Wednesday, December 19, 2007

i have awesome girlfriends

also a uber-belated post but anyway... :)

ellie, aiming n i went to have fun wif jesses a day after pd (so u know... its REALLY belated)

wahhaha... i haven't been online for ages... come to think of it, i've been online more during stpm than after. lolx.

alrighty then~

we ktm-ed up to midvalley armed with snacks and cams and attempted to pick a good spot to be bored. we thought it would be ok to pick the frontmost seat since there weren't much people around there to be disturbed by us... but the driver fella kept going in and out. bothersome.

am's the lonely one on another seat... cos she had a huge bag which felt more comfortable with its own seat. blek.
finally arrived at mvalley and starved for abit...

xmas deco at mvalley was pretty

first up on our programme list : KARAOKE~!
wouldn't be my choice of activity if it weren't for the rest of the bunch... singing isn't exactly my thing if u don't know that already ;P

n fyi, redbox charges more than twice for non-students neh!!! how can?! i would be smugly accepting the rm6 student price and laughing off the rm15++ non-student price if i had a student ID... BUT I DON'T. will someone tell me what is form6 good for? we don't even have a cheap student ID. apalah... but my awesome girlfriends split the bill equally.

so the singers sung...

the lesser ones indulged themselves in less damaging acts...


nice roses on the back of the wall!

but eventually, i sang.

it rained.


then someone, i can't remember who but it wasn't me, discovered that the light on the bottom of the mic get's caught on cam as squiggles...
so we reverted to playing with the cam. haha

BEHOLDtest squiggles

infinity signs

just so u know, the star is SUPER tiring to do ok?
you have to draw stars continuously in mid air as fast as possible to get a decent shot.
anyhow, if you ever get bored in the k-room... you can always try some mic-light painting :)

we spent more than 3 hours butchering almost every song imaginable; the very irritating 'wo bu si f4'and a whole myriad of songs i have no idea how to sing, the fun xmas songs, FERGIE'S, umbrella, mariah's, oldies, JT... the list goes on n ON.
the perfect-pitched slow balad singing gave way to crazy shouting and sofa jumping. even jesses joined in the butchering! kekk.

'twas fun.

next up: PARTAY~!
venue: maison

the atmosphere.
lights and madly great music.

phat twins

the trio

n these are pre-dancing pics when everyone was still polished n dry.


me taking their pics... haha. i seriously LOLed when aiming suddenly made that expression a split sec before i clicked. effing pissed when everyone is happily smiling away.
apparently some crazy dancer bumped into her. hehe.

moi with ells in front of the dj, nyah.

n finally the obligatory toilet mirror pic before we left at 2+am

to mamak at steven's corner
seth joined shortly after.

felt like barfing the whole time at the mamak's but the feeling ceased towards the end.
aixxx.. but after a ride in jessmine's car...the whole feeling came swamping back.
finally regurgitated a mouthful of teh ais while waiting for jesslyn to unlock the door.

finally home at 4am n
everyone took turns to shower and smell good again :)
then we played poker cards till 7.30am
while seth n ells slept (not together...haha)
LONG LONG night!!!

needless to say... we didn't wake up in the morning ;)
didn't do much the next day either...


me with giant checkered fishie and classic kiddo nightgown (jess's)
super adorable right?!
totally ready to jump over candlesticks in it!!

jessmine with jesslyn's bday prezzie
aka KUKUZAI (dick boy)
effing gross soft toy with balding head, thick pink lips, protruding nipples n big dick.
he fashionable dons a bright red pair of briefs and a humongous afro when he feels more reserved.

ams using mr turtle n kukuzai as boxing gloves.

darrel being forced into wearing wearing kukuzai's afro.
3 words,
no eyes see.

n meh with darrelboy who is being very uncooperative when i'm tryin to pretend we're sleeping together...haha

had lotsa lotsa fun


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