Thursday, January 24, 2008

sewing machine

me- not the contraption with a treadle and wheel which maneuvers thread through cloth.

since i'm completely, utterly broke nowadays... i have to indulge in activities which do not involve the spending of more money... aka sewing!

ok i lied... i went to spend more money on sewing supplies and craft junk. shoot me why don't you?

wanna see what i made?! wanna? wanna? i know you do...

you don't?.... don't care... i'm showing you anyway.

heh... i made new wallet- which is really my old wallet's twin except larger and better with embellishments!!

jeng jeng jeng

which is really the reverse of an earring from alison (tq again)

which is also very pretty :)

where you can see very clearly that i chained the fawn to my wallet with metal wire so it doesn't run away.... and my wonky stitches. hehe

with xinli and chubby heart.
see the zip... damn nice right?!

even the tens have left me bereft now.

ohyah... show you something else,

HOTnewprojects neh...
which didn't really turn out very hot but at least the mod thought it hot enough to put it there :)
don't bother looking cos its not there anymore...haha

and because i'm in a very proud and ai mood, i will quote some of the comments. lol


-I love it. I love it so much. If I saw the exact wallet in a store I would definitely buy it, even though I'm usually loath to buy wallets because of the designer one that I spent a bajillion dollars on. XD

-Beautiful wallet and very professional looking, too. You're right, the zip does look great! Smiley

-you did an awesome job! looks like you bought it from a high-end shop. every detail is perfect!!

and all for less than rm1

then i wanna show off ju's work, featuring pretty embroidery!

nice hor?
so then i wanted to embroider something also... something more mediocre :)
i got bored of practising my name on ribbons and stuff so i made a cheapo bag to keep my bangles

aish... i know la... they're sorta illegible.
it says: me bangles, they jangle.
(to be said with as much brit accent as you can muster)
and by the time i got to jangle i was losing patience edi, which explains it's squareness and letters-sticking-togetherness. lol

trying to make another pair of shorts now...hope it doesn't flop
show ya'll next time

on another, more craftless note...
i happened to hear this cute song twice today on 2 different shows; 1st when tony(nicholas hoult) sang it on the ep1 of Skins and the 2nd time just a while ago on tv when adam(brendan fraser) sang it on BlastFromThePast. So uncanny cos i never knew this song existed before today... but i've definitely heard it at least once before cos i saw BlastFromThePast ages ago. adam's singing must have been too crappy for me to commit it to my memory. lol. and they're both so entirely different cos tony was referring to the MyFairLady version while adam was quoting perry como.

you must be wondering what that song is :)
it's "On the Street Where You Live"

i've only seen 1 ep of Skins but i can already tell it's one hell of a screwed up drama. if it wasn't funny at times and was void of maxxie i might stop watching it.

ps. i don't think i wanna blog about genting anymore...hahaha. see how la. so lazy.

- Are there lilac trees in the heart of town?-

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