Tuesday, February 19, 2008

cny 08

a pic-obese post.
cny is finally coming to an end so...

blow new year wind, BLOW~!

who doesn't love the new year? one must be insane not to.
there's good food, reason to eat cookies and crackers at all hours of the day and replace plain water with all sorts of wonders.
there's family, ones i don't see very often... we meet up and lament of boredom together. it just doesn't get any fun-er :)
there's angpow and liondances and firecrackers and gambling and fireworks and cute kiddos in cheongsams n samfus.... ahhh CNY!

note: shall only crap as far as cho3 to refrain from boring you.

Batu Pahat - ChiselRock... they take things very literally there. i know because there's a gargantuan statue of a hand chiselling a rock :P also because they have a broken boat on display at Tongkang Pecah (broken boat).
BP... home of the lims. a place where they have wonderful food... which is saying a lot coming from a non-food-fan.
should you be wondering where the hell this place is... its in Johor...and to narrow it down, it's the origin of the DatukChua sex scandal. in fact, that hotel is within walking distance of the lim house! haha. interesting fact, huh?

reunion dinner at bp is a long running tradition... one of many in the Lim CNY scene. i just realised we're a little 'off' as compared to other families. lolxx. for instance, our angpow giving is almost a ceremony as compared to the messed up going-around-handing-out-angpows-to-every-kid-in-sight. ahhh... we are soo traditional! lol. i love it. and our reunion dinners are forever buffets where everyone wanders around the house with disposable polystyrene plates as opposed to the red tablecloth, round table dinner... buffets are much more fun!

all in all, BP was a wonderful bore. we slept around and watched endless movies... just like old days. i miss them. i feel so old now cos i don't think playing with firecrackers are that much fun anymore... even the younger cousins have partially given it up. it used to be the whole point of cny... next to collecting angpows of course. angpows were a big deal when we were young, no? lol.
but there's still the gambling... :)

starting from green top n going clockwise; han, charlotte, crystal, justin, wei, daryl, uncle goose and jethro.

we also had bingo session... but this year's bingo group was smaller, meaning less of a jackpot and less intensity. but i still didn't get to shout my BINGO! :(

penny and i

i regret not taking much photos this year... should have brandished the cam at everyone's faces instead of leaving it to rot in the room with my phone... sorry for all the missed calls and non-replied msgs! i run on a parallel universe in bp. it's bizarre.

.. i've lost my direction so i'm just going to start rambling about whatever comes to mind now.
i love BP teatimes and suppers like there's no tomorrow~!!!!
cai dao kuey!!! chicken wings!!! orh jian!!! cendol!!! ABC!!! goreng pisang!!! otak-otak!!!
but i'm soooo upset i missed the lala and lak bi~


now my new obsession... showing you old photos

zis is my great-great-great-grandpa and great-great-great-grandma
and it's one of those photos that are taken in black and white but then painted in. cool hor?
but just a tad creepy... hehe.

and zis is my grandpa's family portrait!
he's third adult from right, holding one of my uncles i think.

a more recent- but still very old photo ( >10 years ago)
can you spot me?? lolx
i'm in the sailor outfit, looking insanely like a boy on the right.
that's ju in red and white, pen in green, bea and char in blue.
edit: bea in red and char is the half-baby(far left)!!!
everyone's SO CUTE~ especially han and penny (both beside ju)
because i blew the pic up to inspect them more carefully after bea pointed out the glaring mistake, i just realised...mama looks damn alot like me lor. we're both very pretty. haha!

we do a reunion shot every year... so these are just one of many. show you others next year!

shit i feel like eating them now.

uncle cheon's dawgs.
sammy d schnauzer and nicky d shihtzu.
they are the most inseparable gay couple ever! lolx.
tho sammy is actually bi cos he's already a dad.
his puppies are the cutest teeny tiny little smuts but i forgot to take photos of em.

i hope everyone keeps coming home for reunion dinners!!!

this thus ends the BP ramblings.

Malacca- historical city and home of the famous satay celup which i find unimpressive.
stopped by for an uber short time on cho3 before continuing on back to sban. i forgot what i wanted to crap about malacca because i don't have any pics from here and it was a long time ago... see this is why taking pix everywhere i go is important for me. because i'm old, forgetful and a horrible procrastinator.

