Saturday, August 11, 2007


omg omg omg omg omg OMG OMG OMG!!!

trials in 2 weeks.
what the hell happened?
it's like i blinked and time by-passed me. i'm not preapared AT ALL, my maths suck, my chemistry teacher hasn't finished the syllabus yet and neither have both my maths teachers. i can't even construct grammatically correct sentences...


so emo lately and i spent the whole week doing nothing but maths maths and maths homework n assignments. there was one point where i went off to sleep shortly after doing vectors and when i woke up in the morning to clamp the snooze button on the radio-alarm..., i went straight back to sleep and dreamt of ....VECTORS! its was surreal but evrything in your dreams makes sense right? so there were numbers rolling around in my head; length of my duvet versus angle of how i sat up in bed...etc.etc. PLAIN CRAZY!!! the worst thing was since i snooze a few times before i actually do wake up, i did the whole vectors in my head dream all over again and again.... i'm never going straight to sleep after maths again.

didn't really nap much today cos we had this farewell dinner at kenny roger's which wasn't great cos the food was close to horrible (with the exception of the chicken). who makes potato salad with potato wedges the size of well it was approx 10cm in length; too long. the mashed potato had corn in it for some reason and it tasted abit like powder. yikes! not nice. not nice at all... plus it cost too much for comfort even though i didn't have to pay for it. that's RM20++ of overdue book fines down the drain... or rather down my esophagus.
DON'T EAT AT KENNY ROGER'S! or jusco, seremban's anyway.

aiming msgd me in d evening today berating me for my absence online. i haven't talked to her since she left for aus, i think. 1st i said i'll come online tonight if she would refrain from further depressing me bcos she was kinda upset but we ended up agreeing on some supportive depression session. emo gether-gether la. anyways... we gossiped and stabbed the unknowing on their backs...kidding :P ( or am i? ) tra-la-la ~ i'm not so depressed anymore. i'm not saying i'm not depressed, just not SO depressed. thanx babe. n sorry to all the people i ignored during my period of depression. sometimes i just don't really wanna talk to people.

u know everytime i tell someone i'm stressed over exams or whatever, they tend to go "what? u- stressed?! haha" so i don't stress like how otherpeople stress but that doesn't mean i'm not stressed! ish. i simply have a large stress threshold so u don't see me grabbing hair, screaming and whatnot.

i wanna do a whole lot of things but have no mood for them and my Conscience is one hell of a public speaker. now i can't do anything that's too entertaining or else i'll feel so guilty i'll haf to build a confession box in my room or something to that extent. i read about genetic mutation while i was online today... that's how extreme it is. i even force-fed aiming about sense, missense and nonsense mutation because i thought they were funny.

xinli: did u know thr are silent mutations where u can't tell theres a mutation at all because the amino acid produced is still the same?
aiming: do they have noisy mutations?


ok vented.
cya in a bajillion.

ps. thanx alison, if ur reading!
i didn't think u'd actually gimme the earrings...
they're cute n so r the teddies.
n bcos i just found out ur flying last month,
i just want u to know that i think its so glam! hahaha.


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