Saturday, January 19, 2008

i don't speak sim

just came back from genting and am feeling kinda feverish. it happens every single time i go to genting lor... temperature changes and shit ( shit like getting rained on for about an hour or so cos we were stubborn and inborn camwhores... will show you what i mean soon) . must make me feel so darn sick after playing only gam yun. rawr.

currently listening to some excessively loud people, who are either my neighbours or rempits in the playground, sing happy birthday to someone. its 12.54am now. why are they singing happy birthday at this hour? did everyone's clock stop for an hour?? noisy fellas.

a little irritated now cos i just waited ages for a video on to buffer up so i could watch the 1st eps of this brit soap...just to find that it's not in ENGLISH!!!! stoopid thing was dubbed in some foreign language that sounds a whole lot like the Sims talking. german maybe... as if that wasn't bad, they didn't even have subtitles... am i supposed to understand?! aishhh... you disappoint me so i have to download it somewhere else lahhh.

and SWEENEYTODD has been showing IN SEREMBAN since 18th jan !!!! gonna go try and watch it tomorrow
[ big big grin ]
thanks for telling me!!!
tim burton!!!! johnny depp!!!! it's so edward scissorhands all over again... i mean... look at the whole get-up!

please not let me be sick~
will go swallow panadol now and sleep it off... tell you how it is when i've seen it k!

ps. got crapload of bohliao pix from genting lor.... need to collect them all from the various cams 1st yea.

-demon barber here i come!-

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