Seremban- home~!
back on cho3, late noon. began the friend visits!
am came to get me and we almost died in her car on the way to ck's cos the aircon conked. leather seats, parked for ages under the sun and a busted aircon is NOT a good combo.
peeps were gambling when i got there... some others chat and ate, the usual.

next stop, the insanely rich twins(corrine and cynthia)'s new mansion in... shit i forgot... it's somewhere in s2 and has 2 words. got semi-lost trying to get there and endured another period of baking in the coupe... ahh hell...
note: am has since sent it off to get fixed and it has now transformed into a refrigerator.

loads of people there but still loads more space to hang. their place is so beautiful... cynthia's room is heaven!!! im SO jealous.
when can i be rich and live in a place too large for me?

pics galore!

yo... i just noticed the white couch at the back is luminescent in the sun!
and it's not even leather and shiny...

so many people~!
plh the ever-ready poser... she's notorious for looking at the camera when people are taking candid shots. lolx
the ring on the right is.... yes, you guessed it... gambling again.

big group shot.
5 kenanga 2005 + 3
i'm one of the three... along with darrelboy.

we headed out to the garden and everyone pretty much went crayzee bouncing around.
i luv this pic... it's so happy even though i'm not exactly bffs with everyone.

attempt at one of those college leaflet photos.
zin is even reading his invisible textbook. haha.

green green grass~
dont you wish all grass could be sat on?
notice how plh is still in her own little mv world, looking into the sky and pointing?
now scroll up and look at the pic before.
same pose! and it stays for about 3 or 4 other pics where everyone changes poses and places.

feeling the zen of the garden inspire them.
the 2 fellas behind just totally spoiled the mood lor. tsk.

the title says it all.
love how random and silly it is.

boys will be boys
or rather... kids will be kids.

some naughty kiddos who were climbing those topiary bubble trees earlier decided they would have a blast rearranging some 20 over pairs of shoes all over the front porch.
absolutely hilarious cos everyone was stunned when we filtered out into the porch all ready to slip on our shoes.
i applaud their creativity, patience and ability to withstand the smelly stench of shoes.

we stopped by at mingyi's after and everyone went home to eat!
o... i forgot to mention a certain someone got horribly drunk and threatened to puke on the way home. haha ywk haha.

got home, showered, ate, put on some presentable jammies, tapaued some yi-sang and off to jess's and am's!
jesses' place was transformed from a tuition center into a freaking full blown mah jiok gun!!! lmao.
well not really... another table had black jack going on cos there weren't enough mahjong sets.

table 1
lol at the table cloth!
we're using a bedsheet cos jess can't find anything else.
check out her mane, man.
when she's at mj, nth else matters... not even hair.

we're playing with this really ancient set of mj which is supposedly 60% jade... as touted by zin the owner. it's so ancient it doesn't even have numbers on the flowers... it doesn't have the boy/girl/centipede things and the jokers are blank! they all go by "mui, lan, kuk, juk" and "chun, ha, chow, dong". the former: cherry blossom, orchid, chrysanthemum and bamboo; the latter: spring, summer, autumn, winter. so damn confusing for me cos i can't read the bloody tiles. argh. so i have to ask them every single time i pick up one of those tiles whether they're mine.

but it beats playing in bp where everyone's a blurrr with the clash of language and interpretation from sban, johor and sg. for example, fan to me is tai to them and no one really knows exactly what's going on. lolx.

i still love mj though... and won a lot of times cos i wore my lucky coinbox-cover on my head. hahahaha. i know how crazy that sounds but it works! at least it's a cute coinbox :) i have photos of me wearing it but i will not show you because i look ridiculous. muahaha.

table 2
jessmine- sporting the coinbox-cover. isn't it cute?
their tablecloth is crap as well. lol.
actually i think shells are better than the typical mattress checkers, rite?

table 3
they got the ong cover!
despite it's professional look, it's actually one of those ikea fleece blankets.

omg...we're seem like a bunch of crazy mj kakis

blackjack on the dining table!

so that makes 3 tables of mj and 1 bj table. hahahahhaa... u say like gambling madhouse onot?
all that everyone is doing there is gambling lor...
keeping up the priceless traditions of cny!!

speaking of which...

witness jesslyn's lou-chou-ness (crudity) at 1:16,
my wang mau (lucky hat) at 1:30,
catch jessmine throwing twisties into the yi sang at 1:50,
and glutton-zin eating the yi sang while everyone is still lou-ing at 2.55.

as you can see, we practically had to drag the hardcore gamblers away from their game just to lou sang.
i can't stop laughing at it everytime i watch it.
especially when jess keeps shouting "bu yao nong ang zhang wo de zuo zi!!!" ( don't dirty my table) then everyone ignores here and gets yi sang everywhere.
3 mins immortalised.
we are all mad here.
thanks for all the pix n vids hueywen!

hope everyone has a great year ahead~!

- oh joy -