Sunday, January 27, 2008

happy birthday fatso!

today- 25th of january - my kid bro turns 11.

epi bday nyok~!

see... fat right? haha.
yes, my hair is that crap at home n i'm in pjs. don't mind me.
but we look so alike, don't we?
only i've mastered the art of smiling while making my eyes look the biggest possible they can without looking forced but he hasn't :)
he still does that forced smile in most of his pics. so fake.

and this my friends... is genuine happiness.
for his birthday, he is allowed to play maple to his heart's content on a weekday!
nah.. just kidding. we stopped him after 2 hours or so.
it is... after all a weekday.
birthday mm hai dai sai geh~

happy mommy, happy kiddo.

make a wish and BLOW~!
fatty was very za liao... he only got the candles out after the 2nd attempt.

fatty, mommy, gong gong n popo.
grandpa looks grumpy cos we had to wake him up to sing happy birthday. lolx.
but he's good at that :)
see the forced smile again? all he's doing is stretching the corners of his mouth as far from each other as possible. sigh...

black forest.
a bit dry... but it has pretty swirls and good strawberries.
we each had a slice... grandpa had 2, cos he likes cake...
and the rest of the cake dibaham gluttony fatso!!!
i tried to get another slice the next night for supper but it was all gone~ sad.
well, it's his birthday... let me see him try that on my cake!

has anyone ever watched that BillCosby tv program called 'Kids Say the Darnedest Things' ?
well... they really do. here's some stuff my brother has said over the years in chronological order according to my memory.

  1. what's house arrest? my netpal from philadelphia said he's under house arrest for a crime he didn't commit.

  2. oh noooo... i'm gonna suicide soon!! - he meant circumcised.

  3. ginger is holy cat. marmite is demon cat. - ginger is yellow n marmite is black.

  4. i'm never gonna take drugs. drugs are actually meds... and meds are bitter, so why would i want to take drugs for fun?! plus drugs are WHITE... which means they're definitely bitter!!! bleargh~

  5. ini hariku yang malang~! i just cut my finger, seeee...
    and i sat on sambal at school. my ass was so hot!

  6. bujubekunyunyamujabujimujahh - at 11 years, i think baby talk is unacceptable as a means of communication.

oh what's this?!
a ornamental commemorative plate meticulously made in honour of our first baby brother!
priceless piece of art painstakingly drawn by hand using only the most expensive materials on earth!!!
ie. free paper plate from disneyland and felt-tip pens.
lol. if you look closely, you can actually see the disneyland logo along the red rim!!!
done by juju... i doubt she still remembers drawing it... i don't. lolxx.
mom just dug it out of the cupboard a while back.

ahhh.. it was such a long long time ago....
when the big fat 46kg chunk of meat was a mere 3.75kg.
come lemme show you BABY PHOTOS!!!!

proud dad, CUTEwei, CUTERxinli!!!
his hair was super long. and mine was too~
plus papa's goatee looks like a barcode on his neck to me for some reason. haha.

happy happy people and blurr baby.
i love this pic so much cos it's effing retro neh!!!
i didn't even edit it... or autocorrect cos it would take away it's retroness.
check out the wallpaper man!

'where's ahh meii?!?! i wanna take pic wif my cute sis!!!'
from left: samantha, babywei, sarah, julie
julie has never changed at all. she looked like this at 11, she looks like this at 22... and lets hope she still does at 88! :)

snuggly buggly~

ju feeding babywei, me being smily.
this is before i mastered the art of eye opening. lol
and before ju had any fashion sense... there's a huge yellow sunflower barette on top of her head, you just can't see it! lmao.
oh.. and once when i was carrying ahwei after he had milk... HE PUKED ON ME!
it was stinky and horrible.

finally... mommy and HAPPY NATURAL SMILING AH WEI!!!!


