Thursday, August 30, 2007

happy birthday yoke poh!!!

today, the self-acclaimed sexy hotness turns 19...
a day to be rejoiced cos otherwise the world would be so bland without her perasanness.
i'll keep it short cos i'm not even supposed to be here. so...
thanx for being so poyo all the time babe!
luv ya~

Happy Parturition Day!!!


don't be so ganas k?


-stay sexy-

Monday, August 27, 2007

crucial period

flip that switch-


will ground n confine for approx 2 weeks starting now.


good luck to fellow madpeople!

1 regular clarityofmind, 1 large brainjuice, 2 small curly fries and 1 extra large sanity to go please.

-wish me luck-

Friday, August 24, 2007


...says my cpu.

zZzzZZZzzZZZ .... says my bro.

sniff sniff... says my nose.

tick tock... says my clock.

it is now 0341 hours, 240807.
exactly 11 days 4 hours & 19 minutes to trials.
i have been confining myself to mind-numbing maths for the past 3 hours and 30 mins, working on a 3 hour paper.
what does that tell u about how absolutely prepared i am?
no worries. i shall be.
i have 11 days 4 hours & 18 minutes more.

the holidays are growing on me. i like having nothing to do...
sorta finished volume 2 biology. still have vol1 to go through.
chem is untouched. so's pa.
i have, so far, successfully grounded myself this whole week despite everything and everyone.

mom: wanna go jusco tmr n watch ratatouille?
me: no

ellie: wanna go watch rush hour 3?
me: no

mom: wanna go shopping tmr?
me: no

ellie: u know i have 4 free tickets from bla blaaa....
me: no

my willpower is strong and for some reason, my placidity is increasing by the day.

i feel like melting into the wall...

-so blah-

Monday, August 20, 2007

saturday night fever

totally blew the whole saturday away cos i planned to play while i could n revert to full study-mode on sunday. had chem tuition on sat night so i grabbed a choc bar to snack on during... something went wrong after my 1st chunk. i started to feel like a sore throat was coming on so i stuffed it back into my ginormous pencil case n proceeded to drink the whole bottle of water i brought with me (over a period of 2 hours la duh.. takkan all at once)

stage one
mild sore throat.

stage two
uncontrollable flu. the type that drips out without giving u any notice; too watery to suck it back in or fully blow it out.

stage three
full on fever yo~ a non-specific immune response to pathogens which have invaded my body. the heightened body temperature helps to increase the activity of leucocytes n macrophages n stuff. i can feel them speeding around tryin to engulf all the pathogens as i type cos i'm so hot.

i spent the whole of sunday lying on the couch with long pink sweat pants n socks n shirt n sweater AND duvet. on normal circumstances i would haf died of the heat. so thats sunday all gone. i never knew it was physically possible for someone to sleep that many hours in a day.

i drank loads of water... when i got bored of water i drank honey water and when i got bored of that i drank honey plus pei pa lou water. contrary to popular belief its actually possible to drink too much water; its called water intoxication, so i control myself and i pee a lot. frankly i wouldn't mind all the water drinking if i didn't have to get up n pee so often. tiring lor. plus i'm wearing socks so i have to be extra careful not to wet it. blah. but its memang sorta damp cos apart from palmar hyperhydrosis i also suffer from plantar hyperhydrosis. sucks like hell. cos when the sweat evaporates my feet become super cold n clammy. can die.

today i felt better, still on with a little fever n excessive drippin of mucus but the sore throat has subsided no doubt thanks to my diligent consumption of water. so there u go. i just wanted to tell u how sick i was. :P

i don't know which is worse
  1. being sick,
  2. being sick during the holidays, or
  3. being sick when i should be downloading for trials.
peace darlins

p.s. SundayStar says:
Now this will be and interesting week. It either encourages a new pursuit or pushes present projects to a higher level. Mentally, you're alert and have little trouble accepting new ideas. But don't expect all work and no play. Thing's aren't looking too slow on the romantic front either.

not too shabby, huh?

today, it rained torrents under the blinding sunlight.
(not tryin to be metaphorical)
must be global warming.

-drip drip drip-

Saturday, August 11, 2007

daniel lee

saw some of this 8tvSummerLiveConcert thingey on tv and there was DanielLee from malaysian idol...


he was wearing leather; jacket, boots, wristbands belt...pants not so sure. but anyway, point is he was tryin to be a rockstar and he was singing terribly and...and...

he had hot female dancers (who were the same size if not taller and larger) grabbing his legs like they want him and dancing around him sexily! omg.

it was disturbing.

then he ended his repertoire with what he probably thinks is a smoldering gaze.

way disturbing.



omg omg omg omg omg OMG OMG OMG!!!

trials in 2 weeks.
what the hell happened?
it's like i blinked and time by-passed me. i'm not preapared AT ALL, my maths suck, my chemistry teacher hasn't finished the syllabus yet and neither have both my maths teachers. i can't even construct grammatically correct sentences...


