Monday, November 19, 2007


STPM : day1 : PA : paper1

wahaha... sempat bergambar lagi at 6.3oam
with my flat flat exam-friendly hair

slept approx 2 hours last night/morning because i just couldn't sleep! when i woke up, i had this feeling like i never even slept, but was still super alert :)

aiming's mom messaged good luck at 5.58am and in all my sleepy blurness, i thought i was aiming cause her number is saved as "AimingMom". good thing i didn't reply right away, or else auntie would get a profane remark from me. lolx.

ASS is coming back day after tomorrow. THE HORROR! :P

came home after the paper and slept right away until 3pm so i got my 6hours/day.
ellie asked me whether i wanted to go see that dude who played SeniorNan in HanaKimi at T1 tomorrow.... crazy meh... chem paper on wednesday leh! then tuakor came and brought cai dao kuey!!!
oh, and it appears ggma fell down... hope she's okay.

thanks to everyone who wished me luck! i bloody well need it with my current attitude...
anyways, see you on the other side.


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