Monday, January 7, 2008

byebye 2007

since everyone has started bugging me about not posting...
NAHHH.. ini dia!
if you've been wondering what has happened since mid december,

i paid visits to malacca...

bukit china house
with its little wooden shutters n uber long driveway ( pic shows only the center)

resident jaildog "mo fa" (patternless?)

they got the 2 dogs around christmas last year and my grandaunt called them chris n mas for a bit but that idea gave way to my granduncle's uncreative names mofa n ahfa which means patternless n patterned in canto. i can't remember which was chris n which was mas though.

reason: one of the dogs is just plain cream while the other has brown patches all over.
pattern is not exactly right but i can't think of another word...

and i had SATAY CELUP for the 1st time (to my memory) although i have been to malacca countless times during the 19 years of my life. didn't find it particularly incredible. -.- don't get why it's famous.
my cousins ian and ivan went crazy had ate like 40 sticks each. it was a little scary seeing them grab the sticks in bunches.... and just so u know, they're both pretty skinny, especially ivan. boys...

my bro lost a tooth

ju gave us each a cube of chocolate with hazelnuts n almonds in the car...
bro: ah mei ...(which is what he calls me because everyone in the house does, despite me being 9 years older than him. it never ceases to amaze ppl who hear it for the 1st time)
... why are the nuts SOOO hard??
me: what.. where got... abit oni ma.
bro: no lor.. VERY hard lo... seeee
whereby he holds the "nut" between his teeth n turns his lips back to show me how amazingly hard it is that he still hadn't managed to chew through it.
i squinted at at the huge "nut" and was a little bewildered cos my piece of chocolate only had small broken pieces of nuts in it and not 1 whole chunk like the one he had...
then i realized it wasn't a nut.

i bought an epilator

and epilated ju's arm while she cringed and shouted in pain tho it really isn't that bad...
the 1st time hurts considerably more i guess :)
she had to take a break after we were done with one arm.

epilated arm vs. non-epilated arm
(both hers)
doesn't it look like 2 arms from 2 completely different people??

bananas ripened

ju n mom hacked the bananas down from the tree outside.
they were delicious...
j'adore honeyed bananas n peanut butter sandwiches!
someone mentioned peanut butter and cheese sandwiches but i haven't quite had the nerve to try that yet. sweet and salty?! ergh.

we made onde-onde

ju n i, before i made off for semenyih and she for kl...

bro caught red handed stealing gula melaka

bro was a nuisance and wasted stuff making uber large ones which weren't nice at all
jl tried to cheat and made cylindrical ones cos he claimed they were easier and would taste the same. they didn't. :P

ju tried to be health conscious smart and blended a load of pandan to use as colouring instead of the conventional food colouring... but mom said it would just make the onde onde really 'geep'... tart? but normally tart is used for sourness... so er.. i dunno wut geep is in english la sorry ;)
anyway we ended up using food colouring in the

the onde-onde were okay but it would have been better if the skins were thinner and there were more gula melaka inside. but i have to say it's hella hard to make the skin thin enough to taste good but thick enough to hold the sugar without breaking. its a highly delicate balance :P
oh... n we forgot to salt the coconut shavings for the coating so they were just plain...

christmas in semenyih

road to semenyih...
actually this is a whole way off before we got anywhere near it but i thought it painted the picture really the fact that it takes forever to reach and it sits in the middle of nowhere.

finally reached teo's place starving, decided to not wait for cy n ywk and threw the bbq plan aside so we could get food in our stomachs faster...

the neighbourhood

we had KAJANG SATAY!!!!

which was really nothing to shout about... i was only trying to makes things more interesting.
didn't particularly enjoy it even though i was starving. don't get what the hype is all about...
we had chicken, mutton, deer n rabbit.

chicken= normal
mutton= better than chicken
deer= waste of money and jaw energy -super tough lorrr
rabbit= tender but otherwise relatively tasteless

then we got home and lazed for abit before they went off to start the bbq according to plan.

we bought all the food from family store 30 mins before we left so it was a disaster.

but it wasn't for lack of trying ;)
the fishballs and seafood tofu were ok.

zin who didn't quite sleep the night before because he was too busy risking his life and others' speeding up genting stayed upstairs and slept for a bit while we were bbq-ing before he made his grand appearance with plh's hairband in place...

he then proceeded to grab my cam and does his take on what he believes to be
"customary friendster self-taken pic angles and expressions"


from top (excluding zin) : ywk, me, ck teo, cy, pow, plh.

note: be very careful when camwhoring with other ppl's cams

randoms in teo's room...

cute stuffed-moosehead stuffie!!!
complete with moose crossing sign...
teo's souveniers from his stint in yellowstone.

hello, my name is Teo... and i'm an alcoholic.

pow doing the famous ChunLi jump... with sound effects!!!
i forgot what we were playing for him to get punished like this. lolx

then we played that angel, demons and doctor game...
the version i know involves polar bears and eskimos.
anyhow i got to be one of the demons a whole bunch of times consecutively n i killed soo many people and only got caught a few times!!! yay i rock!!! i'm a fabulous liar :)

slept at 6am n woke up starving at 9am... succeeded in waking plh, zin n pow up as well but plh n zin resumed their sleep shortly after. bahh...
i ended up being insanely bored and hungry playing solitaire n chor di with pow. the stupid fellas only woke up at 12pm so i ended up stealing his housemate's milk during the 3 hours of my suffering cos i failed to realise there was still a packet of twisties left unopened after scouring the house for food. apalahhh...

note: thanks teo for having us. my apologies to his room-mate n housemates.
hahahaha. we were dirty ppl who left crumbs everywhere n stole bottled water n milk. n oh... i spilled sprite on his room-mate's mattress :)
just goes to show... if ur leaving ur house for a long hol, remember to lock your door no matter how trustworthy your house-mates may appear ;)

my cat was stubborn

n insisted on sleeping on a stool which was obviously too tiny to accomodate him.
silly stubborn cat

new year's at era
ky, am n i joined ellie n her cousins&friends at that little pub/club, trilogy for the countdown.
it was actually ok... considering my expectations :)
lotsa things and people to watch...
ie. multitude of lalas shuffling and lian in a tiger print dress!

ky n me

am n i

am n ell
am stop drinking! :P

cover your drinks babes.

(so i'm saying it one whole week later...who cares)

what happened after the clock struck 12 comes in another post :)

-resolutions anyone?-

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