Wednesday, October 31, 2007

4938 argh

almost 5000


after STPM i will get my 5000
i will

-i definitely will-

Monday, October 29, 2007

the beauty of facebook


n i've just added alex and ben!!!
its like finding a $50 note stuck between old books in your shelf.
so many memories...
i thought i was going to cry for a moment there.

thank you facebook for reminding me!
there is more to it than growing gifts and fluff races


Thursday, October 25, 2007

lollipop n snake

ginger, want a lollipop?

[sniff sniff]


lame right?
the lolly tastes really good for something that looks like a wax rose

stupid cat watching dog




oh, n i made it over 4000pts in snake!!!!

i wanna hit 5000pts but i think there isn't enough place :(
i wish i had pacman on my phone...

n i got my tickets from ky today,
they look like little bookmarks.
2 green n 1 pink

aiming, u want the green one right?
i'll save it for u, ok?
i like the pink so i'm taking it.


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

happy birthday alison!


eek! i just found out it's ur birthday!!


so happy birthday!!!

glam glam alison
i wish i could be an air stewardess too!!
...the places u get paid to go to...

i really wanted to drop something in ur chatbox but that part where u type in ur msgs is missing... wonder if its me or u?

anyway i hope u get most of the stuff on ur wishlist cos i obviously can't afford to buy u any of them :)
do u want me to make u something cheap instead? haha

oh n i want a Vaio too!!! hehe... only because its pretty.
girls are so superficial about gadgets...
some girls anyway. wonder if ur one of them?

p.s. hope u don't mind me nicking photos from ur friendster, lol.

-many happy returns!-

Sunday, October 21, 2007

oh glorious wall


when i win the lottery n become insanely rich n buy my own mansion
i'm gonna stick these things on my walls!!!

OneUp wall graphics babehhh~
they are too cute to be true...
get this, u just need to stick them on n they are perfectly peel-able!
how amazing is that huh? peel-able i tell u, peel-able!

makes the kitchen look so much better, no?
i'm starting to get obssesed with birds in flight...

murano chandelier!!!!

n if u wanna freak people out a little or if u feel too lonely when u r home alone,

~ooh ooh aah aah~

don't they look like they're painstakingly painted onto the walls??
n when u get bored of a sad chimp looking at u while u watch tv, u can always peel it off...
i can't get over the fact that u can peel it... i just can't
call me small-minded

-so many things we do not know-

Saturday, October 20, 2007



what began as a late night grooming session for sleepy darrel turned into fur-styling madness!!!!




the original coiffure
in all its fluffy goodness

so feminine :)

ponytail mongrel
scruffy little thing

rockstar canine
work it!
he's even got the frowning stare down

like a superhero, mid-flight

faux ear
ears full of fur and only fur

highland terrier
woop~ so cute!!!
jess was really trying to capture the terrier alertness
but darrel was just too sleepy...

retarded mutant
earless with 'petpet tou' center parting
lol...darrel looks so helpless

fluffodog chowchow
fur all tjzoushed infront

n last but not least...

cartoon doggy
i know there's a cartoon dog that looks just like this!
i just forgot its name...

darrel is such a poser~!
but so so so so so so cute!!!!
i wish i could play with my cat like this...




went kl to visit friends instead for most of the week.
what was i thinking?
the thing is, i'm not even worried... yet.

so dead.

but no regrets (yet) cos i had fun.

ellie's friend fetched us to jess' place on sunday nite n the weird thing was when we reached there, there were more than 10 ppl in the living room comprising of her aunts n uncles...
then as usual, jesses were yapping with evryone n paid no attention to us when we came in.
so so awkward, it was like those scenes in movies where u're dead but u don't know it yet n u keep trying to talk to people but they seem to be oblivious of ur existence.
but then her dad (who was out of the convo) smiled at us, so can be sure we were visible then.
we hid out upstairs till we couldn't hear much noise from below.
very anne frank in a modern way, except we weren't in danger of getting caught n subjected to brutal violence. lol

we went to visit ed n alex the next day at 1U whr ed had his first ever fashion show where he walked for Tough.

see alex's giddy-happy face, so excited cos his ed is gonna come out soon.

not bad rite? but he is really skinny.
he was so nervous n freaked out afterwards... it was effin funny.
it was a raya thing so he also had to walk in batik later on, which we missed cos we had to go already.

me bought a necklace n a set of bangles from Forever21...