Thursday, January 24, 2008

congratulations! you just won...

i'm blogging backwards now- u know, blogging about things that happened a few days ago and dating them few days ago... so if u read later, u'll think i blogged it on that day but i really didn't. cos i felt like blogging then but something must have came up. most likely that something is called 'sloth', which is very common around here. lolx.

i'll tell you a story, a true story. would you like to read on? it shall be pictureless because although i felt like taking some, i just couldn't do it. an invisible force held me back and prevented me from showing you visuals related to this very true story. i won't even try to exaggerate, which i do a lot... but not excessively :)

ok. i'm gonna start now... do you think it would be ok to use once upon a time or is it too melodramatic? nevermind.

On one fateful morning... (see, i'm being honest and plain) i woke up at 10 plus AM. the horror!! i have not woken up this early unplanned in a long, long, long, LONG time. reason for my waking up at this ungodly hour? my grandma came peeked in the door to check if i was awake while talking to this stranger. must have been the noise of their incessant chattering. blah. i opened my eyeshit encrusted eyes to see my grandma and a young looking girl dressed in a hideously bright lime-green t-shirt and jeans in the doorway. she was plump-ish, her face looked like it was bread soaked in water- fat sui min bao, and her pretty damaged hair was in a ponytail with some normal fringe. i don't recall her hair being anything other than black so i'm gonna say her hair was not dyed. basically she looks like your regular school-going 17-18-19 year old...or a college girl? i'm not especially good with ages...i automatically assumed she was one of the neighbours' daughter who very unluckily tagged along with her grandma or mom to the grocery store and unwittingly ended up at our house, having to listen to the older generation chat...
right. so she sees me waking up and COMES INTO MY ROOM, the freako stranger did! immediately i decided to hate her. who the hell goes into a stranger's room uninvited??? and the stranger whom she has never seen before happens to be sleeping in plain view ok?! i don't especially like people coming into my room lor... even if it's my bro or some friends. it doesn't help that my room is a downright "pigsty"- to quote ju, and i'm blardy messed up with my eyeshit n morning breath n crazy hair n oily face. 'what a rude, RUDE person' me thinks.

RudeBreadFace: oh hello lenglui... we really didn't want to wake u and all, your grandma said you were sleeping... but since you're awake... yada yada yada. you see, i'm here for bla bla bla.

she speaks really fast cantonese. like those salespeople type...

me: wtf are you doing here you insanely rude bitch?! which is what i would have liked to say but i'm polite to strangers, as we all are... so i said - uh yea?

...and sat up

RudeBreadFace: your grandma just happened to win one of our lucky draws!!! so now we're waiting for... wait a sec, you look like a celebrity. but i can't quite figure out who..hmm... anyway, bla bla bla bla bla....

is she trying to make me not hate her so much for invading my room by saying i look like a celeb?! it's not so simple honey.

RudeBreadFace: bla bla bla... oh wait... i know now! you look like liang jing ru ( fish leong)!!!!!! has anyone ever told you that? wow, you look so much like her!

eh.. please la. if you wanna flatter me, at least think of someone else which looks a little like me so it would pass as real. you can't use the 1st female chinese celeb that pops into that big head of yours... honestly, lie properly if you are gonna at all. she blinked, she did. cos she was trying to do that amazement look and it kinda hurt her eyes so she blinked. at least i think it's because of that. i always need to blink if i force my eyes open too big.
and if you don't know who the hell FishLeong is, she looks like this.

yea, i know... i said it would be pictureless. so i lied again. :) but please draw your attention to her eyes. HER EYES ARE LIKE A GOLDFISH'S, K?! i think we all know how i look like. please tell me how i can possibly look remotely like her, please do. aside from the fact that we are both chinese and fair-skinned, i do not look like her. well maybe when i smile, my nose becomes wide like hers and my ears are sorta stick-out-ish but i definitely wasn't grinning when i woke up and i had my lovely mane to cover my ears. 5 of my eyes would make 1 of hers.

me: her eyes very big geh worr...

i wanted to tell her she was blind... but again. i'm polite :)

RudeBreadFace: no, you really do look like her...yada yada yada... hey how old are you anyway, lenglui? you look SO young! why don't i guess how old you are? if i guess correct then u treat me to something lar, lenglui! come i guess...

fucker, why should i treat you to something for guessing my age correct. do i have a big signboard outside my door saying "Guess My Age and Win A Meal" ??! nobody even asked you to guess my age lor... what the hell is wrong with her?

