Thursday, December 20, 2007

charity 'prom'

i got the inverted commas in the correct position. i do mean 'prom'...because it wasn't really much of one but i can't exactly say anything anyway cos hey, we only spent rm20 on the tickets and its charity for the SPCA! *shrugs*

but who cares how much of a prom it was? we just took it as a chance to dress up and get together! hehe. vanity rocks!!

basically the whole prep was the replay of SLAD prom with the addition of ky
ai ming's room turned warzone.
note: it wasn't exactly neat when we got there ok?

lesson learnt: liquid liner is hella hard to apply after you've stuck on false lashes

needless to say... we took longer than planned and were still primping at 7.15pm (prom starts at 7pm) and we were ever so slightly worried cos zin n plh said they were leaving at 6.45pm...
haha... but then... who's to leave without taking pix 1st?!

n this is one of the many...
from left: kit ying, xinli, ai ming, ellie
n in the background is ai ming's bmw (can't tell u what model cos i know zip about cars, but if you're good u can probably tell from looking at it)

this has nth to do with anything but her family is crazy can?!
her house has a grand total of 5 shiny cars but a total driving population of 3!!!
and that's including ai ming who's in aus >70% of the year.
if that's not crazy.. i don't know what is.

and off we go!

ai ming skinnyface being smug cos she's driving alone to somewhere other than my house.
no mommy emanating anxiety!

we thought we were late but zin n pow's cars appeared behind us just as we turned into s3... lol... 6.45pm konon! sigh of relief followed by leisure driving.

in the parking lot of the clubhouse...
NYAH! must take some pics first!!!

another sigh of relief as we caught glimpses of ppl in glitzy evening dresses...
but everyone was most def overdressed for the setting.lolx.
[i suddenly feel our SLAD prom was very]
you could tell just by looking that it was mostly kiddo puterians n paulians thr.
so us old ppl SS(syok sendiri) lah!

cheshire-cat beaming lai hui n invisible-jewellery model zin.

zheng yi with new hairdo&colour n powpow


the food was relatively ok but ells n i agreed that the mashed potatoes are fab :)

u can't exactly tell from the blinding flash but its got pieces of celery n whatnot in it... nice.
will attempt to make it someday when i remember what else was in it besides celery.hehe.
n if you're wondering.... the green thingamabob is just regular agar-agar.

the 2 fellas are like that(loveydovey) 24/7 regardless of where they are. trust me.

me n ams

ky n i

and coming up, a photo which captures our essense in a timeless frame


washing room narcissism

me n ells

u know who

from left: narin, me, ky, guga, siva, lh, zy

very the fabulous three

girls of our table

zin who looks the most yongsui when taking pics

peacey peaces

pimp daddeh.
look closely n u will find that the hands on ams n my shoulders are not his!
but it appears so at a glance doesn't it?

entertainment came in the form of live band (they played one of mah fave oldies which i don't know the name of but revolves around a dude who crashed his daddy's car n killed his gilfriend. sounds brutal huh? o.0) a capella group, bboys and last but not least...indian music.. the very dancey bangrha type! stunning (-.-)"

positively SS-ing all the way

oh... n i forgot to boast...
ok. now u can go scroll up again to admire it.
drove me a tad bit crazy but it was worth a try :)

the single 4 went home to aiming's to sleepover- as is tradition...
and since we didn't get to dance at the prom due to unforseen circumstances otherwise known as weird music and alienation....

it was 'dancing with the stars' on ps2 and it was absolutely fun!
we weren't exactly awesome at it but still...
u got to do all sorts of music neh!

needless to say... me n aiming were the ones who fell asleep on the couch 1st while ky n ellie kept the dancing going...haha

but i had to wake up super early to go malacca! 9am!!! so early right?! lolxxx

-next up, dancedancerevolution k?-

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