Wednesday, February 27, 2008

the 'happy fun park'

yep, that's what it says in neon lights.

there's something about bright neon lights that just makes people happy, yea?
maybe the sight of it excites some odd optical nerve and your brain triggers the release of endorphins...
maybe it's really good childhood memories- one's with funfairs in them. i don't have any of those :)

sree called about 2 weeks back asking if i wanted to go on a sunday with jegan and other people... calls were made but sunday came and went without any news.
so then poyo sent a msg last sat/sun asking if i still wanted to go since it didn't quite work out the last time.
i figured, why not?
carpe diem, right??
i haven't really gone out with them since stpm and it's not like i have anything to do.

which reminds me... i need to go find a job.
everyone's working now and mum's nagging abit.
i feel like i'm totally wasting my time - which i am.
but... knowing myself...
we'll see when my butt actually unsticks from the chair/sofa/bed.
hope it's soon.

anyhow... getting back to the funfair. it was like any old lame funfair that visits seremban, except a little better than my expectations.
the last funfair i went to here was really rundown and had rides you wouldn't even dare go on lest they should have forgotten to screw in a bolt or fit in a nut. cos they looked like they were entirely capable of doing that, and stuff looked entirely capable of flying out.
but that was the other funfair... not happy fun park! or maybe i'm biased because i like its name.... its so lame~ lol. ooh i can rhyme! :P now i'm lame.

ruth and her sis, hannah(who looks a whole lot like ruth but taller) were already there when edmund, yokepoh and i arrived... cos we got there an hour later than planned for some reason unknown to me. thought it would be a little odd cos i don't exactly know edmund all that well, but it just got weirder when jervinn got there. you see, i'm one of those silly people who don't exceptionally like mingling with people i don't know. haha. so it was a bit of a challenge for me.

came pre-warned about a never-ending ride which induces nausea and vomiting so i avoided it for dear life and spread the word. thus we were saved, thanks to me. muahaha.

the 1st ride we went on, some rotating contraption which spins you around and around in a little spaceship thing. i forgot it's snazzy name, but it had one emblazoned across the front.

so it spins you like crazy clockwise...

red red
taken before the speed picked up.

i tried to take one of poyo but failed.
you can vaguely see her smily face there below the giant blue/yellow attempt-at-being-neon arrow i drew up.

i was getting a little dizzy from all the spinning and was so relieved when it started slowing down.
but then it started going anti-clockwise! so our spaceships were going backwards now!!!
those people who can't sit in a train facing the back of it would have died because it was hella faster than the forwards spin. it could have been because our backs were supported now and they could spin as fast as they want without having to worry about us flying out the front, or it just seems faster because you're going backwards, or they just felt like torturing people by goin faster. one of the dudes kept turning back (cos he was in a spaceship in front) and shouting "I JUST ATE, RUTH!!!" cos apparently she asked him to come after dinner so it automatically makes it her fault. haha.

i'm telling ya, those 2 are very queasy for a bunch of dudes. lol

yp and hannah decided to go on the 360degrees swinging sticks after a while...

haha... love how it only says disco in the pic. (it's actually 'discovery')
it's almost as if they're on a monorail-ish ride to the disco. it helps that the 'monorail train' has such an 80s colour scheme :)

i decided to sit out on this ride because the last time i tried something similar the bars were so loose that i fell off the seat and slammed my shoulders into the top part when we got turned upside down. not willing to try that again.
it worries me that those bars won't hold well enough... no sense of security at all. for instance, i'll never sit too much in front on the Corkscrew ( or any other coaster for that matter) again. it felt like i almost flew out of the train at a sharp turn cos my butt left the seat entirely. thank god those restraining bar thingeys were tight.

after they both got strapped in and the ride was almost starting,
ruth decided to join them.
poor dear had to sit alone on the 1st seat! lolx.

so that left me with 2 people i hardly knew.
oh joy!
[rolls eyes]

while they got swung around upside-down , the guys n i went on the ferris-wheel.
the gentlest ride around, after the merry-go-round and the choo-choo train which goes around a <10m track
wth yea...

it seemed like an endless ride where we thought they would stop and let us off at some point but it would just go rotate a few more goes. dratted thing.
but they were really ok for strangers. lol.
it wasn't exactly torturous to be spun around in a little metal box :P
all i can say is...some people got a little too anxious than called for when it starting swinging side to side.
and it wasn't me.

see how happy it looks from up there?
that huge silver bar on the bottom left corner isn't really there, it's merely a figment of your imagination. i'm a really good photographer.
if you squint hard enough, you can actually see ruth in that 'disco' ride on the right.

oooh... and they had the classic bobbing duckies stall!

isn't it adorably yellow?

i scooped one of the yellowest and newest duckies in sight...
and i got a cup

a measley yellow cup...
but it was cute and had spongebob on it so i'm really quite happy already. haha.

then ruth scooped another and got a pink one!!!
so naturally i exchanged with her lah. lolx.

sometimes i wonder if all the ducks have the same markings on them... you know, ones which translates to you ending up with a tiny cup. i wish i could step behind the counter and pick the ducks up one by one and look under them to see if they're all the same; but it would really, really cost me. i have this notion that the games are fake and the only gifts people ever win are the cheapest because it's structured that way.... and that when you see people going around lugging gigantic stuffies or winning right next to you, they're really people hired by the management to fool you into thinking that winning is entirely possible!!!

i'm probably correct... or just a bitter cynic who has never won anything.

-have a nice day-

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