Monday, July 23, 2007

what NOT to do before a test

take it from me... there are some things you just shouldn't do before a test.
i say 'test' and not 'exam' because that was exactly what it was, a small test.
n i say 'small' test because if i did so terribly in it, i wouldn't be so devastated if i totally flunked it...
  1. PA : 66% : ok
  2. BIO : 82% : pretty ok
  3. CHEM : 78% : not so great
  4. MATHS : 71% : CRAP!
surprise surprise, i'm not devastated at all. this kinda attitude isn't getting me anywhere... not with TRIALS COMING!!!!

[cue retro horror movie surprise sound effects]

ching CHING ching CHING CHING!

goosebumps raised already.

for now, lets briefly go over what not to do prior to a test.

1. go play with make up at ur make-up artist -friend's house... i got so terribly side-tracked right? but it was good fun considering the fact that my fugly face got smothered with high-end products & u get to fake a model. hah. puke away...

false lashes are so mesmerizing.

2. camwhore and play with photoshop.

its amazing what make up can do to people... my sister saw a photo in ellie's cam n she asked her who it was.

3. attempt to finish a birthday present for one of your best friends before she flies. and there will be no pictures until her birthday so i don't spoil the surprise. hehe. its sitting on her shelf in australia all nice ugly and wrapped up as i type.

4. sew a pair of pants. no, i'm not kidding here. i really mean sew a pair of pants...

5. create a crazy mess of cloth, paper and thread that takes a while to clean up.

6. camwhore summore and then play with photoshop summore. i can't help it because my pants are too fantastic... haha. i still need to get big chunky buttons and a clasp, then i'm ready to flaunt. but there's a slight glitch; now my pants are missing... dunno where i chucked it. damn my messy ways.

7. go cloth shopping. i found the prettiest paisley cloth wei! the picture doesn't even do it justice because its kinda hard to get a pic that shows the pattern but still looks like it does in real life. its black not grey.
i just love paisley... they remind me of my favourite baby bolster when i was young. we all have one; the one that never gets washed because we love how smelly it is.

8. finally make a superduper belated birthday present
for moo. its so belated, it's not even funny anymore. his birthday is in november and its july now.
LOL. nah, i take it back... its still funny.
curse my big mouth for saying i'd make him something for his birthday last year... and curse his good memory.

i made him a bag to stuff his 100 or so false eyelashes. his previous bag was hideously orange and so not classy. i like to think the one i made is classy or at the least... fitting. plus there are no loose threads inside or anywhere. [beams with pride]
its leopard print babeh! i never thought i would like leopard print EVER, but i quite like this cloth. only thing is my tag came out wonky...

now that i've told u what u shouldn't do before a test...i suddenly realised that none of u are probably going to do anything i did before the test. lolx:P

p.s. i'm on a sewing spree... more pants to come!


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