Wednesday, April 2, 2008

happy birthday to me...

happy birthday to me
happy birthday tooo meeeeee~

ok i'm lying... actually now, as i'm typing, it's 4th already. so tired and happy 2 days ago i had to rest cukup cukup before blogging. then i found out that i'm soooo late for this scholarship and when i did some last minute paper arranging and form-filling, i fucking realised i need PHOTOs for it!!!! omg... diedness. by that time it was already past 10pm and all the photo developing shops around are bloody closed. i'm so pissed at myself for being self-indulgent, lazy and a compulsive procrastinator. see now i have to cross my fingers that the shop is open by 10am sharp tomorrow morning and that they can print my photo for me fastfast cos i need to go to kl to send them darn forms cos i'm damn late and freaking post don't open on weekends. yohhh... hate. i'm sooo terrible with dates.

blog my birthday later when i'm not worryfree!
thanks for the gifts.


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