Monday, February 18, 2008

digi and duyung

worked for a day at T1 at an event promo for some stupidass malay movie sponsored by digi - DUYUNG.

never heard of it lehh... me neither until yesterday when they plastered the whole place with posters. wanted to post a pic of those posters but i can't quite find it online... hmm... i suppose they didn't hype it up like the infamous Cicakman. but guess who's starring in Duyung??!!
oh c'mon... guess!


"yes darlings, it's me!"

why do they like him so much?! why is he in sooo many movies??? WHY??
what the hell is so appealing about this man?!
he is
  1. old
  2. scrawny
  3. ugly
  4. has long long hair
  5. ugly
  6. has a horrible voice
  7. overacts
  8. ugly
  9. not funny
  10. ugly
there! 10 very good reasons why he is not appealing AT ALL!!!

and i had to work in horrible conditions... what with having to see him everywhere i turned.

me, chris, ell n dude(whose name i cannot spell so would rather not attempt it)
damn, i look huge.
and notice how the fella in the poster is the perfect picture of a homeless madman... geez ...
i need to add : 11. looks like a beggar

the only saving grace is the fun people working there and the adorable YCFs aka yellow men

who are funny as hell in their outfits!
pity them for having to paint their faces yellow, not being able to talk and wearing that padded 1 piece suit. i have always hated the YCFs in ads and everything although they were supposed to be insanely adorable and loved by all... but i take it back. they are pretty amusing... the yellow clad bouncy people went around making big expressions, dancing to the i-will-follow-you-song and mingling with the crowd who came to see the revolting scrawny superstar and the dazzlingly beautiful maya karin.

at least the movie has a hot mermaid!

yea she came! and she was very pretty. some other people from celebriteen and gangstars (if i'm not mistaken) came to perform too... they got anyone remotely famous and related to digi to come since it's sponsored by them.

but i pretty much enjoyed the day...
...if you minus the crazy-boring-wishing-time-would-fly parts.
AND my feet didn't kill me afterwards, which is amazing because the last time i attempted to stand the whole day my feet decided to torture me like hell.

wish i had the large group pic with some 10 other digi peeps to post as a finale but its in another cam. ahh.

ps. thought i would mention that one of the yellowmen squeaks... i don't know how he does it but he squeaks damnit! tried to get it out of him when he was out of costume and but he wouldn't tell. he squeaks out of costume too and it sounds like those squeaky baby toy squeaks! it's killing me not knowing how he did it.
-i will follow you-

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