Thursday, December 20, 2007

charity 'prom'

i got the inverted commas in the correct position. i do mean 'prom'...because it wasn't really much of one but i can't exactly say anything anyway cos hey, we only spent rm20 on the tickets and its charity for the SPCA! *shrugs*

but who cares how much of a prom it was? we just took it as a chance to dress up and get together! hehe. vanity rocks!!

basically the whole prep was the replay of SLAD prom with the addition of ky
ai ming's room turned warzone.
note: it wasn't exactly neat when we got there ok?

lesson learnt: liquid liner is hella hard to apply after you've stuck on false lashes

needless to say... we took longer than planned and were still primping at 7.15pm (prom starts at 7pm) and we were ever so slightly worried cos zin n plh said they were leaving at 6.45pm...
haha... but then... who's to leave without taking pix 1st?!

n this is one of the many...
from left: kit ying, xinli, ai ming, ellie
n in the background is ai ming's bmw (can't tell u what model cos i know zip about cars, but if you're good u can probably tell from looking at it)

this has nth to do with anything but her family is crazy can?!
her house has a grand total of 5 shiny cars but a total driving population of 3!!!
and that's including ai ming who's in aus >70% of the year.
if that's not crazy.. i don't know what is.

and off we go!

ai ming skinnyface being smug cos she's driving alone to somewhere other than my house.
no mommy emanating anxiety!

we thought we were late but zin n pow's cars appeared behind us just as we turned into s3... lol... 6.45pm konon! sigh of relief followed by leisure driving.

in the parking lot of the clubhouse...
NYAH! must take some pics first!!!

another sigh of relief as we caught glimpses of ppl in glitzy evening dresses...
but everyone was most def overdressed for the setting.lolx.
[i suddenly feel our SLAD prom was very]
you could tell just by looking that it was mostly kiddo puterians n paulians thr.
so us old ppl SS(syok sendiri) lah!

cheshire-cat beaming lai hui n invisible-jewellery model zin.

zheng yi with new hairdo&colour n powpow


the food was relatively ok but ells n i agreed that the mashed potatoes are fab :)

u can't exactly tell from the blinding flash but its got pieces of celery n whatnot in it... nice.
will attempt to make it someday when i remember what else was in it besides celery.hehe.
n if you're wondering.... the green thingamabob is just regular agar-agar.

the 2 fellas are like that(loveydovey) 24/7 regardless of where they are. trust me.

me n ams

ky n i

and coming up, a photo which captures our essense in a timeless frame


washing room narcissism

me n ells

u know who

from left: narin, me, ky, guga, siva, lh, zy

very the fabulous three

girls of our table

zin who looks the most yongsui when taking pics

peacey peaces

pimp daddeh.
look closely n u will find that the hands on ams n my shoulders are not his!
but it appears so at a glance doesn't it?

entertainment came in the form of live band (they played one of mah fave oldies which i don't know the name of but revolves around a dude who crashed his daddy's car n killed his gilfriend. sounds brutal huh? o.0) a capella group, bboys and last but not least...indian music.. the very dancey bangrha type! stunning (-.-)"

positively SS-ing all the way

oh... n i forgot to boast...
ok. now u can go scroll up again to admire it.
drove me a tad bit crazy but it was worth a try :)

the single 4 went home to aiming's to sleepover- as is tradition...
and since we didn't get to dance at the prom due to unforseen circumstances otherwise known as weird music and alienation....

it was 'dancing with the stars' on ps2 and it was absolutely fun!
we weren't exactly awesome at it but still...
u got to do all sorts of music neh!

needless to say... me n aiming were the ones who fell asleep on the couch 1st while ky n ellie kept the dancing going...haha

but i had to wake up super early to go malacca! 9am!!! so early right?! lolxxx

-next up, dancedancerevolution k?-

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

i have awesome girlfriends

also a uber-belated post but anyway... :)

ellie, aiming n i went to have fun wif jesses a day after pd (so u know... its REALLY belated)

wahhaha... i haven't been online for ages... come to think of it, i've been online more during stpm than after. lolx.

alrighty then~

we ktm-ed up to midvalley armed with snacks and cams and attempted to pick a good spot to be bored. we thought it would be ok to pick the frontmost seat since there weren't much people around there to be disturbed by us... but the driver fella kept going in and out. bothersome.

am's the lonely one on another seat... cos she had a huge bag which felt more comfortable with its own seat. blek.
finally arrived at mvalley and starved for abit...