RudeBreadFace: i're 17!!! correct or not?

oh.. so now she figured since i didn't buy her FishLeong comment, she would flatter me by making me think she thought i looked younger than i really am. she probably mentally guessed my age and minus-ed it by 3 or something. god forbid she thought i was any older than i really am!

me: i'm 19

cos i was sleepy and blurr and i got so used to saying i'm 19 for 1 whole year already. i corrected myself later when i came to my senses.

RudeBreadFace: wow, really?! you don't look 19 at all! bla bla bla bla bla....

me: oh ok... i see. will you go away? i want to sleep.

yes, i said that...followed by the yanking of a duvet over my head and pretending to sleep. she went away... to my living room, the awful person did! oh how irritated i was.

RudeBreadFace: oh.. your grandchild is really, really sleepy... maybe we shouldn't wake her up and just let her sleep. yak yak yak yak yak...

realizing she wasn't going away, i got up anyway. washed my face, gargled (with water only), tied up my hair, drank some water and popped the only sweet i could find in the refrigerator. i didn't brush, i'll kill her with my bad breath if i have to. idiotic liar. i didn't even bother to change out of my pajamas

i took a seat on the sofa when my grandma n she were sitting cross-legged on the floor. u know, so i'm in a higher position and will thus appear more authoritative and intimidating ;)
and also so that i won't actually be facing her when i talk and nobody will smell me. hehe

me: so what are we waiting for anyway?

RudeBreadFace: oh, we're waiting for my siong si (senior officer?) to come so we can verify that your grandma and i are not relatives. cos you see, lenglui, there's a rule that says our employee's family and relatives can't win this so we need to have it verified so your grandma can collect the prize.

me: what did we win then?

RudeBreadFace: ahh.. you see here, this white sticker on the card your grandma chose means that you win one of the below... see all these luxurious prizes? you might win a plasma tv, cash, etc. etc. this is really really lucky you know. there are only 30 of these cards in the whole of malaysia, you know, lenglui?!

lucky my ass.
fyi, the cards she had were old and battered, like hard magazine cover material where the print kinda rubs off after a while. folded in half and perforated on 1 edge. i'm guessing you had to tear it open to reveal the inside... to see whether you got the much sought after 'white sticker'...ooooh...
do you know how incredibly wonderful the sticker looked? it looked like those little stickers you can buy from any old shop which come in a few squares of around 50. crap you can buy for less than RM5. it's those tiny white rectangles you find on the backbone of books from the library stating the author's initials or serial code. SO CHEAP right?! i can buy 1 and stick on a bajillion of her old, worn-out-print, battered cards and win a gazillion ringgit worth of prizes.
the cards weren't even just old and awful looking... they were in black and white! (oh.. and shades of grey) have some decency to print your bloody cards in colour so they look more attractive la can? geez... can't even put your effort into scamming people. i can understand if you failed miserably at flattering me... but this is just... unacceptable. i suppose she didn't have anything to do with the cards though. they looked like they were printed before she was born anyway.( she's actually 20. '88 baby... same as me! surprise surprise!) btw, the cards had no company name or whatever. just some terms n conditions for the lucky draw, instructions and pictures of fabulous prizes.
at this point i really wanted to take a pic of the card (and her) but i stopped myself. she's a scammer! who knows if she's gonna grab my cammie and make a run for it in the process?? i'm sure my lion would tear her into bits before she reaches the gate but that would mean i'd have to deal with blood all over the garden, right? so ya'll just have to imagine la.

me: hey, what's that?

something bright, shiny, laminated...and COLOURFUL caught my eye. maybe they had the decency to make one sample card with colour, eh? it was mainly yellow :)

RudeBreadFace: oh this... this is just the lucky draw promotion from Shell.

me: huh?

now you must be wondering why the hell does she have a promotion leaflet from Shell nicely laminated.

