Friday, July 27, 2007

happy birthday ai ming!!!

have totally no mood to blog rite now but i need to tell people that TODAY IS AI MING's BIRTHDAY..!!! by today i mean 27th July, which is when i blogged this, check the date. hah.

its so sad that she doesn't get to spend her birthday home in msia but she'll probably have more fun there anyway, huh aiming?

so about this crazy person... best friends and we go way back... and i mean WAY back

kindergarten buddies and all.
aren't we the cutest things u have ever seen? i can't believe her head was already so much smaller than mine back then.

  • she's kinda like the only person i can chat and talk to in person because we always have so much crap to say to each other. is it just me or does everyone find it hard to talk to people u chat to and chat with people u talk to?
  • she's hella funny and ganas but i like her that way cos no one else knocks me around for fear i might break a few bones.
  • we can kick up a spontaneous pillow fight anytime, even if i'm sitting in the front seat of a teeny kancil and she's at the back when we only have tiny cushions to battle with.
  • we can gush for ages about nothing in particular n have a ball doing it.
  • she's so adorable ya knoe?

to keep up the tradition ellie n i started last year, we made her a bunch of stuff for her birthday because shes filthy rich and we can't buy her anything she can't buy herself we love her so very very much! lolx

i lost sleep getting this wrapped because i had to scour the house for a decent wrapper but ended up with cheaplak brown paper...

attempt at justifying the hideous exterior which pales in comparison to ellie's pretty black n pink package.

so what's inside?

  1. super duper long letter typed with an old school typewriter .
  2. reversible hair band "because only 4 year old xinli can pull off 'the coconut'"
  3. mini duffle made from my newly bought paisley to keep other little things.
  4. attempt at her portrait which makes her look alot more demure, sucks. are u up for a new one next year?
  5. crocheted red stuffie keychain- with eyes!
some close-ups:
"because i like paisley and i don't care if u don't"

"because all the other rockstars have one"

" because people need to stop asking why your bear has no eyes"


that's why everything is handmade ...

-we're all old now-

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