissed with this fella cos he kept ranting on n on about ppl he hardly knew, how he hates them so n how evryone else hates them so (to his observation anyways... there's no real proof to anything). its never occured to him that maybe.. just maybe he's not any better than those other ppl he hates so much. it's so a bad way (not d vy awesome retardedness that i am) sometimes there's more than 1 side to a story and we don't have the right to bitch incessantly when we don't even know half of the story. so hypocritical, i know. i bitch about other ppl too but its not my main agenda... nobody should make it theirs. its sad. but then again...everyone is entitled to their own acts of stupidity. britney can go shave her head even if shes not getting any money out of it and doesn't look as hot as natalie portman, nicole richie can opt to be thinner than paris and xinli is allowed to waste more time.

so... back to the topic


i don't know why or when this thing happened but i reckon prison break had a hand in it. there's something about really short/shaven heads that's hot.

think adam levine from maroon 5 before his hair grew out n he got the ugliest haircut imaginable. hot.

think jesse metcalf, the very cute gardener boy from desperate housewives who had an affair with gabby. the 'john tucker'. see how short his hair is? hot.

think dr. karev or dr. sloan of grey's anatomy. scruffy, bad but still hot.

think justin timberlake, teenybopper boyband to well.. JT himself. hot.

think daniel wu.... about the only asian i could think up who managed to pull it of with hotness but then i remembered some taiwanese folks whose names i don't know. one of them does those weird variety shows dat taiwan is all about and the other acted in some lame drama. but they're both hot with their shaven heads.

think chad michael murray of one tree he has a weird nose, who cares? its chad.

think channing tatum from step up...

THINK WENTWORTH MILLER! bonus cos he's got sexy arms n piercing [insert whatever colour u think his eyes are] eyes. lolxx


-too much tv-