Saturday, September 15, 2007


thus ends an episode of very little sleep and a whole lot of guilt and frustration.
in a nutshell, trials was NOT good... will post marks when i get everything.

i'm pacing myself this time around n d plan is to play play PLAY for this week (which means theres not even 1 whole week to play but actually just a few crummy days) and study like crazy mad china students except i'll probably do only 10% of their madness. i'll try.
the goal is to be super prepared a la plh. lolx.

did a whole lot of nothing for the past few days...WASTED WEI...
still need to...
1. make poyo somethin
2. make n buy ellie somethin
3. edit n print out my class photos for keepsakes
4. buy stuff dat's been on my list forever
5. watch all the movies i've been wanting to watch!

n the stuff i've managed to do so far ...
1. take super duper long naps without setting any alarms
2. cook rotten food and make myself sick
3. eat lotsa buka puasa food!!! yum!

i never knew epilating could be so much fun...haha
before this, i used to look at people who epilate weird cos it sounds like whack and logically, should hurt like crap. but actually it doesn't really...

if u don't know what epilation is, its the mass plucking of hair from the body.
so what this epilator does is, it has these rotating mini tweezers which clamp n unclamp at breakneck speed so when u move it along ur arm/leg/armpit/etc. it clamps on all ur hair and plucks them out one by one!!

doesn't dat sound groovy?!

n cos my arm hair is XXXlong, its double the fun. when u c all the hairs getting plucked out of their pores n lying there, not standing nice. lolxx. like mowing a lawn.
i could potentially be addicted to epilating.
now i just need to get one of these nifty gadgets...

this was the model i used. cute pink!
i think i'll get this one.

this is nicer though...but more ex

going to PD in less than 7 hours!
will blog when i'm home~

ps. thnx for ur postcard, ass

n thnx ju, for my prezzies!

don't u just love it when ppl give u things for no apparent reason?

-lovely people-

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