RudeBreadFace: we wanted to show you that even Shell can come up such fabulous prizes so it's entirely believable that we came up with these prizes for you lucky winners as well!!! oh we would never cheat you out of anything! we're definitely for real!

how does that make any sense at all? do we have stupid stamped across our foreheads? Shell is a huge company ok, and what are you? you didn't even tell me what the company name was or why you people suddenly decided to hold a lucky draw... and you are using Shell's promotion to justify your presence?! WHAT IS WITH THAT??? whoever came up with this scheme must be either mentally retarded, or seriously think that everyone else is.

RudeBreadFace: so you're waiting for your results now huh?

me: ah yea. STPM

RudeBreadFace: what are you aiming for? how many As, lenglui?

me: 4 lor.

RudeBreadFace: aiyo! how can!!! must aim for 6 As !!!! of course we must all aim for the best....

(i make a face) i almost laughed, i did. 6As? sigh...

RudeBreadFace: how many subjects are there anyway?

me: 4

RudeBreadFace: ...

since she didn't tell me what they're trying to scam us out of yet, i tried to get it out of her.

me: i see... so tell me, after your siong si comes... what's the next step? ( i said 'next step' in english because...well it just came out.)

RudeBreadFace: (amazed expression) wahhh... lenglui, your english is wonderful. you must be very good in english huh? hey! (lightbulb lights above her head)... why don't you teach me english?? you know my english is not very good... since your english is sooo good, you should teach me english!!! (giggles)

will she never stop? aside from 'next step' and some 'then's and 'so's in between, i have never uttered another english word to her. don't bloody change the topic when i'm asking you a sensible question! have your seniors not taught you how to bluff me about the money i have to pay you first before we get the prizes? honestly, woman... you are very good at small talk but you have no future in the scamming world.

me: don't play with me now... so what do we do after your siong si has verified that we're not related to you? how are we going to receive the stuff we won? and by the way, what have we won?

RudeBreadFace: oh... when my siong si comes, he will come in a lorry and bring all your prizes along so you can get them straight away, lenglui!

LMAO... he will drive a lorry with my prizes in tow? really?! wow we are lucky! [narrows eyes]
how amazingly believable is that now? tell me. notice how she dodges my question regarding the exact prizes we won? she's SO VAGUE it's not even right. couldn't she have just invented something off the back of her head, or picked something from that list of prizes there? she's SO BAD at this job.

anyway... some time later she got a call and said that she's so very horribly sorry that her siong si can't freakin come here now cos he just got an urgent errand to run.

oh how terrible! now we won't get our wonderful prizes that we so honestly won!! i was so devastated to hear it.

she also said she was very happy to meet us, shook our hands and bid adieu. then, my grandma sent her off and she ran towards a large white car which i presume to be an Estima. the awful amateur scammer hopped in and they sped off into the unknown. freakin car probably carried a whole bunch of 'em scammers. preying on lil ol ladies everywhere.... fuckers. i'd have taken down their license plate but the mofo was smart enough to park where i couldn't quite see.

though i must say that she's really good at talking to strangers, especially old ppl... popo front popo back. she even asked how my grandpa was and said he should see the doctor if he wasn't feeling so well.


she left without leaving us with anything. no address, no contact number, no info as to when we would eventually get our prize... she didn't even leave that blasted card with the white sticker for us to keep as souveniers. it's not like we were gonna dust it for prints or anything...

-scam another day-

sewing machine

me- not the contraption with a treadle and wheel which maneuvers thread through cloth.

since i'm completely, utterly broke nowadays... i have to indulge in activities which do not involve the spending of more money... aka sewing!

ok i lied... i went to spend more money on sewing supplies and craft junk. shoot me why don't you?

wanna see what i made?! wanna? wanna? i know you do...

you don't?.... don't care... i'm showing you anyway.

heh... i made new wallet- which is really my old wallet's twin except larger and better with embellishments!!

jeng jeng jeng

which is really the reverse of an earring from alison (tq again)

which is also very pretty :)

where you can see very clearly that i chained the fawn to my wallet with metal wire so it doesn't run away.... and my wonky stitches. hehe

with xinli and chubby heart.
see the zip... damn nice right?!

even the tens have left me bereft now.

