Wednesday, July 11, 2007

rats : episode 2

long long long long long long long long overdue. since we did this on 03.07.07
but since i alreaded dubbed the 1st experiment episode 1, it only makes sense if theres another episode.

it was a dissection to study the common rat's respiratory n circulatory system...and it was gruesome.


involves cutting open the thorax and lifting it up like a lid to reveal a thumping heart.
cool rite? cool rite??!
thats the very lovely poyo with her (very matching) green mask posing by the very dirty windows which i swear are so dirty u can write on them. then again, how many school windows aren't.

the very yellow preserved rat and the very warm, gloved hands of ruth.

GORE coming up....

coming up.....


actually.... there are no gorey pictures for u to eww and ughh over. i felt so bloody bad for cutting up that rat because...because... i dunno. maybe it was the excessive cutting and flesh scraping up the neck of the rat to reveal its larynx, maybe it was the very ganas mutilation of its digestive system so we could view its diaphragm, maybe it was the heart thumping in my face as i took a scalpel to its ribs, maybe it was the slowing down of the heartbeats as we poked n prodded to examine its veins and arteries, maybe it was the final cut above the larynx and lifting the whole bloody heart and lungs out of the body...

SO KESIAN lor the rat. until i tak sampai hati wanna snap any shots of other ppls' rats or mine. i had this look on my face through the whole damn dissection.
the little thing was so brutally mutilated by yl n i. gee... im so sorry ratty.
see... xinli is not cold and heartless. or maybe it was just hormones.

-i wanna watch ratatouille-

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