xmas deco at mvalley was pretty

first up on our programme list : KARAOKE~!
wouldn't be my choice of activity if it weren't for the rest of the bunch... singing isn't exactly my thing if u don't know that already ;P

n fyi, redbox charges more than twice for non-students neh!!! how can?! i would be smugly accepting the rm6 student price and laughing off the rm15++ non-student price if i had a student ID... BUT I DON'T. will someone tell me what is form6 good for? we don't even have a cheap student ID. apalah... but my awesome girlfriends split the bill equally.

so the singers sung...

the lesser ones indulged themselves in less damaging acts...


nice roses on the back of the wall!

but eventually, i sang.

it rained.


then someone, i can't remember who but it wasn't me, discovered that the light on the bottom of the mic get's caught on cam as squiggles...
so we reverted to playing with the cam. haha

BEHOLDtest squiggles

infinity signs

just so u know, the star is SUPER tiring to do ok?
you have to draw stars continuously in mid air as fast as possible to get a decent shot.
anyhow, if you ever get bored in the k-room... you can always try some mic-light painting :)

we spent more than 3 hours butchering almost every song imaginable; the very irritating 'wo bu si f4'and a whole myriad of songs i have no idea how to sing, the fun xmas songs, FERGIE'S, umbrella, mariah's, oldies, JT... the list goes on n ON.
the perfect-pitched slow balad singing gave way to crazy shouting and sofa jumping. even jesses joined in the butchering! kekk.

'twas fun.

next up: PARTAY~!
venue: maison

the atmosphere.
lights and madly great music.

phat twins

the trio

n these are pre-dancing pics when everyone was still polished n dry.


me taking their pics... haha. i seriously LOLed when aiming suddenly made that expression a split sec before i clicked. effing pissed when everyone is happily smiling away.
apparently some crazy dancer bumped into her. hehe.

moi with ells in front of the dj, nyah.

n finally the obligatory toilet mirror pic before we left at 2+am

to mamak at steven's corner
seth joined shortly after.

felt like barfing the whole time at the mamak's but the feeling ceased towards the end.
aixxx.. but after a ride in jessmine's car...the whole feeling came swamping back.
finally regurgitated a mouthful of teh ais while waiting for jesslyn to unlock the door.

finally home at 4am n
everyone took turns to shower and smell good again :)
then we played poker cards till 7.30am
while seth n ells slept (not together...haha)
LONG LONG night!!!

needless to say... we didn't wake up in the morning ;)
didn't do much the next day either...


me with giant checkered fishie and classic kiddo nightgown (jess's)
super adorable right?!
totally ready to jump over candlesticks in it!!

jessmine with jesslyn's bday prezzie
aka KUKUZAI (dick boy)
effing gross soft toy with balding head, thick pink lips, protruding nipples n big dick.
he fashionable dons a bright red pair of briefs and a humongous afro when he feels more reserved.

ams using mr turtle n kukuzai as boxing gloves.

darrel being forced into wearing wearing kukuzai's afro.
3 words,
no eyes see.

n meh with darrelboy who is being very uncooperative when i'm tryin to pretend we're sleeping together...haha

had lotsa lotsa fun


Tuesday, December 11, 2007


finally blogging about pd... lolxx
though its been so long i've lost my excitement...
prepare for lots of pix!!!

left on the day we finished STPM itself!
the original plan was to leave at 2pm but due to lack of punctuality, we left at about 3pm instead. ish. that was 1 hour less of sleeping.

reached Bayu at about 4 and had to wait some more for the keys...
but it was ok, the apartment was surprisingly clean and we had a reasonable view :)

palm trees, sand, sea and beach volleyball... now tell me what we're missing here?

nothing, i think.

despite my vow to go n pig out in pd to recover lost sleep, we went down to the beach right after cleaning up the place; plh n ky mopped up and i was a lazy pig n did nth... to be fair, there were only 2 mops... hehe :P

let's go!

eager threesome.

we originally planned to play with kites but since it was a weekday, the fella who sold kites weren't there and that plan was ditched.
so sad... i haven't played with kites in a long long while.

plh n zin

following this pic, the 3 dudes got jealous and decided to take a huggy pic together.
but i reckon its abit too gay... so i'll spare u.

then they all jumped into the water n left zin fully clothed, standing on the beach...
he finally decided to abandon his shirt on the beach after much comtemplation and teasing.

i'm not simply captioning.
those are his near-exact words.

props to them cos running in the sea is very tiring.

dead, hollow crabby.