ohyah... show you something else,

HOTnewprojects neh...
which didn't really turn out very hot but at least the mod thought it hot enough to put it there :)
don't bother looking cos its not there anymore...haha

and because i'm in a very proud and ai mood, i will quote some of the comments. lol


-I love it. I love it so much. If I saw the exact wallet in a store I would definitely buy it, even though I'm usually loath to buy wallets because of the designer one that I spent a bajillion dollars on. XD

-Beautiful wallet and very professional looking, too. You're right, the zip does look great! Smiley

-you did an awesome job! looks like you bought it from a high-end shop. every detail is perfect!!

and all for less than rm1

then i wanna show off ju's work, featuring pretty embroidery!

nice hor?
so then i wanted to embroider something also... something more mediocre :)
i got bored of practising my name on ribbons and stuff so i made a cheapo bag to keep my bangles

aish... i know la... they're sorta illegible.
it says: me bangles, they jangle.
(to be said with as much brit accent as you can muster)
and by the time i got to jangle i was losing patience edi, which explains it's squareness and letters-sticking-togetherness. lol

trying to make another pair of shorts now...hope it doesn't flop
show ya'll next time

on another, more craftless note...
i happened to hear this cute song twice today on 2 different shows; 1st when tony(nicholas hoult) sang it on the ep1 of Skins and the 2nd time just a while ago on tv when adam(brendan fraser) sang it on BlastFromThePast. So uncanny cos i never knew this song existed before today... but i've definitely heard it at least once before cos i saw BlastFromThePast ages ago. adam's singing must have been too crappy for me to commit it to my memory. lol. and they're both so entirely different cos tony was referring to the MyFairLady version while adam was quoting perry como.

you must be wondering what that song is :)
it's "On the Street Where You Live"

i've only seen 1 ep of Skins but i can already tell it's one hell of a screwed up drama. if it wasn't funny at times and was void of maxxie i might stop watching it.

ps. i don't think i wanna blog about genting anymore...hahaha. see how la. so lazy.

- Are there lilac trees in the heart of town?-

Sunday, January 20, 2008

sweeney todd

yay! watched the sneak preview~!


love the cinematography,
love the gothic feel,
love the colours,
love the music,
love the way they harmonize the duets,
love the dramatizing,
love the dreams,
love the razors,
love the fact that it's a musical,
love the costumes,
love the blood,
love the wickedness and devilry,
love the language,
love the pallor,
love the fact that Borat plays Mr.Pirelli,
love mrs. lovett,
love mr. todd's cruella de vil hair,
and absolutely love JOHNNY DEPP and the fact that he can't quite exorcise the jack sparrow out of him!

i've gotta be honest n say, i love everything about it except the plot.... haha... weird i know.
would love to tell you why but it would spoil the show... :) the dawning realisation of the twists is not pleasant at all........... sooo depressing.

the fact that his silver 'friends' are shiny after 15 years of being locked in a box under the floorboards is a tad irritating for me... everyone know silver turns a horrible shade of yellow and loses its sheen when unpolished! don't mind me... things like this in movies disturb me. like how that Dallas dude shot an alien and had innards which were supposedly corrosive splatter all around him but he still remained unharmed... but i admit the fact that the razors were shiny would make for a better singsong session.

otherwise they wouldn't be able to get shots of todd n lovett reflected in them then, would they? okla.. i forgive the discrepancy.
btw, i love attics cos they have the slanting roof-ceilings.

everything is oddly familiar in the show...
  1. watch out for JudgeTurpin who played Snape in HarryPotter before

  2. and Beadle'deedle deedle'Bamford who played fatdude Nathaniel in Enchanted.

  3. Johanna and Anthony are played by generally new actors but look crazy familiar. took me ages n ages trying to figure out where i've seen them before but i still can't figure it out. though i reckon Johanna reminds me of KirstenDunst. hmmm...

  4. of course, Sweeny himself is terribly reminiscent of Edward Scissorhands - the hair and pallor.
  5. the cinematography for MrsLovett's dreams are sooo Lemony Snicket's ASOUE (which coincidentally also has fatdude Nathaniel innit - he plays MrPoe who's also the supporting villain, kind of... why does he keep playing the antagonistic sidekick?!)

