Saturday, November 10, 2007

screw 'after STPM'

... i made over 5000 pts already. in fact i got

5595 pts! and i'm not even done yet. notice how the program can't even compute a clear space to put the next dot that it places it right below an egg which is on top of the snake's body itself?
that's how full the screen is. that's how amazing i am.

yep, this is what i do in between trying to stuff my brain with details of how the Spirogyra conjugates, how gene mutation affects the eyes of a Drosophila melanogaster (fruit fly which has only 4 pairs of chromosomes as compared to the Neurospora crassa, bread fungus which has 7 pairs. Yes, be amazed at my ability to remember things which are evidently non-beneficial to my daily life.) and how cold acidified potassium manganate just doesn't cut it if you're trying to cleave double bonds.
by the way, can anyone tell me why potassium is potassium and not kalium? they already decided it should be represented by K. similarly, why is sodium not natrium, silver not argentum and tin not stanum?? its a big plot to confuse Malaysian science students who have been fed with kalium/natrium/argentum/stanum for god knows how many years already.


i know i sound really stressed out but au contraire, i'm never been so relaxed prior to a big exam ever in my whole life- given the fact that i'm only 19 and by 'big exams' i can only mean 3; UPSR, PMR and SPM. i can't believe myself. pretty much everyone else in the class is picking up their pace and really getting immersed in all this exam-driven tension but i'm slowing down and taking my own sweet time. its maddening! i almost wish i had that same urgency driving me. people who literally don't pay any attention at all to teachers in class are studying like mad, ok?
but i'm optimistic apart from being a tad bit cynical : being relaxed is good! even if it means resting my arms on my chem notes and blogging, even if it means hugging my biology and watching LasVegas, its good for the soul. and the skin. judging by the BreakoutGauge, i'm stress-free. damn, i had more pimples before trials...

of course, to soothe the innate kiasu-ness branded within almost every Chinese and the nagging guilt, i have not been doing much else besides studying and watching tv and eating lots of supper because my time-of-alertness has drifted from 11pm-2am to 1am-4am. which means my breakfast is at 1pm, that is, if u can still call it breakfast. and this inevitably brings us to the fact that my cute Tummy is gaining weight. skinny people should not have Tummies. it's not right.

therefore (everyone's fave word to link sentences with in our 'guided essays' before time),
i am planning to work out after STPM!!! DIE TUMMY,DIE!!!!!
so many things i plan to do after the dreaded exams in line~


i really wanted to go to Thailand but 9 out of 10 respond with "dun wan lah, later kena bomb"
wth~ looks like it'll never happen this year. WHY DO PEOPLE HAVE TO GO AND KEEP BOMBING THAILAND?! WHY?!!!!*can't they just go and bomb some other stupid place where i don't want to go? like... Iceland? [cries]
i really hope we do end up going somewhere...pls not let my anticipation jinx it all...

* fully rhetorical question.

i can't even begin to list everything out.
hope all the excitement now doesn't wear off after the whole deal because most of the time, the planning is a whole lot more fun than the actual execution (if any).

and then there's that BIG NEWS!


alliteration for you, right there.
i have no idea how she made so many eggs, it's not perspective that's making her abdomen look smaller than her gigantic pouch.
and the reason the pic looks so microscopic is because...

mommy-long-legs is less than 0.5cm!
(minus legs of course)

by the way, first paper is next monday - PA
and FYI, i have not touched PA at all.
-8 days left-

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