Sunday, January 20, 2008

sweeney todd

yay! watched the sneak preview~!


love the cinematography,
love the gothic feel,
love the colours,
love the music,
love the way they harmonize the duets,
love the dramatizing,
love the dreams,
love the razors,
love the fact that it's a musical,
love the costumes,
love the blood,
love the wickedness and devilry,
love the language,
love the pallor,
love the fact that Borat plays Mr.Pirelli,
love mrs. lovett,
love mr. todd's cruella de vil hair,
and absolutely love JOHNNY DEPP and the fact that he can't quite exorcise the jack sparrow out of him!

i've gotta be honest n say, i love everything about it except the plot.... haha... weird i know.
would love to tell you why but it would spoil the show... :) the dawning realisation of the twists is not pleasant at all........... sooo depressing.

the fact that his silver 'friends' are shiny after 15 years of being locked in a box under the floorboards is a tad irritating for me... everyone know silver turns a horrible shade of yellow and loses its sheen when unpolished! don't mind me... things like this in movies disturb me. like how that Dallas dude shot an alien and had innards which were supposedly corrosive splatter all around him but he still remained unharmed... but i admit the fact that the razors were shiny would make for a better singsong session.

otherwise they wouldn't be able to get shots of todd n lovett reflected in them then, would they? okla.. i forgive the discrepancy.
btw, i love attics cos they have the slanting roof-ceilings.

everything is oddly familiar in the show...
  1. watch out for JudgeTurpin who played Snape in HarryPotter before

  2. and Beadle'deedle deedle'Bamford who played fatdude Nathaniel in Enchanted.

  3. Johanna and Anthony are played by generally new actors but look crazy familiar. took me ages n ages trying to figure out where i've seen them before but i still can't figure it out. though i reckon Johanna reminds me of KirstenDunst. hmmm...

  4. of course, Sweeny himself is terribly reminiscent of Edward Scissorhands - the hair and pallor.
  5. the cinematography for MrsLovett's dreams are sooo Lemony Snicket's ASOUE (which coincidentally also has fatdude Nathaniel innit - he plays MrPoe who's also the supporting villain, kind of... why does he keep playing the antagonistic sidekick?!)

  6. blood and throat-slitting... very Kill Bill. remember Chiaki's GogoYubari cutting off heads?? i love Gogo... pick her over whatever character UmaThurman plays anytime... see, i can't even remember her character name... don't like Uma at all.
okla... i'm sorta digressing already :D
anyway, watch the movie if you're a fan of timburton n johnnydepp collaborations and/or musicals. ahh... the beautiful lyrics. so crude but funny, sarcastic but fitting. i think a lot of the people who went in to watch had absolutely no idea it was a musical, especially of this nature. expect much graceful throat slitting and arterial spray !!!

don't watch if you're not a fan of the above... i could sense an all around wtf-ness radiating from the movie-goers as they sat n sms-ed or walked around. OII... enjoy the movielarr!

-go depp!-

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