Saturday, July 7, 2007

i luv close cropped hair

absolutely randomizing here because i actually have tonnes to do but i'm in no mood to do anything of the sort so i'm opting to waste more time on worthless self-indulgence which i will probably regret later in life. blah. i'm not an ignorant twit who wastes her life away but more of a fool who knowingly does all that is wrong... and for what? who knows. everyone is entitled to their own acts of stupidity. human rights, babe.

got really pissed with this fella cos he kept ranting on n on about ppl he hardly knew, how he hates them so n how evryone else hates them so (to his observation anyways... there's no real proof to anything). its never occured to him that maybe.. just maybe he's not any better than those other ppl he hates so much. it's so a bad way (not d vy awesome retardedness that i am) sometimes there's more than 1 side to a story and we don't have the right to bitch incessantly when we don't even know half of the story. so hypocritical, i know. i bitch about other ppl too but its not my main agenda... nobody should make it theirs. its sad. but then again...everyone is entitled to their own acts of stupidity. britney can go shave her head even if shes not getting any money out of it and doesn't look as hot as natalie portman, nicole richie can opt to be thinner than paris and xinli is allowed to waste more time.

so... back to the topic


i don't know why or when this thing happened but i reckon prison break had a hand in it. there's something about really short/shaven heads that's hot.

think adam levine from maroon 5 before his hair grew out n he got the ugliest haircut imaginable. hot.

think jesse metcalf, the very cute gardener boy from desperate housewives who had an affair with gabby. the 'john tucker'. see how short his hair is? hot.

think dr. karev or dr. sloan of grey's anatomy. scruffy, bad but still hot.

think justin timberlake, teenybopper boyband to well.. JT himself. hot.

think daniel wu.... about the only asian i could think up who managed to pull it of with hotness but then i remembered some taiwanese folks whose names i don't know. one of them does those weird variety shows dat taiwan is all about and the other acted in some lame drama. but they're both hot with their shaven heads.

think chad michael murray of one tree he has a weird nose, who cares? its chad.

think channing tatum from step up...

THINK WENTWORTH MILLER! bonus cos he's got sexy arms n piercing [insert whatever colour u think his eyes are] eyes. lolxx


-too much tv-

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