Friday, August 24, 2007


...says my cpu.

zZzzZZZzzZZZ .... says my bro.

sniff sniff... says my nose.

tick tock... says my clock.

it is now 0341 hours, 240807.
exactly 11 days 4 hours & 19 minutes to trials.
i have been confining myself to mind-numbing maths for the past 3 hours and 30 mins, working on a 3 hour paper.
what does that tell u about how absolutely prepared i am?
no worries. i shall be.
i have 11 days 4 hours & 18 minutes more.

the holidays are growing on me. i like having nothing to do...
sorta finished volume 2 biology. still have vol1 to go through.
chem is untouched. so's pa.
i have, so far, successfully grounded myself this whole week despite everything and everyone.

mom: wanna go jusco tmr n watch ratatouille?
me: no

ellie: wanna go watch rush hour 3?
me: no

mom: wanna go shopping tmr?
me: no

ellie: u know i have 4 free tickets from bla blaaa....
me: no

my willpower is strong and for some reason, my placidity is increasing by the day.

i feel like melting into the wall...

-so blah-

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