Sunday, October 21, 2007

oh glorious wall


when i win the lottery n become insanely rich n buy my own mansion
i'm gonna stick these things on my walls!!!

OneUp wall graphics babehhh~
they are too cute to be true...
get this, u just need to stick them on n they are perfectly peel-able!
how amazing is that huh? peel-able i tell u, peel-able!

makes the kitchen look so much better, no?
i'm starting to get obssesed with birds in flight...

murano chandelier!!!!

n if u wanna freak people out a little or if u feel too lonely when u r home alone,

~ooh ooh aah aah~

don't they look like they're painstakingly painted onto the walls??
n when u get bored of a sad chimp looking at u while u watch tv, u can always peel it off...
i can't get over the fact that u can peel it... i just can't
call me small-minded

-so many things we do not know-

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