Tuesday, September 18, 2007



was actually looking forward to the pd trip last week cos it was the end of trials n all...

i had this whole fab idea in my head which involved lots of walking on beaches, shell-collecting, building sand-castles, watching sunsets/starry skies, banana-boat riding, not sleeping, fun, fun, fun!

i ended up feeling half-cheated half of the time cos as it turns out most of the people there are on a mission* with their respective jobs to do n i'm like...so left out.
i thought this was holiday!?!

but thats ok, u just go with the flow n try not to feel crappy cos its my holiday even if its not theirs. :P so at the end of the day, it was 50% boredom n 50% fun.

don't quite feel like narrating too much so i'll just flood pix, aight?
all in chronological order.

we had to stop at the petrol station to gear up on car snacks while waiting for the other car to join us.
that's me, ypei, yan, canmy, ellie, n feizai the pimp.
please do ignore the fact that theres some weird make-up on one of them :P

so then we reach pd n take another 10-20 mins or so to get to the apartment we're stayin at which is the very glam PalmSprings which really isn't so very glam once u get inside cos its deserted n old ...
well, when we got there it was pretty empty cos it was only about 10am.
but i think it'd be a pretty neat place to stay if u have 20 or so people who have a lot of time on their hands cos the place is huge with lots to explore.

the back lane of our place overlooking a river which i assume is man-made. doesn't that look a whole lot like regular terrace houses to u?

we've got pretty lamp posts
n hell, even a boat!
so picturesque innit?
reminds me of summer camps

then there's the pool which we have to drive to cos the place is huge...
they've even got a fake beach there complete with volleyball court! sweet...
but we didn't have a ball :(

lesson learnt is i should never ever flash a big wide smile while wearing shades cos the apples of my cheeks push the shades up n makes them wonky n lopsided thus rendering me silly. crap

cool cat
i know my shades are kinda lopsided here as well but u have to forgive me cos my face is not made for shades... there are some thing u just can't change.....without plastic surgery, that is.

ellie's default wide-spaces pose

me, ed, alex
lolx.. i look like i'm tryin to lick the hand-fan like an ice-cream

note : this is the CUTEST COUPLE EVER ok?!
highly hazardous too!
- i think i almost died laughing at their antics 546468461531867 times within the 30 hours spent with them.

i officially adore gay couples (cute ones)

the place also has a TRAILER PARK!!!... is that effin cute or what?
i suddenly think of MyNameIsEarl, u know, the crazy blonde woman lives in a trailer with Darnell.
can we stay there next time?.. i wonder how much it costs or if its all private property...hmm...

we hung around and SLEPT through the afternoon , then everyone bundled up into the 2 cars n headed off to the beach!
... u can't say u've been to pd unless u go walk on a beach right? that's the very essense of pd.

ellie n i

canmy n ypei

ellie's handwriting
writing on the beach is also another compulsory activity.
do not be fooled by the happy expression cos i was pretty irritated cos everyone kept messing up the stuff we were tryin to draw... X(

psyched feizai n ellie
edmund n moo loitering in the background

me n moo
he specifically asked me to delete this but i don't care. blek :P

i *heart* this one cos i look fab innit ...lolx.. to me anyways
it needs some photoshopping but i'm lazy...
if u look closely, the clouds part for the sun so it appears as an eye, COOL!
the eye of heaven looks down on us
-feizai's photography

new discovery... u can fish with a fishing rod at the beach...
i didn't know that. did u?

we only hung around the beach for a few mins before goin off the some pasar malam

then home, then boredom dotted with spurts of fun
words cannot illustrate the boredom. imagine 3 to 4 people herded around a laptop to watch someone else photoshop pix.
then the fun was just card games n card tricks n more card games... the atmosphere only lit up around midnight when we went out to yamcha.
what is it with chinese people n yamcha anyway? but i'm not denying its fun.
drove hell of a long way out before we could find a mamak which wasn't really a mamak but more of a warung. the nasi goreng kampung was terrible, the teh ais was ok, n the tomyam not bad. we helped feed the mosquitoes of pd.

i have hideous photos of everyone before bedtime... but i'll spare u, n myself.

day 2, glory beach resort
pictures day

me . alex-the dude who threw open the wardrobe in a room full of sleeping people at 3am announcing that he would venture into Narnia. lmao.

from top left: alex, ed, feizai, me, canmy

tiny ellie

foolin with ed
i elbowed his head in a game of heart attack. kesian.

the attempt at a (blind) family portrait
ellie is so obviously the kiddo. haha.
she's like 3/4 of any one of them.
check out how much feizai is enjoying himself on the springy whale.

hey, no public displays of affection, people!

gosh i miss them

-chicken curry-

Saturday, September 15, 2007


thus ends an episode of very little sleep and a whole lot of guilt and frustration.
in a nutshell, trials was NOT good... will post marks when i get everything.

i'm pacing myself this time around n d plan is to play play PLAY for this week (which means theres not even 1 whole week to play but actually just a few crummy days) and study like crazy mad china students except i'll probably do only 10% of their madness. i'll try.
the goal is to be super prepared a la plh. lolx.

did a whole lot of nothing for the past few days...WASTED WEI...
still need to...
1. make poyo somethin
2. make n buy ellie somethin
3. edit n print out my class photos for keepsakes
4. buy stuff dat's been on my list forever
5. watch all the movies i've been wanting to watch!

n the stuff i've managed to do so far ...
1. take super duper long naps without setting any alarms
2. cook rotten food and make myself sick
3. eat lotsa buka puasa food!!! yum!

i never knew epilating could be so much fun...haha
before this, i used to look at people who epilate weird cos it sounds like whack and logically, should hurt like crap. but actually it doesn't really...

if u don't know what epilation is, its the mass plucking of hair from the body.
so what this epilator does is, it has these rotating mini tweezers which clamp n unclamp at breakneck speed so when u move it along ur arm/leg/armpit/etc. it clamps on all ur hair and plucks them out one by one!!

doesn't dat sound groovy?!

n cos my arm hair is XXXlong, its double the fun. when u c all the hairs getting plucked out of their pores n lying there, not standing there...so nice. lolxx. like mowing a lawn.
i could potentially be addicted to epilating.
now i just need to get one of these nifty gadgets...

this was the model i used. cute pink!
i think i'll get this one.

this is nicer though...but more ex

going to PD in less than 7 hours!
will blog when i'm home~

ps. thnx for ur postcard, ass

n thnx ju, for my prezzies!

don't u just love it when ppl give u things for no apparent reason?

-lovely people-