Tuesday, January 8, 2008

hello 2008

as promised... what i did in my 1st week of 2008 :)
also a condensed and shortened version. bleks.

picking up where we left off.... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

they didn't exactly have fireworks but they got this man with a giant red afro-ish wig to spit fire instead. lol
i actually saw that dude before he came forth to do his thing n i thought he was just some overdressed dude who mistook the day for halloween. my apologies... ;)

my cam (or issit me?) sucks at night shots so i had a whole bunch of futile attempts at taking his pic while he was in action.
the flash either illuminated the crowd n not the fire-spitting dude or ...

made him look like he was performing full-body-burning rather than fire-spitting.

this was the best i could muster.
what's all those white splotches anyway?
lights or a dirty lens...??

anyhow the show was pretty cool, it's not every day u get to see a man with a crazy wig spitting fire in the middle of era... or maybe it is [shrugs] ...i don't go there very often.

then the whole bunch of us got a change of venue for mamak-ing. how issit that mamak-ing is so much a part of malaysians? hmmm...

i ordered roti pisang cos i luv bananas, i was hungry and i wanted something lighter than maggi goreng but heavier than roti tisu... it was ok despites ellie's horrific cry of anguish (i exaggerate) after finding out i ordered it instead of nasi goreng kampung. she claimed it was nasty... it wasn't. maybe it was partly devastation of not getting to eat nasi goreng kampung. lol. u know how she is with her nasi goreng kampung (tambah pedas).

ky n plh being happy

zin n i being vain
i have such a huge face... omg

ell, am n ky being the black threesome

the three n i went back to aiming's house for sleepover (as expected) after the mamak-ing session... to do nothing much but watch tv... sooo interesting horr...lol
there was some countdown programme on with taiwanese ppl i hardly know. i fell asleep pretty early cos it was boring me and my eyes were dry... heheh

kite flying in city park
1st day of 2008 was spent at city park with plh, zin, ky, ell, am, yc, n ct.
the original plan was to jog but ky, ell, am n i showed up wearing slippers n having no intention of jogging whatsoever. lolx. so the giat couples went jogging n we went walking n looked at K&Ks (kids & kois).
other activities include...
am is such a cute kid :P

taking pics of cute kiddos
the twinsie's parent were so obliging when they saw am's bigass dslr...
i guess all parents want their kids' cuteness to be immortalised in pics.
although it looks to me now like they're tryin to snatch away the children from the caustic rays shooting out from am's cam. lol.

am's pic of the blur twins

abuse of playgrounds

booting of friends



and finally...

attempts at kite flying
by the time we were done walking around the lake, the winds had stopped blowing and it was almost impossible to fly our kite. dang it.
you have no idea how long we tried....
involved alot of running, shouting, laughing and false hopes. haha.
but we did it in the end.
and zin just had to...

insist everyone took pics of his success

the winds picked up and a whole lot of other kites were up as well...
it was pretty :)

but we soon got bored of that and moved on to more entertaining things
like jumping in groups and soaking in bewildered stares.

everyone wanted to jump after they saw how pretty it was

success! if not for zin who insisted that he be in it as well.
wut larr...

jumping couple
notice how dark it got as the jumping progressed?
time to go home...


note: all the big nice pics are am's . i stole em off her blog. lol

i broke my rubik's cube

so depressing...
i was sooo close to memorising how to solve it so i can amaze people.
i need to get a new one.
it only lasted a few days lorr...
partly due to its cheaplakness n partly due to my determination.
thanks ell for giving it to me anyway. sorry i broke it so fast. heheh
anyhow i managed to solve it a few times before it went K.O.
but i did cheat by looking up instructions...
i shall wow u when i get a new one.
btw, does anyone know where to get a reasonably good quality one
at a reasonable price?

cos i'm probably gonna break my new cheaplak one anyway...

it looks so pathetic.
it can't be fixed... the center axle broke.

we went to play badminton
n eat bak-kut-teh afterwards...
no pics tho.
i should really exercise more... my whole body ached the day after
pure crapness!!!
n we met the most annoying 10 year old kid ever...
he had the nerve to go challenge 2 guys twices his age to a game.
omg lol
he partnered with his 8 year old buddy...
so if we add up the ages, the old folks team was more than twice their age.
everyone was standing around watching them play.

ju got an epilator stuck in her hair

the dangers of long hair...
she was idly epilating on my bed when there was this 'zcaschz' sound followed by the sound of a whirring motor.

the epilator head detached from its body but stuck in her hair.
look at the amount of hair snagged between the metal tweezers!!!
surprisingly she was damn calm n i was the frantic one.
i'm thinking it had something to do with the fact that she couldn't see how much hair was in danger of getting pulled out.

but with my help and awesome untangling skills...

this was the final amount of hair sacrificed.
i even cut it away in layers so the hair loss isn't noticeable at all.
i'm fabulous.

because i have experience...lolxxx
though not with an epilator.
it was a fan, i was 11 n i had long flowing locks...
i was stupid enough to go sit really close to one of those short standfans
n the bloody thing sucked up my silky tresses nia!
we had to dismantle the whole thing to unravel my precious hair

oh n i forgot that am, ell n i made tonnes of super cute stuff from paper clay ages ago!!!
it's a must-boast... cos i swear they are the cutest~
will go take pics of them soon so i can show u guys

n i wanna redo my blogskin... but i'm sooo lazy
reading n trying to figure out html is not exactly my forte.
but i did a pretty good job the last time rite? rite~?!

kla i'm bored d


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