Sunday, January 27, 2008

happy birthday fatso!

today- 25th of january - my kid bro turns 11.

epi bday nyok~!

see... fat right? haha.
yes, my hair is that crap at home n i'm in pjs. don't mind me.
but we look so alike, don't we?
only i've mastered the art of smiling while making my eyes look the biggest possible they can without looking forced but he hasn't :)
he still does that forced smile in most of his pics. so fake.

and this my friends... is genuine happiness.
for his birthday, he is allowed to play maple to his heart's content on a weekday!
nah.. just kidding. we stopped him after 2 hours or so.
it is... after all a weekday.
birthday mm hai dai sai geh~

happy mommy, happy kiddo.

make a wish and BLOW~!
fatty was very za liao... he only got the candles out after the 2nd attempt.

fatty, mommy, gong gong n popo.
grandpa looks grumpy cos we had to wake him up to sing happy birthday. lolx.
but he's good at that :)
see the forced smile again? all he's doing is stretching the corners of his mouth as far from each other as possible. sigh...

black forest.
a bit dry... but it has pretty swirls and good strawberries.
we each had a slice... grandpa had 2, cos he likes cake...
and the rest of the cake dibaham gluttony fatso!!!
i tried to get another slice the next night for supper but it was all gone~ sad.
well, it's his birthday... let me see him try that on my cake!

has anyone ever watched that BillCosby tv program called 'Kids Say the Darnedest Things' ?
well... they really do. here's some stuff my brother has said over the years in chronological order according to my memory.

  1. what's house arrest? my netpal from philadelphia said he's under house arrest for a crime he didn't commit.

  2. oh noooo... i'm gonna suicide soon!! - he meant circumcised.

  3. ginger is holy cat. marmite is demon cat. - ginger is yellow n marmite is black.

  4. i'm never gonna take drugs. drugs are actually meds... and meds are bitter, so why would i want to take drugs for fun?! plus drugs are WHITE... which means they're definitely bitter!!! bleargh~

  5. ini hariku yang malang~! i just cut my finger, seeee...
    and i sat on sambal at school. my ass was so hot!

  6. bujubekunyunyamujabujimujahh - at 11 years, i think baby talk is unacceptable as a means of communication.

oh what's this?!
a ornamental commemorative plate meticulously made in honour of our first baby brother!
priceless piece of art painstakingly drawn by hand using only the most expensive materials on earth!!!
ie. free paper plate from disneyland and felt-tip pens.
lol. if you look closely, you can actually see the disneyland logo along the red rim!!!
done by juju... i doubt she still remembers drawing it... i don't. lolxx.
mom just dug it out of the cupboard a while back.

ahhh.. it was such a long long time ago....
when the big fat 46kg chunk of meat was a mere 3.75kg.
come lemme show you BABY PHOTOS!!!!

proud dad, CUTEwei, CUTERxinli!!!
his hair was super long. and mine was too~
plus papa's goatee looks like a barcode on his neck to me for some reason. haha.

happy happy people and blurr baby.
i love this pic so much cos it's effing retro neh!!!
i didn't even edit it... or autocorrect cos it would take away it's retroness.
check out the wallpaper man!

'where's ahh meii?!?! i wanna take pic wif my cute sis!!!'
from left: samantha, babywei, sarah, julie
julie has never changed at all. she looked like this at 11, she looks like this at 22... and lets hope she still does at 88! :)

snuggly buggly~

ju feeding babywei, me being smily.
this is before i mastered the art of eye opening. lol
and before ju had any fashion sense... there's a huge yellow sunflower barette on top of her head, you just can't see it! lmao.
oh.. and once when i was carrying ahwei after he had milk... HE PUKED ON ME!
it was stinky and horrible.

finally... mommy and HAPPY NATURAL SMILING AH WEI!!!!


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