so emo lately and i spent the whole week doing nothing but maths maths and maths homework n assignments. there was one point where i went off to sleep shortly after doing vectors and when i woke up in the morning to clamp the snooze button on the radio-alarm..., i went straight back to sleep and dreamt of ....VECTORS! its was surreal but evrything in your dreams makes sense right? so there were numbers rolling around in my head; length of my duvet versus angle of how i sat up in bed...etc.etc. PLAIN CRAZY!!! the worst thing was since i snooze a few times before i actually do wake up, i did the whole vectors in my head dream all over again and again.... i'm never going straight to sleep after maths again.

didn't really nap much today cos we had this farewell dinner at kenny roger's which wasn't great cos the food was close to horrible (with the exception of the chicken). who makes potato salad with potato wedges the size of well it was approx 10cm in length; too long. the mashed potato had corn in it for some reason and it tasted abit like powder. yikes! not nice. not nice at all... plus it cost too much for comfort even though i didn't have to pay for it. that's RM20++ of overdue book fines down the drain... or rather down my esophagus.
DON'T EAT AT KENNY ROGER'S! or jusco, seremban's anyway.

aiming msgd me in d evening today berating me for my absence online. i haven't talked to her since she left for aus, i think. 1st i said i'll come online tonight if she would refrain from further depressing me bcos she was kinda upset but we ended up agreeing on some supportive depression session. emo gether-gether la. anyways... we gossiped and stabbed the unknowing on their backs...kidding :P ( or am i? ) tra-la-la ~ i'm not so depressed anymore. i'm not saying i'm not depressed, just not SO depressed. thanx babe. n sorry to all the people i ignored during my period of depression. sometimes i just don't really wanna talk to people.

u know everytime i tell someone i'm stressed over exams or whatever, they tend to go "what? u- stressed?! haha" so i don't stress like how otherpeople stress but that doesn't mean i'm not stressed! ish. i simply have a large stress threshold so u don't see me grabbing hair, screaming and whatnot.

i wanna do a whole lot of things but have no mood for them and my Conscience is one hell of a public speaker. now i can't do anything that's too entertaining or else i'll feel so guilty i'll haf to build a confession box in my room or something to that extent. i read about genetic mutation while i was online today... that's how extreme it is. i even force-fed aiming about sense, missense and nonsense mutation because i thought they were funny.

xinli: did u know thr are silent mutations where u can't tell theres a mutation at all because the amino acid produced is still the same?
aiming: do they have noisy mutations?


ok vented.
cya in a bajillion.

ps. thanx alison, if ur reading!
i didn't think u'd actually gimme the earrings...
they're cute n so r the teddies.
n bcos i just found out ur flying last month,
i just want u to know that i think its so glam! hahaha.


Tuesday, August 7, 2007

happy birthday jess & jess!


mah luvly twin babes turns 19 on 6th august~
luv u guys!

the crazy big action-reaction twins invited us over to their place in kl for their birthday party! ky, zin n plh were abit hesitant on whether to go or not at first cos they were afraid that we were gonna be weird n isolated among her kl-ite friends.

zin: do u know her friends?
xinli: nope, i've nv met them. y?
zin: (big relieved face) great! cos then i was scared that mayb u'd go "yo, yo, yo~" with them and we'd be so ngong thr.
xinli: -.-" why "yo, yo..yo?"

anyway as it turns out. we were still super left out among her friends cos they out-numbered us.

happy twins with their cake

get this, imagine playing truth or dare and the first one was ellie. she picked 'dare' n this hot kl girl dared her to pole dance. POLE DANCE! setting her inability to pole dance aside, no one was even drunk or high yet and she dared her to pole dance. we looked at each other speechlessly. the 3rd one was me and d same girl dared me to lick their coffee table from 1 corner to the other.
needless to say, ellie n i both took gulps of vodka as forfeit. no poles or coffee tables for us. lolx.
they scrapped the game after that and switched to one of those 'whack the name called out' games. not fair rite?! ish.
great ice-breaking game but we ended up remembering everyone by their nickname from the game . i.e washing machine, lawn-mower, staircase, radio, stand-fan..etc. etc. hilarious.

everyone went off to ruums at around 1am after the silly game and we got back around 4am to stuff ourselves with the left-over food from the dinner party. then the fuse burnt out and we seremban folks all slept in the hall sweaty n smelling of smoke n liqour because there was no electricity plus no one wanted to bathe in the dark... with the exception of jessmine who was already bathing halfway when the lights went out.
it was all kinda sucky... even hueywen got a warning from the jaga cos she went back to her dorm after curfew...lolx.
only jeewei was lucky cos she was already asleep cos she was super tired n didn't want to go to ruums...

whatever happened to evening parties? lol!

the bunch of us during aimings birthday in jess's house donkey-years ago.
ah... those were the days.
jesslyn's in white at the back and jessmine is missing cos she's probably behind the camera.
gosh, how much they've changed!

alright then. so what'd i get for them?
made a pair of almost identical mini duffel bags in classic brown and gold (what i perceive to be their fave colours next to black. crosses fingers) with their initials embroidered on...
n they're filled with M&Ms cos they luv them... i think. LOL

cheap but priceless

-don't u wish i'd make u something?-