Tuesday, August 7, 2007

happy birthday jess & jess!

mah luvly twin babes turns 19 on 6th august~
luv u guys!

the crazy big action-reaction twins invited us over to their place in kl for their birthday party! ky, zin n plh were abit hesitant on whether to go or not at first cos they were afraid that we were gonna be weird n isolated among her kl-ite friends.

zin: do u know her friends?
xinli: nope, i've nv met them. y?
zin: (big relieved face) great! cos then i was scared that mayb u'd go "yo, yo, yo~" with them and we'd be so ngong thr.
xinli: -.-" why "yo, yo..yo?"

anyway as it turns out. we were still super left out among her friends cos they out-numbered us.

happy twins with their cake

get this, imagine playing truth or dare and the first one was ellie. she picked 'dare' n this hot kl girl dared her to pole dance. POLE DANCE! setting her inability to pole dance aside, no one was even drunk or high yet and she dared her to pole dance. we looked at each other speechlessly. the 3rd one was me and d same girl dared me to lick their coffee table from 1 corner to the other.
needless to say, ellie n i both took gulps of vodka as forfeit. no poles or coffee tables for us. lolx.
they scrapped the game after that and switched to one of those 'whack the name called out' games. not fair rite?! ish.
great ice-breaking game but we ended up remembering everyone by their nickname from the game . i.e washing machine, lawn-mower, staircase, radio, stand-fan..etc. etc. hilarious.

everyone went off to ruums at around 1am after the silly game and we got back around 4am to stuff ourselves with the left-over food from the dinner party. then the fuse burnt out and we seremban folks all slept in the hall sweaty n smelling of smoke n liqour because there was no electricity plus no one wanted to bathe in the dark... with the exception of jessmine who was already bathing halfway when the lights went out.
it was all kinda sucky... even hueywen got a warning from the jaga cos she went back to her dorm after curfew...lolx.
only jeewei was lucky cos she was already asleep cos she was super tired n didn't want to go to ruums...

whatever happened to evening parties? lol!

the bunch of us during aimings birthday in jess's house donkey-years ago.
ah... those were the days.
jesslyn's in white at the back and jessmine is missing cos she's probably behind the camera.
gosh, how much they've changed!

alright then. so what'd i get for them?
made a pair of almost identical mini duffel bags in classic brown and gold (what i perceive to be their fave colours next to black. crosses fingers) with their initials embroidered on...
n they're filled with M&Ms cos they luv them... i think. LOL

cheap but priceless

-don't u wish i'd make u something?-

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