Saturday, October 20, 2007


what began as a late night grooming session for sleepy darrel turned into fur-styling madness!!!!




the original coiffure
in all its fluffy goodness

so feminine :)

ponytail mongrel
scruffy little thing

rockstar canine
work it!
he's even got the frowning stare down

like a superhero, mid-flight

faux ear
ears full of fur and only fur

highland terrier
woop~ so cute!!!
jess was really trying to capture the terrier alertness
but darrel was just too sleepy...

retarded mutant
earless with 'petpet tou' center parting
lol...darrel looks so helpless

fluffodog chowchow
fur all tjzoushed infront

n last but not least...

cartoon doggy
i know there's a cartoon dog that looks just like this!
i just forgot its name...

darrel is such a poser~!
but so so so so so so cute!!!!
i wish i could play with my cat like this...


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