Monday, February 25, 2008

farewell ah zho

was back in bp sooner than i expected... for an occasion not so joyous as CNY.

bp town...taken from a hotel window.
quaint little town.

my great-grandmother passed away last week.
wasn't exactly sure how to respond to it then... i wasn't exactly the closest person to her.
still, it was sad. life is so fragile.
didn't really know if it would be ok for me to blog it, but i wanted to remember it... so i'm here.

this is ah zho and i at cny last year.
definitely the cutest little old lady.
from what i know, she was a pleasant happy smily old lady. not the naggy grumpy type.

i was afraid it would be a sad sad funeral and i would cry from seeing others cry. but it wasn't. everyone was really ok with it all. it was like a regular family reunion but a different bunch of people all together ... and in a funeral parlor.
it doesn't sound right, but it felt right. seeing as she was my great-grandma, there were relatives there i can safely say i have never seen before in my life. distant, distant relatives. uncles and aunts i-dunno-how-many times removed. a group of my cousins n i were gushing about a never-before-seen aunt which looked a lot like Sandra Oh from Grey's Anatomy.
spent a whole day at the funeral parlor eating peanuts, chatting, and nodding off during prayers. let me see you try sitting still and listening to a 5 syllabic chant you can't understand repeated monotonously over a stretch of one hour.

the funeral procession took off the next morning...
after breakfast at the parlor and more prayers.

this is what we had to pass through after the bus decided the roads were way too narrow.
and the trees only grow taller and thicker after that.

yea... it's somewhat far from the other graves in the cemetery.
a little clearing in the middle of a little forest is where my great-grandfater rests.
apparently so chosen because it has good fengshui and shall bring fortune to the next 3 generations. which very luckily includes my generation.

ggma was lowered, we lighted our incense and tossed in our flowers.

i love my great-grandmother, although i didn't know her well...
hope she had a wonderful century.

ps. live!... life is short. not everyone lives to 94.
very hypocritical, i know...

-carpe diem-

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