Tuesday, October 23, 2007

happy birthday alison!

eek! i just found out it's ur birthday!!


so happy birthday!!!

glam glam alison
i wish i could be an air stewardess too!!
...the places u get paid to go to...

i really wanted to drop something in ur chatbox but that part where u type in ur msgs is missing... wonder if its me or u?

anyway i hope u get most of the stuff on ur wishlist cos i obviously can't afford to buy u any of them :)
do u want me to make u something cheap instead? haha

oh n i want a Vaio too!!! hehe... only because its pretty.
girls are so superficial about gadgets...
some girls anyway. wonder if ur one of them?

p.s. hope u don't mind me nicking photos from ur friendster, lol.

-many happy returns!-

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