  6. blood and throat-slitting... very Kill Bill. remember Chiaki's GogoYubari cutting off heads?? i love Gogo... pick her over whatever character UmaThurman plays anytime... see, i can't even remember her character name... don't like Uma at all.
okla... i'm sorta digressing already :D
anyway, watch the movie if you're a fan of timburton n johnnydepp collaborations and/or musicals. ahh... the beautiful lyrics. so crude but funny, sarcastic but fitting. i think a lot of the people who went in to watch had absolutely no idea it was a musical, especially of this nature. expect much graceful throat slitting and arterial spray !!!

don't watch if you're not a fan of the above... i could sense an all around wtf-ness radiating from the movie-goers as they sat n sms-ed or walked around. OII... enjoy the movielarr!

-go depp!-

Saturday, January 19, 2008

i don't speak sim

just came back from genting and am feeling kinda feverish. it happens every single time i go to genting lor... temperature changes and shit ( shit like getting rained on for about an hour or so cos we were stubborn and inborn camwhores... will show you what i mean soon) . must make me feel so darn sick after playing only gam yun. rawr.

currently listening to some excessively loud people, who are either my neighbours or rempits in the playground, sing happy birthday to someone. its 12.54am now. why are they singing happy birthday at this hour? did everyone's clock stop for an hour?? noisy fellas.

a little irritated now cos i just waited ages for a video on to buffer up so i could watch the 1st eps of this brit soap...just to find that it's not in ENGLISH!!!! stoopid thing was dubbed in some foreign language that sounds a whole lot like the Sims talking. german maybe... as if that wasn't bad, they didn't even have subtitles... am i supposed to understand?! aishhh... you disappoint me so i have to download it somewhere else lahhh.

and SWEENEYTODD has been showing IN SEREMBAN since 18th jan !!!! gonna go try and watch it tomorrow
[ big big grin ]
thanks for telling me!!!
tim burton!!!! johnny depp!!!! it's so edward scissorhands all over again... i mean... look at the whole get-up!

please not let me be sick~
will go swallow panadol now and sleep it off... tell you how it is when i've seen it k!

ps. got crapload of bohliao pix from genting lor.... need to collect them all from the various cams 1st yea.

-demon barber here i come!-

Thursday, January 17, 2008

mitch hewer

fucking cute!!!!


was randomly checking out perez's site when ams n i saw this hottie...
omg... you have no idea how long we've been scrolling through all the vids on youtube with him in it.... and screaming/shouting/sighing


but i'm so pissed by the fact that he's a '89 boy.

right now he plays maxxie (even his character name is crazy cute rite!?! n no i didn't put 2 Xs so it would look cuter... it IS spelled that way), on this british, yes i repeat, BRITISH series "Skins" which i definitely have to watch now
yay for british accents!

mitch's hotness


so boyish rite?
abit of a turn off but...


cannot resist it...

mitch's randomness

actually LMAOed when i saw it.
so kiddy - on the verge of irritating

"see... you'll watch anything"-maxxie

of course.... who asked you to be so blardy cute- and on top of that have an english accent?!


mitch hewer

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


or rather 'HWAITING!!!' as the koreans say it...

n for those who are not particularly enlightened in the field of korean pop culture...
fighting= gambateh/jiayou/you can do it!!!

what is SuJu?
SuperJunior = lame kpop boyband comprising of 13 members so far who are hella funny ;)

after watching SuperJunior's Exploration of the Human Body,

  • i now know that...
  1. chewing on squid or clenching aluminium foil balls counters dizziness,
  2. spinning on the spot or watching ppl play "ring around the rosies" helps you win at arm wrestling,
  3. tying your toes together or holding on to golf balls increases your ability to jump far,
  4. doing the 'octopus dance' or getting your thighs slapped or ribs massaged increases flexibility,
  5. you can repress laughter by pressing certain pressure points or sucking on a big ball of salt
  • i've lost my amazement at KiBum's cuteness
it's a gif.
n i can't figure out why it doesn't move here but if you open it in another window then it magically moves for you.
so click ah... haha
while i try to figure out how to get it to move

  • n grew a fondness to SiWon's hotness/cuteness/dorkyness

Name: Choi Si Won
Chinese Name: 崔时元
Profession: Actor + singer
Country: Korea
Height: 183cm
Weight: 60kg
Religion: Christian

what makes shiwonnie positively adorable is his crazy CUTE laugh, ability to jump more than 5m, huggability factor, tantrums, ABS!!!...