sun, sea n sand piccie...
1st of many to come :)
it's just too pretty

the girls kept dry for abit then we decided to go for a bananaboat ride!
stupidass ride cost 15 bux but it was worth it cos i haven't gone on one in a bajillion years and it was fun+ entertaining.
fun cos i like the wind in my face and lotsa screaming.
entertaining cos a certain mrX who suggested bananaboat-ing in the first place decided to go paranoid mid-journey.

mrX: omg, what if the life-jacket doesn't work?!
everyone else: aaahhhh~!
mrX: really leh, what if i fall in and the life-jacket doesn't work??


note to mrX: see... i'm so kind, i didn't expose your cowardice ;P

we manage to survive the deeper ends and the fella overturns us in shallow-ish waters where everyone gets a good dunk and plenty of salt water. btw, getting saltwater in your nose and throat is NOT pleasant at all!!! the only thing i hate about the ride is getting my nose n throat doused with horribly salty water. it was NASTY.

me looking at ky's cam...haha

snailey things.
i once picked a bunch of them off the beach when i was younger without realising the owners were still inside. they died a few days later and stunk really bad. so if you're gonna pick shells off the beach, make sure they're dead and empty.
rotting sea animals and briney sea water is not a great combo.

the sun is still up... kinda.
and my hair is horrible when it's wet!!! argh!

i later discovered how horrible my hair was and tried to make it better...
but instead of wet dog, i now look like a nerdo without a comb.

teo n pow got bored and decided to bury ywk
they were nice and gave him pecs n 6pacs... but a really, really short pair of legs. haha

but he seems mighty happy with his bod.
then the shoulder devils appeared and killed the shoulder angels,

hence, they dug out his dick
wakaka. look at the agony in his face!
oh, n pecs as well... but i'm sure u didn't notice his missing pecs.

'muscle men'

i don't think anyone can go wrong with sunset pics,
even if you've only got a compact to work with.
of course...
some ppl prefer to lug their DSLR to the beach; like this uncle we saw walking along the sands with socks n shoes n long pants.

because the sunset is so pretty, we decided to play with it a little

ky with her balet pose, balancing the sun on her fingertips
so graceful yea?

ywk, bracketing the sun

then moi, holding up a big ball of fire... supposedly.
who took this pic?
ng :P
see how cacated my arms are?

scroll back up to ky and u can see the huge difference in grace.
years of practice DO show! hehe.

me attempting to eat the sun
but failing cos i couldn't stop laughing.

adore this one.
look at the sillouettes of the ice-cream man riding his bike n the little kid standing there smack dab in the middle!!

we left the beach after watching the sun set... bringing with us sand in our pants and briney hair.
pow had an extra treat with a grand total of 7 mosquito bites on his back! which is weird cos the other 2 fellas had none.


i hate that sticky feeling that stays with you even after you lather on palmfuls of shampoo and bath foam! hate!!
if only sea water didn't do that to you...

everyone was pretty pooped afterwards and i still didn't get to sleep...
we bundled ourselves into the cars n drove off to some faraway place which was ulu and not magical somewhere near/in lukut. no idea where exactly because i have the worst sense of direction ever.

dinner was zin's treat cos he won 1k in some online stocks exchange game BursaPursuit.
3rd place for the under 20 category. geng nia!
there's even an awards night cum beach party in sunway lagoon- which he can't go to cos he used plh's name to apply and she's in taiwan that night, plus they wont let him sub her!!

the hao lian fella even sent me screenshot of his invite.

anyway, the place is kinda well-known for its yumminess so we were all really looking forward to it. but i'm telling you, the food took AGES to arrive.
i occupied my time with scanning the perimeter and taking pictures... i swear, there was this kid who was an exact miniature replica of GeunSuk!! too bad my paparazzi skills are really bad.

then there was the gang of dogs which attacked the table next to us.

ganas ok?
to the extent of eating food off plates while they were still on the table!

after more than 1 houri turned into a hungry ghost.

observation1 : the food takes 9138425391 hours to arrive.
observation2 : ppl say the food here is pretty awesome.
conclusion : the food here is deemed great because they starve you half to death until the people on the table start considering whether they should eat the plates before serving the 1st dish.

at that rate of starvation, anything would taste fantastic!
it took us 15mins to finish our dinner... that's how starved we were!!!

home to drinks, mahjong n card games.

7 different flavours of poser-alcohol just to see how bad/good they could be.
they were bad.... consequently, the mixed versions turned into torture mediums for losers.

note: do not believe zin when he says he is drunk and is incapable of cheating.

say byebye to the sun!