Wednesday, January 9, 2008


or rather 'HWAITING!!!' as the koreans say it...

n for those who are not particularly enlightened in the field of korean pop culture...
fighting= gambateh/jiayou/you can do it!!!

what is SuJu?
SuperJunior = lame kpop boyband comprising of 13 members so far who are hella funny ;)

after watching SuperJunior's Exploration of the Human Body,

  • i now know that...
  1. chewing on squid or clenching aluminium foil balls counters dizziness,
  2. spinning on the spot or watching ppl play "ring around the rosies" helps you win at arm wrestling,
  3. tying your toes together or holding on to golf balls increases your ability to jump far,
  4. doing the 'octopus dance' or getting your thighs slapped or ribs massaged increases flexibility,
  5. you can repress laughter by pressing certain pressure points or sucking on a big ball of salt
  • i've lost my amazement at KiBum's cuteness
it's a gif.
n i can't figure out why it doesn't move here but if you open it in another window then it magically moves for you.
so click ah... haha
while i try to figure out how to get it to move

  • n grew a fondness to SiWon's hotness/cuteness/dorkyness

Name: Choi Si Won
Chinese Name: 崔时元
Profession: Actor + singer
Country: Korea
Height: 183cm
Weight: 60kg
Religion: Christian

what makes shiwonnie positively adorable is his crazy CUTE laugh, ability to jump more than 5m, huggability factor, tantrums, ABS!!!...


... etc. etc.

i even watched this short k-drama...
Legend Of Hyang Dan

where he's the male lead (duh), MongRyong

if i weren't still alive n typing this i'd tell u i died laughing at that drama.
they have the stupidest scenes!!!! lmao... there's one where bandits regroup behind one another and move together a la hotlink-cinema-commercial.

then there's the PRISON BREAK references!!!! OMFG!!!!
the female lead, hyangdan gets locked in one of those stone+wood jail cells lined with straw and this tattooed stranger comes to rescue her cell-mate n ends up rescuing her as well. they weren't even trying to be subtle about it... it was BLATANT copying!!! it was sooo lame it was funny. lol. kinda like how KungPow is funny, except not that irritating.
get this, he realises they can't escape via the front door and tears off his shirt to reveal a fully tatooed body which he then utilises to find their way out through the simplistic jail which suddenly becomes a complicated labyrinth... lol... so then they finally escape n hyangdan asks his name so she may know the name of her saviour....

what's his name?


get it?!!


k fine...
i'm easily amused.

...before the whole SuJuEHB thing, i wasted time watching another SuJu production...

Attack on the Pin-up Boys
sounds stupid?
that's because it is ;)
it basically revolves around this bunch of guys who're deemed to be the schools' hotties and how they are terrorised by an anonymous shit-thrower. yes, u got that right... SHIT-THROWER. so this guy flings feces at the prettyboys' faces and they shoot into stardom because of the media coverage of the weirdass gross events. n in the end people are actually trying to get themselves hit in the face with crap so they can become famous... yea...
they didn't even bother to create characters with names for the show, all the suju members just used their actual stage-names to avoid confusion and i guess...promote themselves?
but wth la... all in good fun ;)

and lest you should think i have forgotten all about my donghae,
i still adore DONGHAE oppa!!!

proof of how much i adore him is the fact that this vid melts my heart.
who cares whether he's enunciating the words properly or getting the lyrics right?
so he sailed across the fighting ocean instead of the finest...
who cares whether he's a great singer?

it's endearing ;P


donghae n siwon

i can almost hear aiming screaming her disgust.
don't be such a racist and hate koreans just because they're a fad :P

gay moment


just so we're clear, i'm not a yaoi fan
but i think i might be addicted to SuJu
somebody save me from this death trap


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