... etc. etc.

i even watched this short k-drama...
Legend Of Hyang Dan

where he's the male lead (duh), MongRyong

if i weren't still alive n typing this i'd tell u i died laughing at that drama.
they have the stupidest scenes!!!! lmao... there's one where bandits regroup behind one another and move together a la hotlink-cinema-commercial.

then there's the PRISON BREAK references!!!! OMFG!!!!
the female lead, hyangdan gets locked in one of those stone+wood jail cells lined with straw and this tattooed stranger comes to rescue her cell-mate n ends up rescuing her as well. they weren't even trying to be subtle about it... it was BLATANT copying!!! it was sooo lame it was funny. lol. kinda like how KungPow is funny, except not that irritating.
get this, he realises they can't escape via the front door and tears off his shirt to reveal a fully tatooed body which he then utilises to find their way out through the simplistic jail which suddenly becomes a complicated labyrinth... lol... so then they finally escape n hyangdan asks his name so she may know the name of her saviour....

what's his name?


get it?!!


k fine...
i'm easily amused.

...before the whole SuJuEHB thing, i wasted time watching another SuJu production...

Attack on the Pin-up Boys
sounds stupid?
that's because it is ;)
it basically revolves around this bunch of guys who're deemed to be the schools' hotties and how they are terrorised by an anonymous shit-thrower. yes, u got that right... SHIT-THROWER. so this guy flings feces at the prettyboys' faces and they shoot into stardom because of the media coverage of the weirdass gross events. n in the end people are actually trying to get themselves hit in the face with crap so they can become famous... yea...
they didn't even bother to create characters with names for the show, all the suju members just used their actual stage-names to avoid confusion and i guess...promote themselves?
but wth la... all in good fun ;)

and lest you should think i have forgotten all about my donghae,
i still adore DONGHAE oppa!!!

proof of how much i adore him is the fact that this vid melts my heart.
who cares whether he's enunciating the words properly or getting the lyrics right?
so he sailed across the fighting ocean instead of the finest...
who cares whether he's a great singer?

it's endearing ;P


donghae n siwon

i can almost hear aiming screaming her disgust.
don't be such a racist and hate koreans just because they're a fad :P

gay moment


just so we're clear, i'm not a yaoi fan
but i think i might be addicted to SuJu
somebody save me from this death trap


Tuesday, January 8, 2008

hello 2008

as promised... what i did in my 1st week of 2008 :)
also a condensed and shortened version. bleks.

picking up where we left off.... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

they didn't exactly have fireworks but they got this man with a giant red afro-ish wig to spit fire instead. lol
i actually saw that dude before he came forth to do his thing n i thought he was just some overdressed dude who mistook the day for halloween. my apologies... ;)

my cam (or issit me?) sucks at night shots so i had a whole bunch of futile attempts at taking his pic while he was in action.
the flash either illuminated the crowd n not the fire-spitting dude or ...

made him look like he was performing full-body-burning rather than fire-spitting.

this was the best i could muster.
what's all those white splotches anyway?
lights or a dirty lens...??

anyhow the show was pretty cool, it's not every day u get to see a man with a crazy wig spitting fire in the middle of era... or maybe it is [shrugs] ...i don't go there very often.

then the whole bunch of us got a change of venue for mamak-ing. how issit that mamak-ing is so much a part of malaysians? hmmm...

i ordered roti pisang cos i luv bananas, i was hungry and i wanted something lighter than maggi goreng but heavier than roti tisu... it was ok despites ellie's horrific cry of anguish (i exaggerate) after finding out i ordered it instead of nasi goreng kampung. she claimed it was nasty... it wasn't. maybe it was partly devastation of not getting to eat nasi goreng kampung. lol. u know how she is with her nasi goreng kampung (tambah pedas).

