Monday, August 20, 2007

saturday night fever

totally blew the whole saturday away cos i planned to play while i could n revert to full study-mode on sunday. had chem tuition on sat night so i grabbed a choc bar to snack on during... something went wrong after my 1st chunk. i started to feel like a sore throat was coming on so i stuffed it back into my ginormous pencil case n proceeded to drink the whole bottle of water i brought with me (over a period of 2 hours la duh.. takkan all at once)

stage one
mild sore throat.

stage two
uncontrollable flu. the type that drips out without giving u any notice; too watery to suck it back in or fully blow it out.

stage three
full on fever yo~ a non-specific immune response to pathogens which have invaded my body. the heightened body temperature helps to increase the activity of leucocytes n macrophages n stuff. i can feel them speeding around tryin to engulf all the pathogens as i type cos i'm so hot.

i spent the whole of sunday lying on the couch with long pink sweat pants n socks n shirt n sweater AND duvet. on normal circumstances i would haf died of the heat. so thats sunday all gone. i never knew it was physically possible for someone to sleep that many hours in a day.

i drank loads of water... when i got bored of water i drank honey water and when i got bored of that i drank honey plus pei pa lou water. contrary to popular belief its actually possible to drink too much water; its called water intoxication, so i control myself and i pee a lot. frankly i wouldn't mind all the water drinking if i didn't have to get up n pee so often. tiring lor. plus i'm wearing socks so i have to be extra careful not to wet it. blah. but its memang sorta damp cos apart from palmar hyperhydrosis i also suffer from plantar hyperhydrosis. sucks like hell. cos when the sweat evaporates my feet become super cold n clammy. can die.

today i felt better, still on with a little fever n excessive drippin of mucus but the sore throat has subsided no doubt thanks to my diligent consumption of water. so there u go. i just wanted to tell u how sick i was. :P

i don't know which is worse
  1. being sick,
  2. being sick during the holidays, or
  3. being sick when i should be downloading for trials.
peace darlins

p.s. SundayStar says:
Now this will be and interesting week. It either encourages a new pursuit or pushes present projects to a higher level. Mentally, you're alert and have little trouble accepting new ideas. But don't expect all work and no play. Thing's aren't looking too slow on the romantic front either.

not too shabby, huh?

today, it rained torrents under the blinding sunlight.
(not tryin to be metaphorical)
must be global warming.

-drip drip drip-

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