Sunday, October 14, 2007

happy birthday ellie!!!

this post is so bloody belated due to the forseen breakdown of the piece of plastic, metal n plastic pretending to be metal i call a computer.

anyhow, it's still gotta come out sooner or later so


early celebs few days before her bday at hawaiiiiii-the poser steakhouse :P

bday gal tuckin in.
the food was so 'delicious'!
i didn't eat.
cos i'm anorexic.
[rolls eyes]

i feelin bitter, but it isn't fair so i'm happy now! weeeeeeeeeee~

after much muckin about in hawaii, (doesn't dat sound like we went to the island for her birthday?) we had a change of avenue cos for some reason they didn't wanna blow out candles thr. so off we went to A&W which should really be the best place to hang cos its nice there... if only they sold cheaper food n the aircon was less freezing.... n they didn't tear down that giant hollow burger.

now isn't that a nice cake?

alice n edmund got it for ellie

birthday song time.

apparently. we took too long to finish the different renditions.


smile for d cake-cuttin.

i think canmy got bored of the picture takin...ahem... flippin mags n all... :)

stuff i got/made for ellie which will prob get lost among the myriad of gifts from her adoring fans:

canvas bag cum wrapper

wallet with disproportionate card slots n money flaps

red n black! n HEARTS!

so ellie

n they match!

amazing isn't it?

-luv ya babe-

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