ky n plh being happy

zin n i being vain
i have such a huge face... omg

ell, am n ky being the black threesome

the three n i went back to aiming's house for sleepover (as expected) after the mamak-ing session... to do nothing much but watch tv... sooo interesting
there was some countdown programme on with taiwanese ppl i hardly know. i fell asleep pretty early cos it was boring me and my eyes were dry... heheh

kite flying in city park
1st day of 2008 was spent at city park with plh, zin, ky, ell, am, yc, n ct.
the original plan was to jog but ky, ell, am n i showed up wearing slippers n having no intention of jogging whatsoever. lolx. so the giat couples went jogging n we went walking n looked at K&Ks (kids & kois).
other activities include...
am is such a cute kid :P

taking pics of cute kiddos
the twinsie's parent were so obliging when they saw am's bigass dslr...
i guess all parents want their kids' cuteness to be immortalised in pics.
although it looks to me now like they're tryin to snatch away the children from the caustic rays shooting out from am's cam. lol.

am's pic of the blur twins

abuse of playgrounds

booting of friends



and finally...

attempts at kite flying
by the time we were done walking around the lake, the winds had stopped blowing and it was almost impossible to fly our kite. dang it.
you have no idea how long we tried....
involved alot of running, shouting, laughing and false hopes. haha.
but we did it in the end.
and zin just had to...

insist everyone took pics of his success

the winds picked up and a whole lot of other kites were up as well...
it was pretty :)

but we soon got bored of that and moved on to more entertaining things
like jumping in groups and soaking in bewildered stares.

everyone wanted to jump after they saw how pretty it was

success! if not for zin who insisted that he be in it as well.
wut larr...

jumping couple
notice how dark it got as the jumping progressed?
time to go home...


note: all the big nice pics are am's . i stole em off her blog. lol

i broke my rubik's cube

so depressing...
i was sooo close to memorising how to solve it so i can amaze people.
i need to get a new one.
it only lasted a few days lorr...
partly due to its cheaplakness n partly due to my determination.
thanks ell for giving it to me anyway. sorry i broke it so fast. heheh
anyhow i managed to solve it a few times before it went K.O.
but i did cheat by looking up instructions...
i shall wow u when i get a new one.
btw, does anyone know where to get a reasonably good quality one
at a reasonable price?

cos i'm probably gonna break my new cheaplak one anyway...

it looks so pathetic.
it can't be fixed... the center axle broke.

we went to play badminton
n eat bak-kut-teh afterwards...
no pics tho.
i should really exercise more... my whole body ached the day after
pure crapness!!!
n we met the most annoying 10 year old kid ever...
he had the nerve to go challenge 2 guys twices his age to a game.
omg lol
he partnered with his 8 year old buddy...
so if we add up the ages, the old folks team was more than twice their age.
everyone was standing around watching them play.

ju got an epilator stuck in her hair

the dangers of long hair...
she was idly epilating on my bed when there was this 'zcaschz' sound followed by the sound of a whirring motor.

the epilator head detached from its body but stuck in her hair.
look at the amount of hair snagged between the metal tweezers!!!
surprisingly she was damn calm n i was the frantic one.
i'm thinking it had something to do with the fact that she couldn't see how much hair was in danger of getting pulled out.

but with my help and awesome untangling skills...

this was the final amount of hair sacrificed.
i even cut it away in layers so the hair loss isn't noticeable at all.
i'm fabulous.

because i have experience...lolxxx
though not with an epilator.
it was a fan, i was 11 n i had long flowing locks...
i was stupid enough to go sit really close to one of those short standfans
n the bloody thing sucked up my silky tresses nia!
we had to dismantle the whole thing to unravel my precious hair

oh n i forgot that am, ell n i made tonnes of super cute stuff from paper clay ages ago!!!
it's a must-boast... cos i swear they are the cutest~
will go take pics of them soon so i can show u guys

n i wanna redo my blogskin... but i'm sooo lazy
reading n trying to figure out html is not exactly my forte.
but i did a pretty good job the last time rite? rite~?!

kla i'm bored d