[stupid beaming face]

then we went to jess' aunt's house near 1U for steamboat~
didn't really eat much there cos i didn't feel like it... i think i've gone off steamboat abit. just like i've gone off chicken feet. i used to like 'em so.

day2 was TARC tour day!
it sounds kinda stupid, but we've never ever been there n a bunch of our friends go there so we figured, why not?
met up with mick at his apartment.
was driven there from the ktm station by ellie's other friend who missed his class to fetch us.

did i ever mention how many perks i get from having a cute friend who almost 99% of the young male population falls head over heels in love with? :D

mick, mon, ellie n i walked over to this really adorable cafe, Little Tree to makan.
i don't know why they called it Little Tree cos there are no little trees in sight, its not a tree house and there's absolutely no references to little trees save for the cute emblem on the front of their menus. i suppose they picked that name because it was cute.

see how its so homey and warm? theres a piano n books n guitars n sofas n jap tables n cushions n customers that walk in n feel so at home, they whip out a set of uno cards n start playing...seriously.
speaking of uno, i haven't played them since the last cny... wait... did we even play uno during cny? hmmm... well it was a staple once upon a time, that i know for sure.

i had this cod salad; cod was yummy but i got bored of eating the salad halfway cos the thousand island was abit sour.

theres my half-eaten salad

n there's mick flashing his wallace n gromit smile
because he smiled n i asked him to show some teeth.
so fake.

n there's ellie n moi
she was all black n i was all white that day. lol.
i must've looked kinda odd.

mon's missing cos he left for class before we pulled out the cams.

TARC was quite big n it was pretty ok... very sec school-ey.
contrary to common perception, it's not a lala hub at all... just lotsa chinese. n given that lotsa chinese are abit lala, tis to be expected to find a few there :) i'd say the majority are normal t-shirt n jeans people.

met up with penny n charlotte there... so nice to see them after so long.
penny is still pretty unchanged but charlotte looks a lil different now... i actually looked behind me a good number of times without spotting her when she was sitting directly behind me in the canteen!
wtf lar. so memalukan.
given the fact that i'm not such a efficient people spotter, her looks were probably not the main reason i didn't spot her. i was lookin around for people who were really far off... hehe.

n i saw kamini!!! big surprise. she would be one of the last people i would expect to see in TARC... wonder what she's studying there? i was too stunned n forgot to ask :) she's really hot now, not that she wasn't before.

mon, ywk n us took a cab to the pavilion from there. its nice, real big n real classy n really not my place to hang out. lol. it's a little uncomfortable to keep lookin at expensive things and people...

cute uneaten food art by ellie

we sped ourselves over to taylors the next day to find jessmine n take a looksee around...
but alas, no hotties to be seen :(
took a walk around the new wing/phase/wuteva in sunway pyramid, where we saw a very cute boi in the parking lot.

jess bb n i

not a very nice picture of us
in the hotel lobby next door

we picked jessmine up n went over to MojoFilms for the jesses' casting! haha.. so glam.
this nice lady came up to them n asked them to come over cos...
"it's not easy to find twins......escpecially pretty ones"
jesslyn contained her excitement very well :)
the office was crazy hard to locate n we got lost n took a u-turn in tropicana where there are HUGE HUGE MANSIONS!
i wish i were rich....
but anyways, getting back to the casting, the office was super homey n chic...they had a fridge with pix on it n a microwave n a tv for god's sake! d furniture was very nice the casting coordinator was even nicer.
lots of gleeful squealing ensued when we left the building because dat fella was so cute...
i think ellie is still not over kevin the cute cc yet...hahaha. u should've seen her face the whole way back form kl. i could practically hear the dreamy music in the background. lolx. definitely smitten.
me no likey tho cos he's short. me like tall tall geh. :P

fast forward all the mamaking n chitchatting n stuff,
i hereby bring u.....

weirdass sinks from TheGardens!!!
tell me they don't look remotely like men's urinary bowls?
whoever thought of that design definitely thinks out of the box.

oh n i haf a real live cold joke,

jess: did u see Fitri?! (real loud)
me: the designer? (even louder- it was noisy there)
jess: fitri... salam aidilfitri!!!
me: wut oh???

fitri's sister was right behind me the whole time.... lmao
n if u don't know who he is, he's that designer from project runway.

-salam aidilfitri-

Sunday, October 14, 2007

happy birthday ellie!!!

this post is so bloody belated due to the forseen breakdown of the piece of plastic, metal n plastic pretending to be metal i call a computer.

anyhow, it's still gotta come out sooner or later so


early celebs few days before her bday at hawaiiiiii-the poser steakhouse :P

bday gal tuckin in.
the food was so 'delicious'!
i didn't eat.
cos i'm anorexic.
[rolls eyes]

i feelin bitter, but it isn't fair so i'm happy now! weeeeeeeeeee~

after much muckin about in hawaii, (doesn't dat sound like we went to the island for her birthday?) we had a change of avenue cos for some reason they didn't wanna blow out candles thr. so off we went to A&W which should really be the best place to hang cos its nice there... if only they sold cheaper food n the aircon was less freezing.... n they didn't tear down that giant hollow burger.

now isn't that a nice cake?

alice n edmund got it for ellie

birthday song time.

apparently. we took too long to finish the different renditions.


smile for d cake-cuttin.

i think canmy got bored of the picture takin...ahem... flippin mags n all... :)

stuff i got/made for ellie which will prob get lost among the myriad of gifts from her adoring fans:

canvas bag cum wrapper

wallet with disproportionate card slots n money flaps

red n black! n HEARTS!

so ellie

n they match!

amazing isn't it?

-luv ya babe-